107 Part 2

“Since she obtained the blessings of the fairy kings, they thought that it might work and it seemed like they have hit the jackpot. They initially just tried every single measure that they could think of.”


Right now, Saravia has totally become engrossed with Tiararose and it made him smile.


“I didn’t expect that there’s another human being who possesses magical power which matches the frequency of the Salamander, other than the royal family of Sandrose.”

“We were investigating while thinking that it’s hopeless. Normal human beings would definitely not match it. I wonder who on earth Rose is.”


It seems like not everyone could pass their magical power to the Salamander.

Just like what Saravia has just said, there’s a need for the magical power to match its frequency. The possibility of finding someone who could do that would be akin to finding gold sand from the desert.

No, in the first place, such a person might not have existed. Although that’s what they initially thought, they have no choice but to feed the Salamander with magical power so they started their investigations.

They carried out their secret investigation and first thought that there might be some possibility of finding people with unique magical powers in Marineforest, which’s blessed by the fairies.

However, the people who were blessed by the common fairies just had normal magical powers…

They then thought that Aquasteed might be a possible candidate since he has been blessed by the fairy king; his magical power was indeed better than the commoners but its frequency did not match that of the Salamander.

Right when they were about to give up… they decided to give one last try at investigating the frequency of Tiararose’s magical power when they found out that it matches.


The reason could be attributed by the fact that she’s reincarnated as the game’s villainess, so her soul and specs were higher compared to others… of course Saravia doesn’t know about that.


“If we were going to impart Lady Tiararose’s magical power to the Salamander, we’d have to invite her to Sandrose, huh… In the first place, have you explained about the situation to her?”

“I’ll send an invitation letter to the festival so it should be fine; they probably wouldn’t refuse given the exchanges we’ve had.”


Aquasteed might not want to let her go seeing how protective he’s, but that guy probably understands that there’s a need to separate between private and work matters.


“For the explanation… I’ll first take a look at the Salamander’s situation. It’d be the best if the magical power could be extracted from the Salamander’s tear.”

“That’s right. If King Aquasteed determines that it’s a dangerous, he might not bring Lady Tiararose along with him.”



Unlike his usual demeanor, Saravia nodded with little confidence as he’s not sure whether the awoken Salamander would be satisfied with the magical power.





A few days later-


“Sir Aquasteed, you have an invitation letter.”



Elliot delivered the letter to Aquasteed, who’s working at his office.


He’s sitting on a black leather chair and he looked at the contents before placing it on the table.

Aquasteed’s office has a soothing atmosphere with black as the main theme color. A gentle wind entered from the slightly opened window and it’s a comfortable.


“This is… an invitation letter from Sandrose, huh. The sender is of course King Saravia.”


Using a paper knife, he took out the letter and read the content; it’s an invitation to the Sandrose’s ‘Flame and Water Festival’.

It’s an annual festival held in Sandrose and they normally do not invite the royal family of other countries.


Aquasteed read the letter with suspicion and gave a small sigh.


“As expected, I cannot reject an official invitation… I guess.”

“That’s right. Furthermore, it seems like it’s going to be quite grand this year.”

“…I see.”


From what they heard from Grail and he others, it’s easy to imagine that this might be related to the case of the Salamander.

Hoping that it doesn’t end up being troublesome, Aquasteed sighed once again.


“Happiness is going to escape if you sigh that much, you know?”

“Elliot… that’s probably just a superstition”

“Hmm, I wonder.”



Saying that with a gentle smile was his close aide, Elliot.

He has soft brown hair with a hint of orange. Elliot’s normally gentle but he’s a capable man who does his work well.

Elliot’s working even harder right now so that he could obtain a noble position and propose to Philiane.



Taking a sip of black tea, Aquasteed was troubled about what to do.


“Tiara and I, the two of us will be attending the festival. Since the weather’s quite drastic in Sandrose, please come up with a schedule such that we will have enough leisure time.”

“I got it. For Lady Tiararose, other than Philiane and Tarmo, I’ll make sure a few knights would attend to her as bodyguards.”

“Yes, please.”


Also, they have to bring along gifts too.

From the invitation letter, it seems like they have three months till the date of the festival takes place. Even so, the trip to Sandrose by horse wagon would take around fifteen days. They do not have much time left.


“However, Sandrose would be quite hot. There might be a need to make sure that the clothing’s suitable for the heat…”

“That’s right. That’s particularly so for Tiara, unlike Elliot and I, she doesn’t have training so it might be hard on her. Please tell Philiane and let her prepare the dresses as soon as possible.”

“I got it.”


Elliot nodded and left the room so he could do the scheduling with Philiane.


Aquasteed continued with his writing and reading of documents.

Since they’re going to Sandrose, he would be away from the royal castle for over a month. Things are going to be busy and he could not help but sigh once again.

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