108 Part 3


‘Didn’t you say you’d spoil me?’ Aquasteed gave a suggestive smile.

Tiararose groaned. Indeed she did say that she’s going to spoil Aquasteed, so she wants to fulfill his wish.


-It has been several years since they have gotten married so she wondered when her heart will stop beating so fast at times like this.

She could not calm down at all.


-In contrast to that, Sir Aqua’s always cool and collected!

He’s gentle and his smile’s wonderful; he always leads her and sometimes would be playful… but she likes every part of him.


She stares at Aquasteed who’s on her knees for a while and was asked ‘Hm?’

Tiararose thought that he must have really wanted to sleep from his tired eyes. She rubbed his head gently and hoped that he’ll get some quality sleep, at least for today.

That’s because Tiararose will not be able to do that after she departs for Sandrose.


“Have a good rest, Sir Aqua.”

“…Yes. Just for a little while.”


Tiararose kissed Aquasteed gently and ran her fingers over his fringe. After that, she gave another kiss.

With the comfortable warmth, Aquasteed started dozing off.





After that, time flew by and it’s finally the day of departure for Sandrose.

Philiane and Elliot have completed all the preparations so all that’s left was to get onto the horse wagon.


“Tiara, you definitely cannot do anything rash, all right?”

“Of course, Sir Aqua.”

“If King Saravia does anything to you, please do not refrain from using your magical power. Got it?”

“U-Um… I’ll deal with it properly.”


As Tiararose could not do anything rash to the king of other countries, she gave a vague smile.

Right then, Keith interrupted into the conversation from the side.


“I, the fairy king who have blessed the both of you, will be going along, you know? I promise to protect Tiara if anything happens.”

“Indeed, I have trust in your words that you’re going to protect her but…”


Keith seems like he’d cause trouble in some other ways, so Aquasteed felt a little iffy about it. Even so, among them all, he’s the most reliable one.

As his status as a fairy king was higher than that of Saravia’s, he could ward him off without restraint if the latter does anything to Tiararose.


“…I will leave it to you, Keith.”

“Yes, leave it to me.”


Aquasteed stretched out his right hand and Keith did the same, they then did a fist bump.

Both of them have a strong desire to protect Tiararose, and this cannot be put into words. They both acknowledge each other and could comfortably trust each other to protect her.


Looking at that, Tiararose thought that they have finally let their guards down.


“Keith and Pearl are here too so it’d be fine. As for King Saravia, I’m sure he’ll not do anything rash in the public…”

“I know that, but it’s another matter if it’s convincing or not.”


After Aquasteed said that, he hugged Tiararose tightly and she wondered about how she’d feel if that happened to her.

If an extremely beautiful lady were to approach Aquasteed… just the thought of that makes her upset.


-Sir Aqua’s probably experiencing that right now..


“Please do not let down your guard, absolutely not!”

“Yes, I promise.”


Tiararose suddenly reacted enthusiastically with a smile and Aquasteed wrapped his pinky finger over hers and they made a promise.

However, to be honest, Aquasteed’s extremely worried as Tiararose often takes unprecedented action.


“Well then, it’s time for us to depart, Kitty.”

“King Saravia!!”

“Your horse wagon’s different from Tiara’s, so please return to your own horse wagon, Sir Saravia.”


Tiararose, Keith, Pearl and Philiane, the four of them are on the same horse wagon. Saravia will be on the same horse wagon with his close aide Izzet.

Saravia complained till the end, but Aquasteed and Keith would not allow him to do that. Of course, that includes the man-hating Pearl.


After talking about that for a while, a gust of wind blew and Grail appeared.

Furthermore, Grail’s in a form of a long-haired beautiful woman.


“Wait a minute, are you planning to leave Marineforest without contacting me?”



The owner of the frantic voice belonged to Pearl, who’s beside Keith now.

Recently, Grail has always been in the form of a man instead of a woman, so Tiararose wondered what’s going on… but thinking about the man-hating Pearl, everything started to make sense.


Initially taken aback by the furious Grail, Pearl then refuted strongly.


“You’re able to pick up all the sounds in Marineforest, right? You should be able to acquire all the information about this matter by yourself, right?”

“Of course but I wanted to hear it from Pearl directly.”

“Don’t sulk, it cannot be helped it. Anyway, you are in that appearance again…”


Pearl wanted Grail to not care about her and be in the form of a man, as he usually does; however, Grail always consider Pearl first before himself so it cannot be helped it.


“Tsk. Shall I go to Sandrose too? Keith, I’ll go in place of you so please stay here instead.”

“Don’t spout nonsense. Pearl and I are the ones going.”

“Words just don’t get through you, don’t they…”


The quarrel between the fairy kings started suddenly and Aquasteed sighed. He’s concerned about the latter part of the journey when something like this has happened before the departure.

Anyway, he refused to allow Grail to go along with them.



“Tsk, I got it already. Aquasteed, you’re having a scary face now.”

“…Tsk. If they don’t depart anytime soon, they will arrive at the town where they’d be staying for the night late.”


Hearing Aquasteed’s words, Grail sighed and said ‘I guess so.’

Grail then immediately looked at Pearl.


“Pearl, please take care. I don’t think you’ll get to see the Salamander but if there’s anything please inform me immediately…”

“I got it. Don’t worry, we’d be fine.”

“Well then, shall we depart?”


Pearl replied, and Keith called out to Pearl

After the both of them boarded the horse carriage, Tiararose started to feel sad about the temporary farewell and hugged Aquasteed tightly.


They will be able to see each other again soon but she cannot help but feel lonely.


“I’ll go now, Sir Aqua.”

“I’ll also head for you immediately, so please wait for me obediently, alright?”

“Yes, well then, I’ll go now.”



Tiararose smiled warmly and Aquasteed gently kissed her lips. She’s embarrassed but she decided it’s alright since they won’t be seeing each other for a while… and that thought itself surprised her.

Leaving the lips that she doesn’t want to part with, Tiararose finally boarded the horse wagon. Philiane immediately boarded after her and it’s time for departure.


Tiararose peeked from the windows of the horse wagon and waved goodbye.

Well then, they are finally departing for Sandrose.

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