109 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 109

  1. The blessing of Oasis

Under the bright sunlight, the horse wagon journey towards Sandrose proceeded without any problem. Tiararose enjoyed the scenery initially but after a couple of days, she’s gotten sick of it.


“It seems to be hard on humans to travel by horse wagon too.”


Pearl said that with a bored look and waved the fan.

Tiararose gave a wry smile as she looked at Pearl, she then looked out the window and said ‘we are about to enter the borders of Sandrose.’

Right ahead of them were the borders of Sandrose. After crossing that, the hot Sandrose kingdom awaits them.


“We will be passing by a few towns with oasis before we reach the town where the royal castle’s in. I’m sure there’ll be rare things there and Pearl will get to enjoy them.”

“We have always been in Marineforest after all.”


Keith nodded at Tiararose’s words.


“We should buy some souvenir for Grail who’s taking care of things back home. Or rather, that person talks a lot when in a female form.”

“Are you referring to our Grail? Yes, what should we buy for that person? Female goods? Or male goods?”

“Well, either way should be fine, no?”


Keith laughed and said that Pearl is in charge of Grail.

Of course, Pearl dislikes that thought… but she does have some debt she owes him. That’s because Grail would help out about the matters in Pearl’s castle when she’s asleep.

Pearl furrowed her eyebrows and said ‘I guess it cannot be helped it.’



After that, it took a while before the horse wagon that Tiararose and the others were on, passed by the country border and entered into the Sandrose kingdom territory.

It’s probably 10 degree Celsius hotter than Marineforest.


“I was resolved for this but… it’s hotter than expected, right?”


…Tiararose unconsciously muttered that.

Of course, Keith, Pearl and Philiane agreed with her.


“I’m usually in the sea so I didn’t know that the land’s this hot… Water, cool down the temperature of this space.”

“Wow…! That’s amazing…!”


Pearl used her magical power and fanned towards the sky, and in a moment the horse wagon cooled down. Tiararose’s thankful that she’s able to feel comfortable in the horse wagon which’s not equipped with air conditioning.


“Thank you very much, Pearl.”

“Humph, this much is nothing. It’s already so small in this horse wagon; I wouldn’t be able to stand it if it’s going to be hot too.”

“That’s true.”


Tiararose felt sorry for making the fairy kings, who’s now in the form of females, suffer in this terrible condition. Tiararose ended up relying on Pearl and she wondered what she could do to pay her back….






The humidity level’s low and the places under direct sunlight were extremely hot. However, the shaded areas were comparably quite comfortable.

They were going to stay in a thriving small town that’s centered about an oasis.

As habitants were built around the oasis in Sandrose, each and every town was quite small in size; to make up for that, there were plenty of these towns.

The buildings were made of red-brownish bricks and the blessed water of oasis flows around them- unfortunately, while the oasis still exists, it seemed like the water that’s supposed to flow towards the town has dried up.


Tiararose got off the horse wagon and stretched her back. The intense heat immediately attacked her and she gulped down her saliva unconsciously.

To calm down, she took several deep breaths.


“…Phew, it’s Sandrose here.”


Tiararose tied up her honey-pink hair loosely and put on a wide hat. She’s wearing a one-piece dress with stripes of laces and thin sleeves.


“It’s totally different from Marineforest, amazing.”


While there were also countries with deserts in her previous life, she has never visited them before. Therefore, to Tiararose, Sandrose was extremely new.

Of course, she wants to see the Oasis, but other than that she also wants to see the mineral that’s called the Rose of the Desert with her own eyes.


“Rose, do you want to tour around before we head towards the place where we’d stay in?”

“King Saravia… that’d be good, but is that okay?”

“Of course.”


Saravia approached with a grin and proposed a plan that’s all too alluring to Tiararose. Of course she wants to tour around but she wondered if it’s really fine for the royal family member to do that when they are having the crisis of oasis drying up.


-Well, King Saravia doesn’t seem to be affected so it should be fine?

There’s no need to rebuke the words of other country’s royal family member. Also, if he proposed the plan in consideration for Tiararose, it should be alright if she just cut it short after touring a while.


“Well then, please.”

“With pleasure”

“…However, you can’t call me Rose.”

“That’s extremely disappointing to hear.”



Philiane and Elliot were going to prepare for the overnight stay, so only the four of them – Tiararose, Keith, Pearl and Saravia went to tour around.

Saravia’s close aide Izzet went along with Philiane and the others as he’d be explaining things to them.


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