Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 16


Chapter 16 : You Humans Better Grow a Heart

In terms of popularity, Daji and Luya’s situation was on the opposite end. Daji was an pseudonym and it’s name was more well known than that of Nine-tailed Fox. As for Luya’s identity, the Three-legged Golden Crow was more widely known.

Therefore, Duan Jiaze’s reactions when he first saw Daji, as compared to Luya, was slightly bigger.

According to logic, Daji had already been executed but considering the authenticity of the story and the facts, and that this person here was a Nine-tailed Fox. It was not too strange for her to reappear in the human world. Just that, in terms of her appearance, it was quite shocking.

Duan Jiaze found this hard to believe. After a while, he choked out a sentence: “You, you, you… Why do you looked like this?”

Although she was really beautiful, but no matter how pretty this Lolita was, there was a big difference compared to the impression the human had of this evil enchantress.

You Su held her clean white dress and smiled cutely: “This is for the sake of Lingyou. If I were to use my adult skin, I am afraid it will be easy to stir trouble.”

The implication was very obvious. She was afraid that her beauty would cause temptations from those with evil intentions.

If others were to speak the same words, it might seen as shameless. However, what she said was exactly what she meant. She could not be more confident in her beautiful appearance.

“Is You Su your real name?” Duan Jiaze asked carefully.

You Su answered: “I do not have a name. It was just convenient for director to call me something. You Su is Daji’s clan name. I borrowed it to use – it’s not good to call myself Daji right?”

With no comparison, there would be no harm done. As compared to Luya, You Su was more considerate. She even thought of this detail.

You Su appeared in this appearance, and even her attitude was also friendly, which led Duan Jiaze not to be too fearful even though he knew she was a Nine-tailed Fox.

“Welcome to Lingyou. So you know about the situation here? I will prepare a room and your office… It is slightly simple, please do not mind.”

Duan Jiaze carefully looked at You Su’s expression. He still remembered Luya asking him for a bigger house in the past few days. He was afraid that that You Su would open her mouth and say, ‘Build me a Deer Terrace Pavillion”.

Comrade Nine-tailed Fox was so easy to talk that it was even hard to believe, “I will listen to the Director’s arrangement.”

Ah, this feels too wonderful that the Nine-tailed fox listens to him.

Duan Jiaze was in cloud nine for a moment before he was pushed out by Luya in disgust, “Arrange her to stay away from me. It smells terrible.”

Duan Jiaze muttered: “What a big temper…”

“Daojun doesn’t look up to amateurs like me.” You Su waved her hands, “Today can be considered to be getting amiable, Director, this is all thanks to you.”

This is called amiable?

Duan Jiaze reconsidered his thought, Luya looked like he was tolerating and afterall, there was still the system constraining him.

But even if he managed to tolerate, his temper was really bad enough…

Duan Jiaze could not help but trembled and said: “You’re right. If he could do it, he could have killed me long ago.”

“Ay, wait, I brought something else,” Duan Jiaze suddenly remembered the clothes he bought today and knocked on Luya’s door again, “Daojun, seeing that you always wear the same set of clothes everyday, I bought you two sets of clothes to change and wash.

Luya did not feel any seam of gratitude but actually felt humiliated and angry: “Who need to change clothes everyday like you human! This is transformed from my feathers!”

With a sound of ‘Bang’, Duan Jiaze was once again locked outside.

But what Luya said was right, what kind of birds changed their feathers everyday? That was only the hobby of human.

“Forget it, I will wear it myself.” Duan Jiaze was too lazy to change the size. A bigger size was more cooler to wear in the summer.


With such a protest from Luya, Duan Jiaze could only arrange You Su to the room at the other end of the corridor before he took her to see her own cage. “What else do you need? I will try to fulfill them.”

You Su was not at all dissatisfied. “Nope, it’s all good.”

Duan Jiaze: “Then can I register you as an Arctic Fox?” The system would assist in completing the various procedures for the dispatched animals ensuring that there were no flaws.

You Su also said smoothly: “That’s fine.”

You Su was so open to persuasion and this made Duan Jiaze really moved. Luya, see how she is so understanding! Luya still wanted to be registered as a national super level animal protection at the start.

You Su inadvertently asked: “By the way, you just said there food is provided, that should be Xiao Su and Liu Bin right?”

Duan Jiaze looked at You Su in horror: “…”

You Su immediately noticed that his face expression was not right and carefully asked: “What’s wrong? Was I wrong?”

Duan Jiaze: “… No, they are full time employees. Food will be distributed by the system everyday.”

His previous assumptions were too naive. This Nine-tailed Fox is still dangerous!

You Su looked as usual and said with generosity: “Oh, that’s all right too.”

Duan Jiaze’s face paled as he conversed with You Su.

Next time when telling outsiders, it would be said that You Su was Luya’s cousin. Both of them were good looking, so when Duan Jiaze told Xiao Su and the rest that You Su was Luya’s relative, they did not suspect anything.

