106 Part 3

Keith was deep into his thoughts when Aquasteed asked him the question. He’s desperately trying to remember what that incident was about.

He has lived for over a thousand year so it’s difficult for him to remember the details.


“It’d be good if it isn’t a problem, but it’d be better to deal with it if it’s an omen.”


It’d be the best if they could know beforehand what’s waiting ahead of them. However, Keith tilted his head, and was still in a trouble trying to recollect his memories.

Tiararose was thinking that maybe it’d be good to ask the other fairies, when a sigh and bothered voice echoed.


“I can’t believe you actually forgot about that.”

“King Grail! …could it be that you know the reason?”


Grail greeted Tiararose before delving into the actual topic promptly.


“Rather than knowing the reason, it’s something like an established practice.”



The sky fairy king Grail transported with the wind.

His beautiful white hair has streaks of blue, and his irises were gold – indicating that he’s a king. His clothes were loose and simple and he looked somewhat grand.

The sky’s his territory and it could be said that he has all the information relating to Marineforest. He’s currently blessing Aquasteed.



Tiararose and Aquasteed were surprised, and Grail continued his words.


“The reason why the fairies were unsettled was because the Salamander sleeping in the shrine beneath Sandrose has awakened. Its power’s unstable and as a result this has affected the young fairies.”

“Salamander… that’s the name of the spirit, right? It’s part of the fairytale or legend…”


Tiararose did not expect it to exist in real life and widened her eyes.


-However, this is a world full of fantasy features so…

Even if it exists, it’s not that surprising. In fact, fairies exist in Marineforest right now and they have a king too. It’s not too far a stretch to believe that there’s a spirit.


Listening to Grail’s words, Keith clapped his hand as though he remembered.


“I remember the details! That’s right, something like that happened.”

“Well, it’s not that important.”


Grail said calmly that it’s okay to forget about it.

From the conversation between the two, it seemed that there’s no need to worry about this issue. However, as Tiararose does not know about the details, she decided to ask Grail about what she’s concerned about.


“Will something bad happen when it wakes up?”

“There’s no problem or anything.”


Tiararose asked with worried looks while Grail shrugged his shoulders.


“I’m glad.”


It seemed that there’s no need to worry about it so Tiararose was relieved.

She was very worried when she saw the fairy in a weakened state, but from the current conversation, she managed to calm down.

Aquasteed wrapped his arm around Tiararose’s shoulder and gently rubbed it.


“It’s good that there’s no problem, but what’s going to happen to the awoken Salamander? Will it fall asleep again?”


It seems like the Salamander will wake up periodically once every few hundred years so it will probably fall asleep again. However, Aquasteed has no idea what makes it wake up and sleep.


“The royal family of Sandrose will probably appease it, as usual.”

“We don’t know the method, but there has been no problem till now so it should be fine.”


Grail and Keith claims that the royal family of Sandrose will resolve the issue and they have no idea about the method.

Aquasteed nodded his head after hearing that. As it’s a duty of the royal family from another country, he has judged that there’s no need for Marineforest to be involved in the situation.


-Royal family of Sandrose probably refers to King Saravia.

He’s currently staying here; she’s worried if everything will be fine.


-Or rather, it’s like a flag.


Tiararose, who loves game, ended up thinking that way. Of course, saying that aloud would cause unnecessary misunderstandings so she refrained from doing so.


“Ah, but… it doesn’t mean that this country would not be affected.”

“Eh, what do you mean?”

“Salamander is the spirit of fire so it will affect the neighboring countries of Sandrose.”


According to Grail, the Salamander’s a spirit of fire which’s greatly revered by the people and as its name suggests, it’s of the fire type.

Compared to the previous years, the temperature will rise further.

Adding on to that, the prices of goods and trade will become unstable, and this will lead to increased commodity prices….


Hearing that, Tiararose nodded thinking that such happening is plausible.


“Do we have to implement some measure?”

“No… Marineforest mainly specializes in agricultural goods so things should be fine if it increases the exports of food to other countries.”


If the cold weather will be worsened, they might have to prepare firewood, but in this case the summer heat will increase so they do not have to do anything in particular. Even if they have to implement some measure, it’s probably to caution the people to hydrate themselves properly…

Also, even if they have to increase their exports, since the reason for this issue lies with Sandrose, they might be able to get onto their good side and it’s quite beneficial on their side.


“Indeed, it’s important to hydrate… ah, in that case, should I make salt gelatos so that everyone could have enough salt? It’s delicious!”


Tiararose thought that it’s a brilliant idea and her eyes were shining.

Aquasteed, Keith and Grail did not expect such a suggestion and laughed.


“Tiara really loves making sweets. In that case, will you let us have it after you’re done making it?”

“Ah, sorry. I’ve gotten too far…”


He immediately said what he thought.

Keith was roaring with laughter and Grail was dumbfounded. Aquasteed was looking at Tiararose excitedly.


“I want this country to be one where Tiara can make sweets freely without restraint. It makes me happy when you say something like that.”

“Sir Aqua…”


He said that even if there’s any problem, he will settle it so Tiararose should just make sweets without restraint and just depend on him.




Tiararose’s face grew red at how straightforward he was and she could only give a small nod.

Keith and Grail were looking at her from the back with ‘good grief’ smiles.

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