105 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 105

  1. Incomprehensible heart

“Ah, this matter should end already~~~!!”

“Lady Tiararose, I know how you are feeling but…that’s improper.”

“…I mean I didn’t know King Saravia is someone like that!”


Tiararose was rolling on her bed while grumbling, and was warned by Philiane with a wry smile.

Saravia, who approached Tiararose and said that he’s prepared for a long battle, was staying in the castle as a guest.


Not a day has passed by without Tiararose sighing due to the troublesome Saravia.

Whenever she drinks tea, he will definitely come to join her, and since he’s the King of Sandrose, she cannot possibly treat him badly.


“Indeed, I don’t like frivolous guys too; I wonder what’s in his mind since Lady Tiararose already has Sir Aquasteed.”



Tiararose nodded at Philiane’s words while lifting her body to sit on the bed.


-Or rather, was it really fine for a King to stay in Marineforest, which is another kingdom, for such a long period of time…!?


Since he separated with his concubines while Tiararose and the others were in Lapis Lazuli, there should be quite a commotion within his own country… that’s what she thought.

In the first place, was it that easy to divorce?

She brooded over it, and Philiane brought to her some black tea and macaron.


“Have some sweet stuff and calm down, Lady Tiararose.”

“Thank you, Philiane.”


Tiararose immediately popped the macaron into her mouth and the sweetness made her smile. She took her time to eat it and her feelings of irritation have mellowed down.


Right then, a doubt was raised in her mind.

In the first place, why did Saravia come to Marineforest? He said that he wanted the Tiararose’s flower but she doesn’t think that it has such a high value for the King to come and get it himself.


-It’ll be the best ingredient for sweets though…


It’s improbable that Saravia wanted the flower to make sweets, and since he separated with all his concubines, it’s not like he wanted the flower to send it to some lady.

He could be here for Tiararose right now, but does a King of a country have to do that?



“Lady Tiararose, what’s wrong?”


Looking at Tiararose who was deeply engrossed in her thoughts, Philiane tilted her head in confusion.

Just before, she’s happily eating the macaron, but what has made her change her mood so much…?


Tiararose made a wry smile and told Philiane about what’s bothering her.


“King Saravia said he’s seducing me, but I think he might have another ulterior motive.”

“Does that mean that Lady Tiararose’s being used as a convenient excuse?”

“Yes. I mean, it’s not realistic to have me as a wife…”


As an egoistic King, there’s a probability that he really wanted Tiararose for himself. However, Saravia’s true purpose might be something else.

After hearing what Tiararose has just said, Philiane said ‘Indeed…’ and continued her words.


“Sandrose is a huge kingdom but Marineforest is a huge country too. Sir Aquasteed is gentle so it should be fine but a wrong step might lead to international problems.”

“If this leads to a conflict, I wonder what King Saravia will do.”


Will he make the countries fight against each other just to obtain her? Thinking about that, Tiararose was convinced that Saravia’s words of obtaining Tiararose were lies.


-It might be good to investigate about that.


“Philiane, I think it might be a good idea to do some investigation into the current affairs of Sandrose. Do you think there’s anyone who’s knowledgeable about that?”

“For that… hasn’t Elliot been doing some investigation? I don’t think Sir Aquasteed will leave it be and not do anything about Sandrose.”

“Elliot? Speaking of which I haven’t seen him these few days…”


It seemed like he’s been wandering around to conduct an investigation on Sandrose.


“Let’s go to Sir Aqua’s office. I’m sure Elliot is there too.”

“Yes. I will make the preparations immediately.”

“Please do.”


Philiane prepared a scarf for Tiararose and they left the room.





They arrived at Aquasteed’s office and other than Aquasteed and Elliot, Aishira was also there.

They have not seen Aishira recently and it’s been a while since they last met.


“It has been a while, Lady Tiararose.”

“Lady Aishira, it’s been a while. You seem to be doing well and I’m glad to see you.”

“Me too.”


Aishira smiled happily at Tiararose’s words.


Aishira Pearlland.

She’s the heroine of “The Ring of Lapis Lazuli” continuation series and is the daughter of the duke. She loved by the sea fairies and currently manages Marineforest’s sea.

She has light blue hair and orange irises; a sixteen year old girl in a cute pink dress.


She liked Aquasteed and fed him the love potion to obtain him. However, Aquasteed was able to overcome that and chose Tiararose.

With such a past, Aishira barely visits the castle anymore.

Therefore, it’s extremely rare for Aishira to be here right now. Tiararose wondered what could have happened, and Aquasteed opened his mouth.


“Actually, I was a little concerned about the matters of Sandrose.”

“About Sandrose? Me too, I came here to talk about that.”


It seemed like the reason for Aishira’s visit was related to Sandrose.


“Tiara too? In that case, you came at the right time. I was about to call you over. Let’s sit down for now.”



Tiararose sat down beside Aquasteed and they told Aishira to take a seat on the opposite sofa.

Elliot prepared the documents while Philiane prepared black tea for everyone.


“I had Elliot conduct some investigation about King Saravia and Sandrose. It seemed like Sandrose is facing a severe issue right now.”


“I’ll explain about that.”


With a serious expression, Aishira raised her hand.

Elliot lined up the documents and Aishira continued her words.


“I was a little concerned about how the sea fairies have been acting up so I have been investigating since before.”

“The fairies?”

“Yes. Lady Tiararose is also aware of this but I often talk to the sea fairies. At that time, I asked them what they were concerned about.”


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