112 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 112

  1. The starving Salamander

“Sigh, as expected it ended up like this.”

“S-Sorry for making the selfish decision…”


Keith’s sigh echoed through the wide passageway.

Tiararose immediately responded with an apologetic voice.



The substrate of desert here was a little unusual as it’s affected by the heat of Salamander, there’s an underground temple made of special mineral which resulted from that. –Yes, they’re in the passageway which leads to the lair of the sleeping Salamander.

The walls and grounds were covered with the desert roses which could only be found there. Those desert roses emanate dim lights which lit up the wide passageway.



Tiararose, Keith and Saravia, the three of them were heading towards the lair of the sleeping Salamander from the secret hidden entrance beneath the goddess statue.

As Saravia’s lacking in terms of magical power, Tiararose has decided to help out and provide some of hers.


‘I’m extremely grateful…’ Saravia said that and looked at Tiararose.


“However, wouldn’t Aqua become angry after he knows of this?”

“Ugh… That is… but it’s for the sake of helping someone so I’m sure he’d come to understand me,”


It’s alright. Aquasteed’s not that kind of narrow-minded person. Tiararose nodded to herself when Keith interrupted from the side.


“You’re probably going to be scolded severely later”

“Please don’t say such mean things… ah, could it be that the Salamander’s there behind this door?”


After walking a while, a grand door appeared in front of Tiararose and the others. It has motifs of fire lizards and both sides are lined up with red jewels.


Tiararose stopped walking and Saravia placed his hand on the door.


“I’ll confirm it once again just to be sure, there’s no turning back after opening this door; is that alright?”

“Yes. The Salamander will not go back to sleep if there’s not enough magical power right? I’ll gladly lend my power if it works.”

“I got it.”


Salamander’s like a hibernating animal.

It usually sleeps but when it wakes up, it will absorb the required magical power in order to sleep and hibernate again. After arriving here, Saravia told her that this was like a kind of natural divine providence.



He slowly opened the door and a wide area appeared in front of them.

The round-shaped room was lit up by a torch in the corner. Looking up, the dome-shaped ceiling’s full of stars. It seems like magical power was casted such that the actual sky can be observed.

In the middle of which, there’s an altar and on top of it was a basket filled with quilt – a small lizard was sleeping there curled up.





Tiararose thought that it would take a form of a human like Keith and the other fairy kings, so she was taken aback and blinked repeatedly. She wanted to confirm if it’s really Salamander, and looked at Keith and Saravia.


“Yes, that’s Salamander.”

“Indeed, I feel the fire magical power… but it’s weak.”


Saravia affirmed the fact and Keith was convinced too.

However, he said that the Salamander does not have much magical power and looked at Saravia.


“I have little magical power so I wasn’t able to provide much.”

“You were trying to pass your magical power to the Salamander through that goddess stature, right?”

“Yes, that’s indeed the way to pass the magical power to Salamander; it’s easiest to pass it through that goddess statue.”


There’s a way of passing the magical power to the Salamander directly, which was what they were trying it now.

There’s also another way of passing the magical power via the goddess statue.

There were various ways and Tiararose was impressed. It seemed like information was properly passed down such that the generations of royal family wouldn’t forget about it.


-However, would it really be alright with my magical power?

She was told by Saravia that it’d be fine, but she’s a little worried if her magical power would be rejected upon facing the Salamander


Her heart started beating fast and the Salamander seemed to have sensed the presence of people as it opened its eyes. The eyes of the small lizard were darting around and it’s looking over.

Keith muttered “So it’s awake” and shrugged his shoulders.


“If the royal family was competent though, Tiara wouldn’t be involved in this.”

“Haha, I have nothing to refute that.”


Saravia smiled wryly and Keith asked him “and so?”


“If Tiara’s going to pass her magical power, I’ll of course compensate for that; Aqua’s not going to forgive me if I just receive the magical power without doing anything.”

“Ah, speaking of which, nothing was decided as of yet…”


After hearing Keith’s words, Tiararose blamed herself for being thoughtless.

She agreed to help out but this was a national issue; it’s indeed problematic for the queen to do something that has no merit to it.

She wouldn’t ask for extravagant compensations, but it would be good if it benefits Marineforest in some way.


Saravia grinned.


“It’s fine. I’ll do anything if that’s what Rose wishes for.”

“Eh, no, it’s not like I have something I really wish for…”


Tiararose thought that it would good to leave this matter to Aquasteed.


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