112 Part 2

“Let’s decide that after Sir Aqua has arrived. It’d be an after payment though…”

“I don’t mind; I know that Aqua wouldn’t make an unreasonable request.”



After coming to a conclusion, the Salamander flew out of the basket and stopped in front of Tiararose and the others.

There were scales on its red skin and though it looks like a lizard, it does resemble a dragon too. It sniffed around the feet of Saravia, Tiararose and Keith as though to confirm something.

The Salamander seemed to like Tiararose the most out of them as it clung onto her feet.


“Whoa! Um, what should I do…!?”


She did not expect to be adored like this.

Saravia looked somehow happy at the sight of the flustered Tiararose; he might have been relieved at the confirmation that the Salamander’s feeling well now.


“This magical power frequency is really good. Will you give some to me?”

“It spoke…!? Ah, I’m Tiararose Lapis Marineforest. I was requested by King Saravia to help out and if I could share my magical power to Salamander…”

“Oh, I see! I tried sensing Saravia’s magical power earlier but it’s totally not enough to support this body of mine.”


As expected, Saravia’s magical power was insufficient.


“I’m hungry! If this continues, I’ll lack the power to control myself and I’d end up burning this land.”

“T-That’d be bad!!”


Tiararose had wondered what would happen if the Salamander would not go back to sleep again, but she did not expect such a drastic outcome…! Her voice quivered and she glared at Saravia.


“Why didn’t you ask for my help earlier?! King Saravia, you probably knew about it when you presented me the jewel right?”


If the Salamander’s power goes out of control, Sandrose would be scorching hot and it would be uninhabitable to the people. In the worst case, if the timing was bad, casualties might happen.

Tiararose thought that as part of the royal family, he ought to have made used of things that could be of help if he wasn’t able to handle things by himself.


Tiararose looked unusually menacing and Saravia’s mouth gaped open widely.

At the same time, he was grateful that she was that worried for him.


“Well, I did have some backup plans.”

“Backup plans? You mean things would have turned out well regardless?”

“Well yes. However, I’m indeed born with little magical power… and it’s difficult for me to tell the truth.”


Listening at Saravia’s explanation, Tiararose was persuaded.

Since he has some sort of plan to resolve the matter in the worst case scenario, that explains why he tried to do what he could as much as possible.

However, Tiararose could not stand to just watch if that’s the reason why he collapsed.


While Tiararose and Saravia were talking, the floating Salamander was wagging its tail with a bored look.


“I’m hungry. So in the end, will Tiararose or someone feed me with magical power?”

“Um… since Sir Saravia’s here, I’ll give a bit of mine.”


That way, it’d not be much of a problem; Tiararose looked at Keith and said that.


“In the first place, I’m not against it… well, I’ll leave the decision to Tiara. You wouldn’t die so please do as you wish.”

“Really? In that case, I’ll give my magical power to Salamander, as planned initially.”


With that, Sandrose would not be scorching hot, and Saravia would not force himself and end up collapsing again.


“Please go ahead, Salamander.”



Tiararose touched the Salamander’s small hands and slowly passed her magical power to it.

When she closed her eyes, she could feel the difference in her magical power as compared to when she’s just born.

Since Tiararose’s the villainess, she’s not endowed with much magical power and she’s not too good at manipulating it too.

However, it seemed like her magical power has increased unknowingly after she’s come to Marineforest and was blessed by the fairy kings. In fact, right now, she has the same amount of magical power that’s usually entrusted to the main characters.


The Salamander wagged its tail and devoured Tiararose’s magical power happily.


It continued absorbing the magical power at a fast rate which made Tiararose worry if it’s taking too much of her power. She has said she’d only pass some of it initially so it made her smile wryly.


“Salamander, I guess it should be enough…”

“Hm? I’ll become full with just a bit more… Here!”




Tiararose’s magical power might have been too delicious, as the Salamander tried to devour Tiararose’s magical power at one go.

Keith immediately grabbed Tiararose’s hand and pulled her towards himself but… he’s one step too late.


“-!? It must be a lie, why…!”



As a result of losing too much magical power, Tiararose’s body has shrunk. From the appearance of a beautiful woman, she turned into a cute six-year-old kid.

Her huge eyes were round and her small hands were plump and looked soft to touch. As her body has shrunk, she’s covered by the cloth of the Sandrose dress.


Tiararose was carried by Keith as she cried “what happened!?”


“Well, it’s much better than dying from the lack of magical power”

“I-It was that dangerous!?”

“Yes. Right before you reach the brink of death from the lack of magical power, the fundamental part which builds the body probably supplemented some of the needed magical power.”


That’s why Keith told her that it’d be fine even if the Salamander absorbed as much magical power as it liked.

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