The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 44 : Demonized


Black fog floated out from Lin Xiang’s body. He lowered his head, walked slowly to Dusty and hugged her.


Dusty closed her eyes tightly. Her expression showed pain. She wanted to breathe, but every time she did, her chest felt a tearing pain. Cold sweat continued to flow, and blood slid down Lin Xiang’s arm to the ground.


At that time, another blue arrow penetrated the ground and was shooting at Lin Xiang.




“What is she doing? She can’t be shooting that human and Dusty, right?” Reidy was shocked when she saw the ghoul queen’s strange action of shooting arrows at the ground. Thinking of the terrifying penetrating ability of arrows, a chill ran down her spine.


“Master, Dusty,” Silent Water shouted a few times, but there was no response. Normally, Dusty would definitely be able to hear Silent Water’s call and appear.


“Boom!” After Lin Xiang went underground, the ghoul king made Kaoru his target.


Although Lin Xiang was not strong just now, the ghoul king could not hit him, which made him very furious. He could not wait to use his sword to slash the creatures.


No matter how Kaoru thought about it, it was impossible for her to confront the ghoul king head-on. She kept dodging and dodging. She was almost blocked by ghoul soldiers several times. Eventually, she was hit by the ghoul king and lost her weapon.


Satsuki and Nagisa were in a hard fight. Their magic power was almost fully consumed. Without Dusty, the ghouls on fire would still rush over. The fog magic released by Kamiki had little effect. Fortunately, Fire Lotus was not too indifferent at that time. She helped the rest of the girls, so they would avoid being approached by ghouls.


“Howl!!!” The ghoul king let out a deafening roar, which made Kaoru froze due to the headache. The ghoul king’s long sword also greeted her at that time.


Is the lowly I going to end like this?


That thought flashed through Kaoru’s mind.


“Bang!” The ground exploded, and there was a trace of ice shards in the air, which silently fell on Kaoru’s face, giving off a cool feeling.


A figure stood in front of her, and the light blue katana collided with the red long sword.


“Hmm!” The ghoul king took a few steps back. His nose snorted as he stared at Lin Xiang, who was emitting black energy from his entire body with a sword in one hand and Dusty in the other.


“Howl!!!” The ghoul queen yelled when she saw Lin Xiang. She was expressing something: You are no longer qualified to challenge the king.


Pulling out an arrow and aiming it at Lin Xiang, with a whoosh, the blue arrow was shot out.


With a wave of the cold sword, a faint icy mist was emitted, and the blue arrow was cut through the middle and fell to the ground.


“Howl!!!” Upon seeing that, the ghoul queen sent four arrows at the same time, and the four arrows separated immediately after they were sent out, attacking from the front, above, and from both sides.


Lin Xiang raised his head. His face was expressionless, his black eyes were now white, and his red eyes were like a demon’s, which made people feel chilling.


Holding the cold sword and turning it around, the black fog burst out, and the four arrows that hit it immediately turned into crumbs.


Lin Xiang looked at the ghoul queen coldly and raised his sword. The cold mist on it and the darkness perfectly blended together, emitting a dark blue light. Just like charging it with electricity, the light became brighter.


Slashing hard against the atmosphere, the dark blue sword’s afterimage whistled, leaving traces of flying sand and rocks on the ground wherever it went.


“Howl!!!” The ghoul king stood in front of sword and blocked it with his. “Hhong!” There was an explosion.


Lin Xiang put down Dusty in his arms. The arrow on her body had been pulled out, and the wound was glowing with white light, constantly healing her.


“Master… Are you Master…” Silent Water ran over to take Dusty, and asked Lin Xiang nervously. Those emotionless eyes, like a sharp sword to the heart, make her difficult to breathe. The demonic shadow behind him was also very ghostly, like he was possessed by a demon god.


Lin Xiang did not speak. He just patted Silent Water’s head and turned to face the smoke that was spreading after the explosion.


He was her master. No matter how he looked, he was still her master.


Silent Water had that feeling. Although Lin Xiang became terrifying, she could feel the warmth in Lin Xiang’s hands. She looked at Lin Xiang’s back, and the haze in her heart disappeared.


After the smoke and dust became thin, a burst of red light flashed, and the ghoul king appeared in front of everyone again.


His hair, now replaced by red flames, exhaled a hot breath. The long sword burned, making the king look like a flame warrior.


Lin Xiang shook his shoulders. Yielding his cold sword that blended with the black tightly, he rushed up.



“Is the demon race going to replace Lin Xiang’s body…” Angie looked at Lin Xiang who was on a par with the ghoul king not far away, and placed her hands on her chest, looking very worried.


Satsuki and Nagisa had no magic power left, but there were several ghouls to deal with. With Silent Water’s request, they came to Angie’s side.


“What happened to Dusty?” Reidy lightly combed Dusty’s wet hair due to sweat.


“This light is amazing. It is healing Dusty’s wound. At least, Dusty is not in danger now.” Silent Water made a water bed and put Dusty on it.


“Really? That’s great.” Reidy glanced at Fire Lotus, and only Dusty could let Fire Lotus approach her willingly with a worried expression.


