113 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 113

  1. Little Tiararose goes sightseeing in the streets

The next day, Tiararose woke up when the sun has already risen high up in the sky.

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she thought that it’d feel good to sleep once more… when she realized something.


“Oh right, I have shrunk in size… and I’m still small!”


She thought that her body might revert to original after recovering her magical power from a night of sleep but it seemed like things aren’t that simple.

Tiararose must have panicked quite a bit as Philiane opened the bedroom’s door and entered in.


“Good morning, Lady Tiararose.”

“Philiane! Good morning. …I’m still small right now.”

“…I have heard about the situation from Keith. I’ll also do my best to support Lady Tiararose, so let’s find the way to revert to normal together!”


Philiane smiled gently, telling Tiararose that it’d be fine and tears started welling up in the latter’s eyes. She has made the selfish decision and yet she’s being treated so warmly right now.

It wouldn’t be strange for her to be scolded severely in such a situation.


Tiararose got off from her bed and hugged Philiane tightly.


“Thank you, Philiane. I always end up relying on you and causing troubles to you, I’m sorry.”

“That’s not true. Lady Tiararose did that to save King Saravia and the Salamander right? That’s an honourable thing and definitely not a bad thing.”



Philiane gently hugged her and made her feel secure.

Rubbing her nose, Tiararose put on a smile and looked at Philiane. Right then, Philiane immediately wiped her eyes and nose with a handkerchief.


“You’re ruining your cute face.”

“…I’m not going to cry anymore.”

“Yes. Well then, why don’t you go and take a bath and change your clothes?”



The bathroom in the corner of the bedroom was a little smaller than average but it can be used freely.

Tiararose warmed up her tired body and carefully cleaned her hair which had a few sand grains trapped in it. As a finishing, she had an oil massage and changed into children-sized dress.

A sea-motif dress with pearls was prepared for her and it has a different design from the one yesterday. It’s easy to walk in the knee-length dress and there’s a huge ribbon attached to it.


“It’s extremely cute right, Lady Tiararose. What kind of hairstyle should we go with?”

“I think this is fine though…”

“Well it’s a rare chance for you to become a kid again so I think it’d be good to have a cute one.”


Tiararose’s opinion was smoothly rejected and Philiane started to do her hair. A bun would be good and a braided hairstyle’s also cute. However, these hairstyles can also be done even in her adult-form.

It took over ten minutes for her to come up with the hairstyle for today while taking into several considerations.


“…It’s done!”

“…I wonder if this would really be okay.”


Tiararose made a wry smile as she saw herself in the mirror.

She has a twin ponytails tied up with ribbons from a rather high position. Indeed, she wouldn’t have this hairstyle if she’s in her adult-form but it’s rather embarrassing.


-Since she’s in a children-form… she cannot really say that it doesn’t fit her.

She wondered if this would really be okay and made a wry smile.


“It matches you really well, Lady Tiararose. It’d be fine.”

“Really? In that case, I’ll go with this. Thank you, Philiane.”


After that, she ate lunch in the name of breakfast and they had a strategy meeting to revert her body to its original state. No matter what, she has to revert back before Aquasteed arrives in Sandrose.






Riding the horse without much rest, Aquasteed finally crossed the national border and entered into the Sandrose kingdom.

Aquasteed wiped his sweat and said “Let’s take a break.”


“Sir Aquasteed, let’s take a rest at the oasis over there. I have prepared some cold drinks.”

“Yes, let’s do that.”


He took a deep breath and sat down in the shade of a tree.

He’s worried about Tiararose so he tried to finish his work as soon as possible and it seemed like he might be able to arrive at the Sandrose castle two days earlier than initially planned.

Even so, it’s quite a toll for both humans and the horses in such a heat. It wouldn’t be a problem since they’re taking frequent breaks but he decided that he would have the accompanying knights take a proper rest after this visit.


Aquasteed scanned the water of the oasis and the surface was shining from the sunray. It’s extremely beautiful and doesn’t seem like there’s a problem.

The water level doesn’t seem to be low either…

The Marineforest knights do not know about the situation in Sandrose so they were just using the oasis water freely and extol it to be “cold and comfortable.”


Aquasteed had cold sweats as he heard about the situation from Aishira and the sea fairies, but using this amount of water should be fine.

For the matter pertaining to the Salamander, which he has heard from Grail, Aishira has already shared the information to the others. The fairies must have felt a little bit more comfortable now.


“…I want to meet her as soon as possible.”


Aquasteed was quenching his thirst with the cold water when he spilled his thoughts towards his beloved wife.

It has been sixteen days since they last parted. He thought that it’d be fine but no it wasn’t. His desire to meet her quickly and feel her warmth in embrace has made him feel like he’s been sorely dehydrated.




He called her name and wondered what she’s doing right now.

Is she savouring the sweets of Sandrose right now? Or, is she appreciating the rare minerals of beautiful Sandrose roses and watching the dance of the witches right now?

Or at least, he hoped that she’s not involved in some incident.


“I’ll arrive at the Sandrose castle tomorrow, huh.”


Aquasteed stood up to depart and called out to the knights.




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