113 Part 3


Pearl said that there’s nothing Tiararose should worry about.


“…Hm? Isn’t it that?”



Pearl looked a little serious earlier when she began to look at something intently.

Tiararose and the others looked in the same direction and it was a store. The store’s selling cold drinks with tapioca in it.

It must be the first time Pearl has seen it as she looked like she wanted to drink it desperately.


“Strange beads are included in it.”


Keith also doesn’t seem to know about it and was quite intrigued.


“That’s a tapioca drink. Um… it’s made of a root called Cassava. I think it was added to sweet coconut milk.”

“Root…? I thought it’d be the fruits of a tree.”

“It does look like a fruit, doesn’t it?”


There probably weren’t many people who know that it’s made of root as it’s in a shape of a pearl.

Tiararose headed to the store and was about to ask about it when the storekeeper called out to her.


“Miss, you are so knowledgeable despite being young. How admirable”

“That’s because the taste of the pearls in the tapioca drink’s amazing! I never thought that it’s a popular drink in Sandrose… what a great discovery!”


Tiararose began talking passionately about how she wanted to buy Cassava and bring it back to Marineforest so that she can make tapioca drinks there.


“O-Oh… Miss, you sure do like tapioca a lot huh. Um… are you going to buy it?”

“Ah, that’s right. Can I have four?”



Philiane passed the money and all of them received the coconut milk with tapioca.

The sweetness of the thick coconut milk spread in the mouth after one sip. It’s sweet but refreshing and it’s extremely easy to drink. It’s made after splitting the coconut so it’s extremely cold.


“Hah, it’s delicious…”

“Mm. This is pretty good.”


Tiararose was captivated by it and Pearl also looked satisfied as she gulped it beside her. Pearl must have taken a serious liking to it as she even wondered if she should buy coconuts before returning.

Tiararose also agreed with her.


“That’s great. It’d be the best if Marineforest has coconuts…!”

“Right?! It’d be good if we have that Cassava thing too. However, thinking about the climate, it’d be quite difficult… no it’d be fine if we just consult Keith, right?”


Looking at the excited duo, Keith just proceeded drinking his coconut milk nonchalantly. It’s indeed delicious but it’s sweet so he doesn’t like it that much.

They might ask him for a favour later but Keith thought that he could use this opportunity to repay the debt he owed Pearl…



After that, Tiararose and the others headed to a tourist spot, the desert garden, which’s located away from the street. Many desert roses, made of minerals, were grown naturally here and it’s a dreamy and beautiful place.

Right nearby was a store that’s worth visiting as it sold accessories and various decoration items made of desert roses.


-I have already seen it in the underground of the castle, but it’s different seeing it in the desert.


After viewing the desert roses, they headed to the store where various decoration items were lined up.


“Wow, this is huge… the actual desert rose’s also being sold here.”


She thought that she’d only get to appreciate it in nature, but it seemed like that wasn’t the case. Tiararose was impressed by them when the female staff told her “isn’t it amazing?”


“It’d been said that it took over a hundred year to form this.”

“Over a hundred year… it’s even bigger than me.”

“That’s right. For Miss, a smaller one would suit you better. It’s very popular as an amulet.”


There were various colourful desert roses on the shelf which was recommended.

There were various explanations for the different colours and the effects were also written.

Yellow provides wealth luck, red provides romance luck and green provides health luck.


“It’s very popular among ladies.”

“That’s right. It’s cute, shall I buy it?”


Tiararose looked at it and noticed that Philiane was staring at the red desert rose brooch. It seemed like she’s interested in the item which provides romance luck.




Tiararose ended up staring at her and when Philiane realized she’s being stared at, she jumped back.


“No, um… I’m just looking at it.”

“No way, you don’t have to restrain yourself… oh I know, I will give you one as a present!”


Philiane has always helped Tiararose out so she’s happy that she can present her something that she wants.

She immediately took two red desert roses and headed to make the payment. The second one was, of course, for Elliot. She hoped that they’d be happy as soon as possible with the matching brooches.


Keith looked at the products in the store indifferently but he ended up buying a desert rose necklace as an amulet for Pearl.


“Here, Philiane. Pass the other one to Elliot, alright?”

“Thank you very much, Lady Tiararose.”


Looking at how Philiane received them happily, Tiararose smiled with satisfaction.

As they were done with shopping, Keith said “let’s go to the next one” and carried Tiararose up. Her children-size feet were too slow so he decided to carry her.


“Are there any places where Keith wants to visit?”

“Me? Not really. I don’t know much about Sandrose so I’ll just follow you to wherever you want to go to, Tiara.”

“In that case, let’s take a look around the streets.”

“I got it.”


They can just take their time and visit the places or stores they were interested in.

Tiararose and the others enjoyed the leisure Sandrose visit like that.






With soft sleeping breath, she looked like an angel that has descended from the sky.

Tiararose has become totally tired from the tour and was sleeping soundly in Keith’s arms when they have arrived in the castle.


Philiane was looking at her with a smile.


“Since her body has become that of a child, her life rhythm also started to change.”

“She doesn’t have energy in this form after all.”


The adult Tiararose would probably not fall asleep like this.

Philiane received the mumbling Tiararose from Keith, and was about to carry her to the bedroom… when someone called out to them from the back.



“King Saravia… I’m sorry, but right now…”

“Oh, she’s asleep? I came here because I’ve managed to find some time but…”


It’d be a little too sad to wake Tiararose up like this, and Saravia was about to stroke her hair- before his arm was grabbed by Keith.


“Who gave you the permission to touch her?”

“Oops- excuse me, forest fairy king.”


Saravia raised his hand and simply apologized.


“I have some spare time tomorrow morning. Will you tell that to Tiararose…?”

“Yes, no problem.”


Today’s plan will be postponed to tomorrow and Keith and the others carried Tiararose back to her room.

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