109 Part 3


”As you have seen, the oasis has revived thanks to the benevolence of Lady Tiararose. She has come from the far Marineforest to attend the Festival of Fire and Water. After the end of the festival, the blessings of the oasis will be back, so please wait patiently.”


Due to Saravia’s fault, everyone thought that what has happened was all done by Tiararose alone.

The people who’ve gathered thanked her and seemed happy at the prospect of stability in the future too. Tiararose herself do not have such a power so she felt like she does not deserve those words.


“Keith and Pearl, why did you guys say that it’s me…?”


Tiararose looked extremely fatigued and asked them but Keith just grinned.


“It’s Tiara who rules us the fairy kings. So please raise your chest and be proud of yourself.”

“Yes. You have our blessings so don’t mind about it.”

“…I got it.”


As expected, Tiararose could not refute when both the fairy kings have said something like that. She couldn’t help but accept the situation and smiled while waving to the citizens who have gathered.






“Phew, I’m tired…!”


Night has come and Tiararose was taking a break in the inn. She thought about what has happened in the day and shook a bag without thoughts.

The bag has two layers where the larger bag was filled with ice and salt and a smaller bag was placed in it.


Pearl was looking at her with a somewhat pitiful look as she took a rest on the sofa.


“Philiane, what’s she doing?”

“Making sweets… I heard.”

“Is that sweets?”


This time round, she gave a look of suspicion and said ‘I don’t get it.’

However, immediately after that, Tiararose responded to her.


“Pearl, I’m done so let’s have it together. Philiane, will you please call Keith and Elliot too?”

“There’s no need for that.”



Right when she was about to ask Philiane to call everyone to eat the sweets, Keith transported into the room. Right next to him was Elliot, and it seemed like the both of them were having a meeting earlier.


“So, there’re sweets in that bag…? What should I say… it looks quite gross?”

“That’s different. The sweet is in the bag inside of this bag!”


Tiararose felt insulted by Keith’s remark, and asked him not to misunderstand.

Right then she took out the readied sweets from the bag- she then placed the salt gelato to the plates lined up on the table.


“Hmm, it’s pretty unusual. It seems cold.”


Pearl inspected it and was amazed that something like this could be created just by shaking the bag…


“It’s salt gelato. We’ll be able to take in sodium so it’s a perfect sweet for this desert country. Philiane, come join us and eat too.”



Everyone placed the salt gelato into their mouths, and the coldness and sweetness immediately spread in it. There’s no taste of salt and it’s easy to eat.

Pearl was particularly fond of it and her eyes shone as she exclaimed ‘this is great!’


“I’m glad you liked it. Sandrose’s hot so we have to make sure we take in enough water and salt.”

“Oh- I can eat this forever.”


Keith immediately became obedient as he smiled and asked for a second serving. However, as they have finished up all of it, he will have it next time.


“Oh what, so there’s none left”

“I’ll make it in Marineforest too. I think it will be popular in summers.”

“Indeed, I’d want to eat this on a hot day. I’m looking forward to it so be sure to call me first if you’re going to make it, alright?”

“Please call me too.”


It wasn’t just Keith who’s interested in the plans of Tiararose Marineforest Gelato, even Pearl was interested in it.

If it’s going to be consumed by the fairy kings, it’ll definitely become popular. Tiararose thought that she will also make some for the fairies and agreed to their request with a smile.


“Well then, since we’ve finished eating, shall we rest for the day? It will take around five more days before we’ll arrive at the royal castle of Sandrose, according to our plans.”

“Indeed, it’s alright for Pearl and I, but Tiara would probably collapse from the heat without rest.”

“Extra care’s needed.”


It’ll be disgraceful to collapse in another country as the queen.

As it’ll cause troubles for everyone, she has to be even more careful about her health management as compared to when she was back in her own country. They have initially planned the schedule so that it wouldn’t be too harsh on her.


-She has regained strength with the salt gelato so it’s alright for now.


“I won’t allow myself to collapse and cause troubles to Sir Aqua this time round.”


Tiararose replied enthusiastically while Keith and the others laughed with astonishment.


“We don’t know what you’ll do…”

“It’s best if you stay obedient.”


It seems like both the fairy kings were worried.

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