106 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 106

  1. Unsettled fairies

The remaining accumulated snow has finally melted, and spring with its warm sunrays has arrived.

Tiararose woke up early in the morning and exclaimed ‘what a good weather’ as she stuck her head out of the window with a smile. Right then, she noticed a movement behind her.


“…Are you going to the garden?”

“Yes for a morning walk before breakfast. Is Sir Aqua coming along?”

“Hmm, yes I guess I will.”


Aquasteed has just gotten out of bed, and was on his way to wash his face with a shirt in his hand. Looking at that, Tiararose, who’s still in her sleeping wear, thought that she has to prepare quickly and went out of the bedroom.



She, who looks happy since the early morning, is Tiararose Lapis Marineforest.

With feminine honey pink hair and blue irises, Tiararose loves eating and making sweets, and she’s also the queen blessed by the forest fairy.

She was born in the neighboring country Lapis Lazuli and has married into this country.

However, in actual fact, she has memories of this world from the maiden game “The Ring of the Lapis Lazuli” which she has played in her previous life.

That should not pose a problem but Tiararose’s actually the villainess who’s the rival of the protagonist! She’s abandoned by her then fiancée prince and forced out of the country but… right at that time, Aquasteed, her husband, proposed to her and she came to this country.

Tiararose was on the brink of destruction when she realized she’s the villainess but she’s leading a happy marital life right now.



Tiararose went to her room and called out to her attendant, Philiane, immediately.


“Good morning, Lady Tiararose.”

“Morning, Philiane. I’m going to the garden with Sir Aqua so I’d like to change my clothes.”

“I got it. The weather is fine today after all.”


Philiane brought over a dress and shawl, exclaiming that something easy to walk in would be good. Even though it’s the start of spring, it’s still cold outside so one might catch a cold without proper warm clothing.


“I’ll take the time to prepare the breakfast.”

“Yes, please.”



After tying up Tiararose’s hair and setting it up swiftly, Philiane smiled with a satisfied look.



Philiane Sunfist is the attendant of Tiararose.

She has yellow-green hair and sepia irises. She’s a capable attendant who has served Tiararose since young.

Philiane seems to be getting along well with Elliot now, and due to various obstacles between them, it seemed like it would take a bit of time before they’d finally tie the knot.



Tiararose stroke her hair, which has been tied up prettily, with her fingers.


“Really, Philiane’s skilful.”

“I’m just used to it. Lady Tiararose, you are able to make sweets easily, right? I think it’s something like that.”


Tiararose agreed with what Philiane has just said.


“Lady Tiararose’s sweets have become quite a trend.”

“I wish it’d become even more popular!”



Tiararose immediately raised her fist with conviction, and this made Philiane giggle.

Most of the sweets made by Tiararose do not exist in this world. She used the recipe and methods she recalled from her previous life as a Japanese person, so her sweets are novel in the eyes of the people.

Fortunately, as this world’s set in a maiden game, the level of civilization was quite developed to a certain extent with equipments available.


-If that’s not the case, she would not be able to make sweets easily.


She’s quite grateful for that matter.


“…I’ll be late if I don’t go soon.”

“Have a nice day, Lady Tiararose.”


Aquasteed’s probably done changing his clothes and should be waiting for Tiararose now, so she hurried out of the room.






The gardens of royal castles are normally maintained by specialized gardeners, but the garden of the Marineforest royal castle’s slightly different from that of other countries.

The maintenance of plants were not carried out by solely specialized gardeners, they were also maintained by the forest fairies.


“That flower does not look quite good-?”

“Water! It lacks water~!”


They sounded quite lively.



Unlike other countries, fairies live among the people in this country.


The forest fairies and its king Keith

The sky fairies and its king Grail

The sea fairies and its king Pearl


They occasionally bless the people and share their power. However, they do not share their power to everyone. They only bless the people they are fond of.

In particular, the forest fairies, who love flowers and plants, do not bless just anyone, and other than the first king and queen of the country, they’ve only blessed Tiararose.



Tiararose and Aquasteed headed to the garden while holding hands together, and they received flowers from the energetic-as-usual forest fairies.

It’s the national flower, which was carefully grown by them, “Tiararose flower”.


“As usual, the forest fairies are passionate.”

“That’s because they love flowers. I brought sweets as gifts today so I think they’d be happy about it.”

“Wow… that’s good.”


Aquasteed smiled as he looked at the basket full of cookies.



Aquasteed Marineforest is the husband of Tiararose.

He has glossy dark blue hair and golden irises. He’s the king of Marineforest and also the king of the starry sky who control this land.

He’s the main strategy character of the continuation to “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli”; he proposed to Tiararose and saved the villainess, who was being persecuted, by marrying her in his country.



“Can I receive one too?”

“I don’t mind but… we still have breakfast waiting for us after we return, you know?”

“One piece of cookie should be fine. It makes me happy that I can eat Tiararose’s sweets first thing in the morning.”

“Tsk, Sir Aqua…”


She said that with a wry smile but she’s actually ecstatic inside by those words.

To have the person she loves to eat her homemade sweets and dishes is something which makes Tiararose happy.


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