104 Part 1

The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 104

  1. A little spice in the supposedly peaceful everyday life

After several days, Tiararose and the others returned to Marineforest.

The sweets store plan was under progress with documents being readied; there’s definitely no doubt that it will succeed, seeing how Alan was invested into it.

In the first place, customers would flock in since Tiararose was partly behind it.


By the way, Philiane and Elliot are not officially engaged yet.

It seemed that they will do so after Elliot obtained his noble status… Tiararose thought that they should have gotten married already, but Elliot will probably not go back on his words.

He’s too serious… was what she thought, but she could not say that out loud. Therefore, Tiararose and Aquasteed decided to just look over them.


Tiararose was reading on the sofa in her room, but she closed it and placed it on the table. She stretched her arm out for the black tea and took a deep breath.


“Are you tired, Lady Tiararose?”

“Philiane. That’s right; I’ve been reading the book for so long that my body has become stiff.”


After she said that with a grin, Philiane suggested ‘Why don’t you go for a walk?’

Tiararose thought for a while and decided that it’s better than staying cooped up in the room… and nodded.


“It’s cold outside so I’ll bring some warm feathered clothes.”

“Thank you.”




Philiane did the preparations and they headed out to the garden for a walk.

She has been spending her days so busily that the winter has already reached its end, and spring is about to arrive. The flowers have yet to bloom but it shouldn’t be a while before she’d get to see the colourful petals.


Today, there are no signs of fairies in the garden.


“I wonder if they are resting at home since it is winter.”

“I guess fairies do feel the cold too.”

“That seems to be the case. I guess I will offer them some warm black tea next time.”


Tiararose and Philiane were talking about the fairies, and after that Tiararose shifted the topic to Philiane’s matter.


“So, how is it going on with Elliot?”

“Going on… well there’s nothing. I have made the decision to wait so I have been waiting all along.”


Tiararose made a wry smile, thinking that she’s stubborn too.

However, Philiane looked extremely happy so she’s glad that things were going on smoothly.


“I’m happy right now. It’s not just because I do not have to get married to Lucas, I have received help for my family members too. I’m truly grateful towards Elliot.”


Philiane said that she therefore trusts him and smiled.


-Indeed, Elliot will have to work hard.

After all, it’s for the sake of obtaining Tiararose’s precious attendant. He ought to put in all his effort and make her happy.

She will not forgive him if he does not treat her seriously, and suddenly an image of him popped up in her mind.


“…I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen from now on. If there’s anything troubling you, you definitely have to let me know alright? I have received so much help from Philiane all along, so I’ll repay for that.”

“Yes, Lady Tiararose. If there’s anything, I’ll let you know first before anyone else. However, I don’t think you have to worry much pertaining to Elliot.”

“That’s true…”


The first impression of Elliot was that of a ‘good person’. After so many years, he has not changed a single bit and she’s sure he will continue to be the same in the future too.


They took a leisure stroll in the garden and sounds of slight commotion reached Tiararose’s ears.

It’s the sounds of the maids and knights who work in the castle; she’s worried if there’s any problem.


A look of worry surfaced on Philiane’s face and she decided to check it out, but she stopped and faced Tiararose.


“Let’s return to the room first. If you are concerned about it, I’ll check it out.”

“Alright. I should not become a hindrance to the knights, especially in times of emergency.”


However, before they could return to the room, a voice stopped them.



“Eh, King Saravia!? W-Why are you here…”


It seemed like the knight and maids were trying to stop Saravia, but he nonchalantly entered into the garden.

As expected, there’s no way the knights could forcefully stop the royal family member of another kingdom.


Tiararose gave a wry smile and said ‘all is fine’ to the knights.

She decided to deal with Saravia and requested Philiane to prepare the tea. She also asked one of the knights to call Aquasteed over.


“Please do not trouble the knights of my country, King Saravia.”

”Sorry, I just wanted to see kitty. Also, I’m glad I met you here.”


Saravia smiled as though it was worth going through all the troubles.

The look of mischievous grin caused Tiararose to feel a sense of unsettlement.

Why did he come here? For what purpose? Since he’s the King of another kingdom, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be troublesome… that’s what she thought.


“Let’s first change our location. It’s cold here after all…”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s not this cold in Sandrose so I feel like I’m going to freeze.”


Tiararose gave a wry smile after hearing Saravia’s words and they shifted to the reception room inside the castle.


The room was warm and so comfortable that it makes one forget about the temperature outside.

Saravia sat down on the sofa and drank the black tea, which was served, before heaving a sigh of relief. He looked extremely excited and this only made Tiararose feel uncomfortable.

First of all, she decided to talk about some trivial stuff as she wanted Aquasteed to be there to listen to the important matter.


Tiararose tried to peek at Saravia but unfortunately they ended up looking into each other’s eyes.

Right then, he immediately smiled while looking at her.


“What’s wrong, Kitty? Ah, have you fallen in love with me?”

”That’s wrong. Please do not tease me so much, King Saravia.”

“Eh, wouldn’t that be just fine? It’s not going to be fun if I talk to you formally, you know?

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