113 Part 2



The main character Tiararose, Keith, Pearl, Philiane and Elliot gathered in the room which was prepared for Tiararose. Tarmo’s guarding in front of the room.


Keith looked at the small Tiararose and sighed “As expected.”


“The Salamander has to return your magical power for your body to revert to normal.”

“No way… We don’t know where the Salamander is right now.”

“Saravia said that she will appear during the festival so we probably have no choice but to wait.”


It might be possible to force her out using brute strength, but if it becomes a fight it might cause harm to the castle. That wasn’t quite a good strategy.

Looking at the depressed Tiararose, Pearl told her that she reaped what she sow


“You just have to wait for the festival patiently and be prepared to receive a scolding from Aquasteed.”

“Ugh… I want to return to normal before Sir Aqua arrives!”


She’d end up causing him to worry and more importantly, she doesn’t want him to see her in her children-form.

Even though she promised him not to be reckless, she’s in this state now. In the worst case scenario, he might get sick of her and lose all his love towards her…

If that happens, she would never be able to live again. Therefore, no matter what, she wants to get back her magical power before Aquasteed arrives.


Keith and Pearl were troubled by Tiararose’s request.

Right then, Pearl placed her fan on her mouth and proposed a plan.


“In that case, why don’t we have the Sandrose King act as a mediator; in that case, we might be able to contact Salamander?”

“King Saravia? That’s right; I’ll try to ask him… or rather what happened to King Saravia after that incident?”


Tiararose has totally forgotten about Saravia and only realized that she does not know what happened to him after she shrunk in size.

If her memory serves her correctly, he must have been left behind in the sleeping lair of the Salamander.


Tiararose began to worry when Elliot replied her.


“As for King Saravia, he’s receiving some guests from other countries this morning.”

“I see… he’s fine huh.”


She’s a little worried if he collapsed again…

However, Keith gave a wry smile after hearing what Tiararose has said.


“It’s his fault that you shrunk in size and yet you’re worried about him?”

“…I’m the one who said I’ll give my magical power so it’s not King Saravia’s fault that I ended up in this state. It’s the Salamander’s fault so I wouldn’t blame Sir Saravia for it.”

“It’s so Tiara to think like that.”


Keith then said that in that case she should do whatever she likes.


“It’s unexpected that the Salamander would take away all of your magical power but be sure not to make the same mistake next time round; you’re going to visit Saravia now, right?”

“Yes, of course!”


Tiararose clenched her hand into a fist and went to visit Saravia.



-However, things did not go smoothly.


“To think that I cannot meet him right now…”


He usually comes to visit her as he wished, so Tiararose puffed her cheeks as she’s upset about how the timing’s bad right now.

Philiane made a wry smile as she saw Tiararose’s behaviour and prepared some cold lemonade and gelato.


“It cannot be helped it, King Saravia’s busy… Of course, I’d hope that he would prioritize Lady Tiararose.”


Philiane said that with a smile but her eyes weren’t smiling.


“He said that he would have time at night to meet, but that isn’t an appropriate time to meet the queen of another country!”

“…It cannot be helped it; other than Marineforest, various countries were also invited to this festival. King Saravia has the duty to welcome them.”


Or rather, she’s grateful that he’s willing to spare some of his time even though it’s at night.

Saravia has surprisingly many things to deal with, which includes the preparation of the festival, welcoming of guests and the issue with the Salamander.


Tiararose sipped the lemonade and her expression brightened up as she remarked “delicious.”

Gelatos were also prepared and this made her think that a hot country isn’t all that bad. Of course, magical tools were used to control the temperature within the room though.


“Speaking of which, you have plenty of time till night today… what’d you plan to do? Keith and Pearl said that they wanted to go sightseeing in the streets.”

“The streets? …Hmm, that’s right there’s nothing to do in the castle so let’s go to the streets.”



Other than the architecture, the products, culture and history of Sandrose streets were greatly different. It’d become quite a lesson to her if she gets to see all of these in person.




Tiararose, Keith, Pearl and Philiane headed to the streets.

The trees of Oasis were scattered throughout the street and water fountains were spouting from various locations. It seemed like the street was created from a number of oasis.

The amount of water from the oasis flowing through the street seemed to be quite sufficient, and it was as though the view they had when they were on their way here was a lie.



Tiararose stared intently at that and tilted her head while exclaiming “Hm?”


“Could it be that the water level has restored to its original position?”

“Yes, that’s right. It must have restored after the Salamander has become full with Tiararose’s magical power.”


Pearl answered Tiararose’s question and looked around the street.


“If you were to get back the magical power to restore your body, the water level here will decrease for a while. However, it’d be fine if the king of this country replenishes that portion of the magical power.”

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