The current situation of the zoo was briefly introduced to You Su. This was mainly to remind You Su to be more careful when she goes to work after knowing the situation.

You Su listened seriously, unlike when Luya first came – Duan Jiaze said a few more words and Luya would burst into an appearance that look like he was going to hurt someone. She waited for Duan Jiaze to finish taking before saying: “So the only problem Director is afraid right now is having not enough tourists?”

Duan Jiaze: “Yes, I am currently circulating the news…”

You Su smiled, “Director said that some students came here for free, then what about those who don’t? If you send more people to the school to contact you, you’ll get twice the result with half the effort. You’d rather spend more money to complete the task.”

You Su seized the key point at once. If they could reach an agreement with some schools to let their students visit Lingyou, it would certainly be worth the money.

Duan Jiaze scratched his face. He was a newly graduated ordinary college student yet he was not very good at running a business. “Can I try this later? I don’t have much experiences.”

“No hurries, take your time.” You Su’s voice was akin to a child’s crisp voice, but the tone of voice was also serious, anyway, there was no slight flattery in it, “Then we can work hard from other aspects, Iet me know more about the situation in here first.”

Duan Jiaze was very touched by this kind of voluntary responsibility momentarily. “Thank you for your hard work, it will be good enough for you to be an animal, you still thoughts of all these for me.”

“It’s nothing, we are all on the same side.” Daji lightly said. “Although we are assigned to be animals, the boundaries in this world are not so clear. I can help as much as possible. I hope that by then, the director will give me a higher score and let me recover my freedom earlier.”

Duan Jiaze showed a confused look,”What freedom?”

He could understand the scoring mechanism but what You Su said about freedom, he could not quite comprehend.

“Ah, you don’t know?” You Su stared a little wider and glanced at Luya’s room.

Duan Jiaze felt something was wrong, “Aren’t you volunteers? Came because you find pleasure in helping others? What do you mean by freedom?”

You Su innocently said: “Director, do you think that Luya Daojun or me, is someone who’ld help others for pleasure?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

… Fuck, that’s true.

You Su smiled and said, “Anyway, I made a little mistake and was punished and allocated into this service. If you are not satisfied with me, you can not only give bad comments, but also return me.”

Duan Jiaze was shocked.

No wonder the legendary Nine-tailed Fox was so easy to talk, that she did not pick on anything and rushed to give him advice. So, she was punished, hoping to get a good comment to end this punishment. The App had just been developed, so this function had not been displayed, resulting in Duan Jiaze not knowing the reason.

… So, what’s with Luya’s damn attitude?

Seeing Duan Jiaze leaving the room towards Luya’s room, You Su’e eyes flashed a seam of happiness that was not in line with her performance today.


Duan Jiaze ran to knock on Luya’s door again and Luya opened the door with a unpleasant face. He smelt Duan Jiaze’s body and pinched his nose, “What are you doing? Always harassing this deity.”

Duan Jiaze: “I just found out that the volunteers would need to be scored?”

Luya: “…”

“This damn fox!” Luya was unaware that he was exposed by the Nine-tailed Fox and angrily said, “Let me tell you, if you dare to score me negative feedback, you will be dead! And you are not allowed to refund me!”

The human world had not been open to the rest of the world for many years. Coming here was equivalent to traveling abroad. And the task here was much easier, because it was assessed according to the living environment of the recipient himself, and Luya did not want to be returned.

Besides, he suffered quite a bit.

Luya was rather wronged: “I acted as an animal like its a circle, I even live in a cage…”

“You only looked at her appearance. Let me tell you, she is not any kinder.”

“You still listened to her sweet talk without thinking about what happened to King Zhou of Shang*.”

“You humans better grow a heart!”

Duan Jiaze: …”

Why did he said this and he actually shuddered? He was compared to King Zhou of Shang just like that?

Duan Jiaze was speechless: “I will not return you back. You acted as an animal while I even acted as Sun Zi. Ge, can you be more sincere? You still say you are a volunteer and now that You Su reminded me about it, how was it possible for you to help others…”

Luya: “…”

Luya’s shame turned into angry, “Can’t this deity help others for his pleasure?”

“You might have helped me but you don’t seemed to be very happy.” Duan Jiaze said and suddenly starting gossiping, “I heard that the reason you came here to do volunteering service was because you made a mistake. What did you do?”

Luya’s face turned black, “Get out! Get out! Or else I will eat you if you don’t!”


Deer Terrence Pavilion: Its was built by King Shang to gain Daji’s affection. In the novel, Fengshan Yanyi was conceptualised as a punishment for Jiang Ziya by Daji, commissioning him to build a luxurious palace which was impossible by the architectural standards of the timeSun Zi: An anicent chinese man who was very intelligent. Heard of ‘Art of War’? He’s the author}
Random Room (Espau00f1ol)
Spirit Sword Sovereign
Dragon Ball Multiverse
Player Reborn (2019)

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