107 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 107

  1. Invitation letter to Sandrose

The Sandrose Kingdom mostly consists of the desert where the sand carries the heat from the blazing sun.

It’s extremely hot in the day, and the nights are so cold that one could almost freeze. To be honest, it’s not an environment that’s easy to live in.

However, the desert rose which blooms under such a condition is so beautiful that many ladies say that one should at least see it once in their lifetime.


As water’s not available in the household, the people have to fetch water from the oasis every morning.

Today, a lady headed to the oasis to fetch water… when she noticed that there’s something unusual.

The few adults nearby seemed puzzled and appeared to be worried. She wondered what’s wrong and looked at the oasis- the amount of water has decreased compared to the previous day.


“The water of the oasis’s decreasing, what’s going on…!”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen this in the sixty years of my life.”

“Could it be… it’s starting to dry up!?”


The unsettlement amongst with the people immediately grew out of hand, and everyone voiced out their thoughts.

It’d be good if it’s just a mistake but the oasis water’s used every day. There’s no way that it’s a mistake of perception. The stir of the crowd grew bigger and they feel unsettled….






“King Saravia, the water of the Sandrose oasis has started decreasing…!”

“…I see. Is that all you have to report?”

“Eh? Y-Yes…”

“You can retreat and rest.”


Right now they were in a room that’s prepared for Saravia in the Marineforest royal castle.

The room has vibrant orange curtains with laces; the bright color seems to fit the flashy character of Saravia, who’s been called frivolous by Tiararose.

However, right now, Saravia does not appear to be frivolous at all- not a single bit.



Saravia Sandrose is the king of the Sandrose Kingdom.

He has tanned skin and short golden hair. His red eyes were narrow and it’s hard to determine what he’s thinking about from his looks.

He has obtained everything he wanted in all his life till now. Right now, he has fallen in love with the brave and determined Tiararose, and currently stays in the Marineforest with the claim that he’s there to obtain her.



Right now, there were Saravia, his close aide Izzet and the knight, who came to deliver the report, in this room.

The knight hurried over by horse to inform Saravia about the strange occurrence of Sandrose. His breath was still a little out of control and it seemed that he wanted to report as soon as possible.

The oasis might be drying up… it’s such a huge incident that the knight was surprised by the collected demeanor of Saravia. He probably thought that he would be shocked.

However, Saravia just told him to retreat so there’s nothing else he could do. After the knight bowed and left the room, Saravia gave a small sigh.


“I’ll have to return to the country soon, I guess I have to hurry up and expedite the preparations for that…”

“That’s right. You cannot be away from the country for a long period of time when it’s in such a state after all.”


At Saravia’s words, Izzet slightly pressured him with his reply. It seemed like things will become quite serious and they were worried about the future.



Izzet is the close aide of Saravia.

He has a tanned skin of the desert civilian and silver hair. He has an earnest personality and there were many times where he would be manipulated by the free and uncontrolled Saravia.



For now, Izzet’s making various arrangements but there’s something that concerned him.


“What happened to the jewel that you’ve given to Lady Tiararose? You laid the groundwork to deal with the current situation, right?”

“Ah, you’re referring to the jewel that I’ve given to Rose?”


Izzet was talking about the incident where Saravia visited Tiararose and acted like a merchant.

The red jewel that he presented to Tiararose previously was called “Salamander’s tear” officially. It has been said that the jewel was formed from the tear of the fire spirit Salamander, but it’s not determined if that’s true.


“If everything goes well, magical power will be concentrated in the tear of the Salamander… I wonder what it is like.”


Saravia sighed saying that he doesn’t know about it.


“I cannot save the Salamander with my power… I know it’s bad of me to present the jewel to Rose without telling her the truth, but I have no guarantee that it’d turn out well.”

“From how the knight looked like just now, things have become considerably serious now. If we deal with it badly, it might lead to a rebellion, you know?”

“I’m here to not let that happen.”

“King Saravia…”


Saravia took a deep breath and closed his eyes.



Since the long past, the Salamander has been sleeping underneath the Sandrose Kingdom.

…No, it would be more accurate to say that Sandrose was built on top of the land where the Salamander was sleeping; the Salamander and royal family of Sandrose has made an alliance.

The Salamander would sleep but it will wake up due to hunger once every few hundred years. The royal family would then fulfill its duty to feed the Salamander with magical power.



Until now, the royal family has been able to provide the Salamander with magical power so there’s no problem. However, this time round, they could not do that and has to resort to a different method.

In place of Saravia, they decided to have Tiararose provide the power for the Salamander.


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