112 Part 3


“Even so- Tiara didn’t say that she’s going to give this much magical power, Salamander”

“…Wouldn’t it fine? I can’t help but to devour the delicious magical power when it’s in front of me.”


Keith was glaring at the not-so-small lizard.

In contrary to Tiararose, the Salamander has turned into a captivating lady.



The fire spirit Salamander.

She has tanned skin and beautiful strong eyes which resembled that of rubies. Her red hair was tied up and it looked as though it’s shining and burning.

The extremely revealing desert dress accentuated her thin and lady-like body parts. Even a woman would be captivated by her.



The Salamander made an arch with the ends of her lips as she said “I’m full.”

Looking at that, Tiararose was confused as to what to do.


-Since her stomach was filled, would that mean that Sandrose’s saved from destruction?

However, there still remains a problem of whether she would revert back to her adult-form. She wondered if she would become an adult again if she rests and recover her magical power, or would she have to do something.

Tiararose became worried and looked at Keith.


“…Hey, Salamander. Return some of the magical power. It’d be a trouble if Tiara looks like this.”

“No way! My stomach is full now and I don’t want to become hungry again.”

“If it’s about the magical power, Saravia will pass it to you during the festival so bear with it till then.”



Keith scolded the Salamander in an angry tone but she just looked away. After which, she disappeared from the place.



“Tsk, she teleported…”


Tiararose was shocked while Keith clicked his tongue.

Meanwhile, Saravia hung his head in shame as things have went beyond his imagination.


“I never thought that this would happen… the small kitty is cute too.”

“Please stop fooling around, King Saravia! The Salamander has gone somewhere else so what should I do…”

“She will appear again during the festival so in the worst case scenario, we can see her there again… Will kitty return back to normal after sleeping and recovering your magical power, or do we have to make the Salamander return some of the magical power?”


Right now, Saravia said that he doesn’t know. Keith also appeared to be unsure as he nodded with an annoyed look.


“Let’s return to the room first.”



After saying that, Keith carried Tiararose alone and transported to the room.






While the tumultuous development took place, it has totally become dark outside and without realizing, it’s deep in the night where everyone’s asleep.

However, Keith did not care about that and called Pearl, Philiane and Elliot over to the Tiararose’s room.


“Lady Tiararose, what on earth- Lady Tiararose?”


Upon arriving at the room, Philiane welled up with tears and her voice quivered as her master was not there.

She was sure that Tiararose has returned with Keith.

In place of that, there’s a cute kid who looked like her master in the arms of Keith.


Keith said “So you’re here” and passed Tiararose to Philiane.


“Change her clothes”

“Y-Yes. I got it…”


After being carried by Philiane, Tiararose sigh a breath of relief.


“Um, sorry Philiane, it’s me…”

“…As expected, it’s Lady Tiararose”

“You knew!?”

“You looked exactly the same as when you were a kid.”


Philiane smiled thinking that it’s somehow nostalgic.

In order to change her clothes, they went to bedroom in the corner of the main room. However, it’s a problem as they do not have children clothes.

Tiararose was placed on top of the bed and she looked at the troubled Philiane.


“Since there’re no children clothes, we’d have to obtain some…”

“Yes, that’s right.”


At this timing, the attendants of the palace were probably resting.

However, it’s not a good idea to have Tiararose wear such loose clothing so there’s probably a need to find someone who’s in charge of the night shift and settle the issue.

Philiane was thinking of that when Pearl opened the door of the bedroom. It seemed like she heard about what has happened from Keith.


“Sigh, even though Keith was with you, you ended up being too slovenly”

“…I have nothing to rebuke. However, this is my decision so it’s not Keith’s fault at all.”

“He could not protect you so it’s the same.”


There’s nothing that could be done after being told that.



“I’m sorry for causing troubles.”

“Well, let’s put aside what has already happened… you are also a lady so you are not going to be in a slovenly state.”



Pearl closed the fan in her hand and Tiararose’s outfit shrunk to fit her perfectly. It’s a cute blue dress with pearls and laces which resembles the sea.

Without realizing, she let out a gasp of admiration.


“This is really wonderful… Thank you, Pearl.”

“For the time being, you should rest first. You are probably full of adrenaline now and did not notice this but you totally have no magical power now.”

“Ah, that’s right…”


There are a lot of things to think about, but it’s also important to sleep and recover the magical power.

Having been told by Pearl, she started to feel sleepy. Her eyelids were heavy and it’d probably be blissful to sleep in the bed right now.


Looking at how Tiararose has started to doze off, Philiane told her “Please take a rest now.”

She gently stroke Tiararose’s head and placed her on her side. She then gently covered her with a thin towel blanket and soft sounds of sleeping breath could be heard. It seemed like she has fallen asleep immediately.


“You must have been tired, Lady Tiararose…”

“That’s of course since she has no magical power. We will be having a talk there so please prepare some black tea.”

“I got it.”


After Tiararose fell asleep, Keith and the others shared about what happened today and came up with plans for the future.

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