106 Part 2

-In that case, she thought that she should bake some scones for breakfast!


It is the season of berries, a specialty that Marineforest’s well-known for. Tiararose thinks that the scones would taste even better if eaten together with jam

For that, the necessary ingredients are… she ended up being deep in thoughts.





Tiararose started being engrossed in her thoughts and Aquasteed pulled her towards him. At this rate, their cheeks would be touching each other and he asked ‘what are you thinking about?’

It seemed like he’s jealous of the fact that scones have filled up all her mind.


“You are taking a walk with me right now, so let’s think about sweets later, alright?”

“Um… yes. It seemed like Sir Aqua has completely read my mind.”

“We have been together for years after all. There were many unexpected things but I roughly know what’s going on in Tiara’s mind.”

“Sir Aqua…”


Without realizing, her heart skipped a beat and she stared at Aquasteed. He returned with a smile and pecked her gently.

They have become engrossed in their own world and were about to exchange a kiss when… ‘Wow, are they going to kiss?’ noisy voices reached their ears.


-Oh right, they were at the garden!


They faced the direction where the voice came from and the few forest fairies that were tending to the plants looked at them with curiosity. She placed her palms onto her flushed cheeks and shrunk at the embarrassment.

She could not hear their usual lively laughs.


“A-Ah, um…!”


Tiararose opened and closed her mouth due to embarrassment, while Aquasteed told the fairies ‘it’s a secret, alright?’


“It’s a secret~?”

“That’s because Tiara’s embarrassed. Will you keep this a secret from the other fairies?”

“Yes, got it!”


The forest fairies nodded repeatedly and raised their chests as they said ‘leave it to us!’

However, Tiararose’s simply embarrassed at the fact that they have been seen by the fairies. Even so, it cannot be helped it since it has already happened and she decided to be a little more careful in the future.


However, it seemed like Aquasteed’s totally unbothered by the fact that they were seen and he’s laughing as though he’s enjoying it.


“You should be used to being seen.”

“Well, that’s that matter and this is a totally different one…!”



As they are part of the royal family, they are always accompanied by the defense guards whenever they are not in their room by themselves. That’s why, their kiss scenes were often witnessed by them… but for some reason it feels different to be seen by the fairies that they are close to.


“In that case, should we continue after we returned to our room?”

“…No comment.”


Aquasteed whispered into her ears, and Tiararose turned red as she tried to avert her eyes.


-Of course she’s not going to reply that here!


The fairies are listening to them with curiosity so how should she reply; it is hard to say yes or no, and Tiararose puffed up her cheeks.


However, right then-

She noticed that other forest fairies have gathered in an area.

It seemed like one fairy was squatting down in a bad condition. There were a few worried fairies surrounding it and rubbing its back.


“What’s wrong?”


Tiararose asked worriedly; Aquasteed also looked at the fairies and said ‘the fairy seems to be in a bad condition.’

Right then, the fairies told them the reason.


“Things are troubling us recently.”

“It’s a bad premonition!”

“We don’t know the reason; I wonder what it is all about…”


It seemed like there’s something going on and the fairies have no idea about the details.

Tiararose looked at Aquasteed and tilted her head. Since they could not sense anything, it cannot be helped it.

Even so, they cannot possible leave the fairies by themselves.


“Ah, could these be Tiara’s sweets~!?”

“Eh? Yes, I brought it along so that everyone can eat it.”

“Tiara’s sweets contain magical power so I’m sure the fairy will get well with it!”

“Really? In that case, let’s have the fairy eat it as soon as possible.”


Tiararose was relieved at the words of the fairies and quickly approached the weak fairy, bringing out the cookies.

As the size was too big, she breaks it down into small pieces and slowly put it into the fairy’s mouth. The fairy chewed onto it and immediately became better, revealing a smile.


“Are you alright?”

“Yes, Tiara’s sweets are delicious! Thank you~”

“I’m glad. You’re welcome.”


The fairy smiled and she thought that they have to figure out the reason as soon as possible.

Since it’s related to them, she thought that it’d be good to seek the advice of their king Keith. Tiararose handed over the cookies to the fairies and decided to visit Keith with Aquasteed.




The forest fairy king Keith lives in the mountain at the back of the royal castle. He owns a castle there and lives with the other fairies.

The place’s surrounded with rare plants and flowers, the beautiful flowers capture everyone’s attention. It’s an enchanting mystical place reigned by the fairy king.


Tiararose and Aquasteed headed to visit Keith, and were asked ‘oh what’s wrong?’ in his usual manner.

It seemed that he has not noticed the unsettling sensation among the fairies.


“Keith, the conditions of the forest fairies seemed to be strange… there were some who even fell sick.”

“Hmm? Ah, no wonder the atmosphere has been quite heavy recently.”



The forest fairy king Keith said in an indifferent manner.

His long green hair, which has reached his hips, was tied up loosely and his irises were gold – indicating that he’s the king. There’s a fan tucked in the area around his hip, and his vibrant clothes gave him an overpowering sense of presence.

He has blessed Tiararose and Aquasteed, and they were worried about the condition of the fairies.



Even though the king doesn’t know anything about the recent matter, it seemed that he has some idea of the reason.


“However, previously… something similar has happened before.”



Keith scratched his head as he said that, and Tiararose was immediately curious about it. She’s worried about the fairies and wanted to find out the reason.


“Hmm let me recollect about it…”

“Was it recent?”

“…No, I think it happened a few hundred years back.”


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