“What’s wrong with Xiang? The shadow behind him… He can’t be possessed by a demon, right?”


“Lin Xiang…” Nagisa also looked at Lin Xiang nervously, what should they do if Lin Xiang was really possessed by a demon?


“Impossible, Young Master is fighting against demons. He is using a sword designed to kill demons to fight against demons.”


Kamiki smiled, “No matter what, he’s so cool, isn’t he? His bloody nature was inspired.”


“Clank, clank, clank,” Lin Xiang continued to carry out violent attacks while the ghoul king was hit several times that he retreated repeatedly. The situation was completely opposite to the previous situation.


As soon as the ghoul queen pulled out her arrow and aimed at Lin Xiang, she was growled at by the ghoul king, which meant that she was not allowed to intervene. That was a battle between warriors.


Pushing the ghoul king aside, Lin Xiang stepped back with his left foot. The cold sword moved to the side of his body “Whoosh.” A thick sword beam cut through the air and hit the ghoul king’s armor, sending out a burst of sparks.


“Crank, crack. Thud.” The incomparably hard armor burst instantly.


“That’s!” Kaoru was stirred up emotions. Experts watched the skills, while amateurs enjoyed the fun. Satsuki and the others were on cloud nine to see Lin Xiang smashing the armor of the ghoul king, but that was only superficial. What Kaoru saw was that Lin Xiang slashed at the same place at least ten times in an instant. Kaoru could not imagine how difficult it was to do that.


“Howl!!!” The armor was smashed, and the ghoul king became angrier. The flames on his head became more vigorous. He stepped forward, using the sword as a stick, he kept sweeping forward.


Lin Xiang dodged to the left and right. Seeing the opportunity, he swooped over and stabbed the sword into the ghoul king’s chest.


“Hmm…” The ghoul king took two steps back, looked at the wound with ice flowers, pointed at Lin Xiang with his sword, and fell backwards. The flames on his head and the light in his eyes dimmed.


“Ho.” Seeing that, the ghoul queen quickly pulled out an arrow, but Lin Xiang approached her with a burst of sword energy.


“Crack.” The bow broke, and a black scar was printed on the body of the ghoul queen. There was no blood flowing. Before she fell, she glanced at the cloaked demon behind her.


Lin Xiang turned into an afterimage, and what faced the cloaked demon was a sword.


The unpleasant feeling of hitting the air appeared. The cloaked demon stood in the distance. It shook its head at Lin Xiang. Soon, a black magic circle appeared under its feet, and its body slowly sank. The surrounding ghouls also became transparent, and then disappeared, showing no trace.


It escaped. That guy is definitely not a simple one. Boy, save that Big Sister Angel first.


On the other side, Nicia had been cornered. Behind her were highly-stacked containers. She was surrounded by dead bodies of ordinary people and she had no strength to attack, let alone fly.


“Die…” The big creature raised its axe high while Nicia stared at it. Out of the blue, she saw a dark shadow rushing in front of her.


“Duang!” Sparks flew everywhere. The big creature tilted its head to look at Lin Xiang who was as small as an ant, and moved its other hand to give Lin Xiang a slap.


The shadow behind Lin Xiang moved, and a big hand grabbed the big creature’s wrist. The two were deadlocked.


This thing is so powerful!’ Yalide clicked her tongue.


Lin Xiang could feel that the big creature was pressing himself down hard. Looking at its thighs that were thicker than Lin Xiang’s entire body, Lin Xiang took a deep breath, “Hooo— Haggeli!”


The energy group hit the big creature’s knee, immediately causing it to lose balance. Nicia had already retreated, and Lin Xiang stabbed the cold sword into its waist at the moment when the big creature fell.


Hard! That was Lin Xiang’s first feeling when the cold sword had only penetrated less than one-tenth of the depth.


“Boom!” The big creature fell to the ground. Lin Xiang withdrew his sword, jumped high, and stabbed it in the back.


“Yow!!!!” The big creature growled and got up from the ground, shaking constantly. Lin Xiang grabbed the handle of the sword, but the big creature was too strong, and the sword was not pierced deep enough. He was shaken off the creature’s back. After adjusting himself whilst in the air, Lin Xiang fell steadily to the ground.


“Why are you fighting against us!!! Are you not from our side!!!” The big man yelled at Lin Xiang with angst, drool flew everywhere.


Yalide could not hear the big creature, ‘Why is it so impatient to die? Hmm… That thing has such thick skin. Half of the demonized energy has been used up until now. Why don’t we use that trick to deal with him?


“What trick.” Lin Xiang’s tone was very cold, without a trace of emotion, making him feel like he had a second personality.


It’s a very powerful move. It’s rare that you can summon the cold sword over here, but don’t be sorry for the audience. Now, just follow my instructions.


Seeing that Lin Xiang ignored it, the big creature’s axe swung over.


Lin Xiang kept a distance from the big creature. The black fog on his body suddenly got denser and soared in the air. The cold sword shone with light, the blue veins on his arms protruded, and he swung the cold sword brutally.


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