109 Part 2

They have arrived at the oasis that Tiararose has always wanted to visit.


It’s in a middle of the town, and the water was surrounded with green plants. Indeed, it’s like a blessing of the desert.


However, right now, due to the effect of the Salamander, the water of the oasis has been decreasing.

Indeed, when inspected closely, some of the water channels were not filled with water and it’s clear at a glance that the water level has dropped compared to before.

There’s not much vitality to the plants too.


“I see, so this is the oasis. There aren’t any in Marineforest but this is so beautiful.”


Pearl took a step forward and the people around the oasis started buzzing.

Her extremely white transparent-like skin and silver-white hair made her stand out. Furthermore, Keith and Tiararose were with her, and that made them even more eye-catching.

The main characters of the maiden game were all beautiful after all.


Keith headed towards the side of Pearl and asked what they should do.


“What, do you intend to build this in Marineforest too? But my territory’s filled with nature so there isn’t any desert though?”

“I’m not talking about building it… Well, I guess it’d be good to thank them for allowing us to see something rare.”



Tiararose and Saravia, who were looking at them, approached Pearl to ask for advice as to what to do next.

Right then, she put her hand into the water of the oasis, making splashing sounds.


“Hmm. The water temperature is a little high but I guess it cannot be helped that there’s an effect.”

“Yes, the heat of the Salamander has increased the temperature of water I guess.”

“That seems like it.”


It seemed like Pearl’s checking the quality of the water. As expected of the sea fairy king who controls the water, Tiararose was impressed.


“Pearl, do you know about the current state of the oasis?”


Tiararose was curious and asked the question, Pearl then said ‘only about the water.’


“It’s sad to see something beautiful like this drying up…”


Pearl said that and immediately added her own magical power to the water of the oasis. Right then, the amount of water immediately increased.

They saw the water level increasing and in a short while, the water was overflowing and started flowing towards the water channels that were headed for the town.


“Wow, amazing…!”


Tiararose gulped as she witnessed the power of the fairy king from the side.

However, Keith could not stay quiet when he saw something like that.


“Since we were going to stay in this town, and it’s not fair for Pearl to shine alone like this…”



Keith held the fan that was placed near his waist and fanned the wind. Afterwards, the vitality of the plants around the oasis was revived as flowers started blooming.

The green and strong plants have grown a few inches larger.


“So this is the power of the fairy king… that’s amazing.”

“Yes, very…”


Saravia whistled and looked at Keith and Pearl with respect. He did not expect them to revive the dying oasis so easily like this.


Of course, it’s not just Tiararose and the others who witnessed this.

The people around them were equally shocked and they lost strength in their legs after witnessing such a miracle-like scene.


“The water of oasis has returned to what it was before!?”

“What on earth was that!?”

“Who are you guys?”

“I knew that you guys were people of higher level but… since your skins are pale, are you guys from other countries?”


Just like that, things have grown out of control. Tiararose was about to call out to Saravia so that they could keep things under control- however, before she could do so, Keith and Pearl stood in front of the people who have gathered around them.


-Eh, what on earth are they planning to do?

Are they going to announce that they were fairy kings to keep things under control? That will produce an opposite effect instead, and Tiararose started panicking.

However, both of them said something different from what Tiararose has initially expected.


“This blessing came from the queen of Marineforest, Tiararose.”

“You guys should definitely not forget the benevolence shown by her, all right?”


Both of them said that and headed towards the sides of Tiararose. They then took her hands with reverence and praised her.




At this totally unexpected development, she wanted to deny that but as a queen she could not lose her composure… Tiararose wanted to complain to Keith and Pearl, but she tried to withstand it all and smiled.

Right then, roars of cheer immediately echoed through the area.


“I’ve heard rumors about Lady Tiararose! As the rumors goes, you’re a beautiful and wonderful person.”

“To think that you’re able to revive the oasis, do you possess some unique magical power!?”

“Amazing, amazing!!”


The citizens started cheering one after the other and in the midst, one person said ‘Ah!’ with a frantic voice.


“King Saravia’s here too!”

“You’re right! I thought he went to chase after some girl… could it be that you’ve been running all over the places to help solve the oasis problem?”

“I see…!”


For some reason, Saravia’s value has increased.

The chaos has grown even bigger and the number of people has increased. Right then, Saravia took a step out and waved his hand to silence them.

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