The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 43 : Ghoul King, Ghoul Queen


“They can’t be the king and queen from somewhere, right?” Satsuki guessed the identities of the two ghouls in front of her.


“It seems so. The other mummified corpses should be their guards or something.” Kamiki just finished speaking when the conscious ghouls all knelt in front of them, confirming her statement.


“Ho~” The ghoul king wearing the crown opened his eyes, red light emanated from them. He was more than two meters tall, and the armour on his body was majestic. There were some runes on the sword, which were red light that flowed around the sword. It looked like the sword was shining.


The ghoul queen also opened her eyes that emitted blue light. The same blue rune was flowing around the bow and arrows as well.


“Howl!!!” When the ghoul king saw Lin Xiang and the fallen ghouls, he let out a roar that shook eardrums.


The kneeling ghouls stood up one after another with their weapons in hand. Like fearless warriors, they charged towards Lin Xiang and the others, not being afraid of death.


“Ho!” The ghoul queen also gave her command, and the archers gathered together to fire arrows one by one.


“Everyone, be careful.” Lin Xiang picked up an old iron sword on the ground and made a fighting stance. The battle had begun again.


Obviously, Satsuki and the others knew how to keep a distance from the ghouls. Since the flying arrows would be blocked by Silent Water, they would not be distracted so easily. It would be a great disadvantage for the ghouls who could not use their spiritual power to fight them, because they could not get close. Even if they could get nearer, Kaoru and Lin Xiang would come forward to exterminate them.


The number of ghouls kept dwindling.


“Roar!!!” Seeing his subordinates being killed, the ghoul king rushed up with his sword in hand.


“Lightning!” The golden lightning struck him, and the ghoul king just paused, but quickly resumed action.


“Such thick skin,” Reidy summoned several lightning again. That time, the number of falling lightning was bigger than the previous ones, with louder noise and vigorousness.


“Whoosh~” Out of the blue, a blue light cut through the air, slashing through the golden lightning snake and flying straight towards Reidy.


Reidy fixed her eyes to see that it was an arrow.


Silent Water released a water shield to block in front of Reidy, but as soon as the blue light on the arrow touched the water shield, the water shield turned into ice and was penetrated like cutting through tofu.


Reidy immediately released the electric wall to block what’s in front of her, and the arrow hit it, fighting against the electric wall as if it had conscious of its own.


“Tsk!” Reidy gritted her teeth and supported the electric wall, a tiny drop of sweat dripping from her forehead. She continued to increase its strength, but to her surprise, the electric wall began to freeze, and it was broken through with a snap.


It froze my electricity? Reidy’s eyes were filled with disbelief.


Turning sideways just in time, the arrow rubbed Reidy’s arm and sank deeply into the container behind her.


Blood slowly flowed out, and a bloodstain appeared on Reidy’s sleeve.


“Reidy! Are you alright?!” Silent Water did not expect that the arrow was so sharp.


“I’m fine!” Reidy looked at the wound.


There was no freezing feeling. Was the arrow’s function to freeze elements? Reidy, who was standing on the container, looked condescendingly at the ghoul queen whose eyes glowed blue.


There seemed to be a strange smile on the face of the ghoul queen.




“Young Master, be careful!” Kaoru fended off the ghoul who was about to attack Lin Xiang from behind.


“Thank you, Senior Kaoru.” Lin Xiang looked at the tall ghoul king in front of him and clenched his sword.


The ghoul king raised his long sword and slashed down with red light.


“Bang!” The ground shattered and flames were ignited. The ghoul king did not stop after hitting the air as he grabbed the sword and continue slamming it towards Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang resisted with the iron sword. With a “clack”, the iron sword was broken by its waist, and in the next second, Lin Xiang’s waist would be next.


Black gas floated out, and Lin Xiang sent out a big hand of black fog, which was worthy of blocking the attack. He could not push away the sword of the ghoul king, which showed the king’s domineering power. Lin Xiang jumped back decisively and kept a distance from the ghoul king. He found that the iron sword that was broken in half was burning in flames. Soon, the iron sword was burned into molten iron.


Was the sword an elemental weapon? Lin Xiang remembered Freed saying that a battle technician could attach spiritual power to weapons to increase elemental attributes. Meanwhile, some weapons could have elemental attributes without being attached with spiritual power. Such weapons were called elemental weapons. Just like the cold sword that Lin Xiang put on the cabinet at the entrance.


Lin Xiang did not think his fist would be sturdier than the ghoul king’s long sword. There were many weapons left by ghouls on the ground. He picked up a sword that looked stronger and attached black flames to continue attacking the ghoul king.


The ghoul king was powerful, and the sword he used was unordinary. After Lin Xiang’s sword blocked five slashes, it broke.


After retreating several distances, Lin Xiang changed a sword and watched the ghoul king approach as he made use of the Hundred Slash technique.


“Swish—” Three black sword beams flashed, hitting the ghoul king’s chest. With three sounds, “Duang, duang, duang,” the ghoul king took two steps back. The originally hard-to-slash armour now had three faint traces.


The sword in his hand was broken again, but it was impossible for Lin Xiang to let go of the ghoul king’s chance to straighten up, “Hooo— Feiya!”


The black flame instantly enveloped the ghoul king.


“Did it work?” Lin Xiang panted. Looking at the sea of ​​fire in front of him, the figure of the ghoul king could not be seen clearly in the black flames.


“Fuu~” Creating an air current, a figure rushed out, and the smoking ghoul king raised his sword, slashing heavily at Lin Xiang.


“Bang!” In face of the ghoul king’s long sword, the floor was crackling, while dirt and rocks flew everywhere. Lin Xiang stepped back again and again whilst being chased down by the ghoul king.


“Hooo— Haggeli!” The Dragon Roar of Madness hit the ghoul king, but the roar only made the king shake his body, clearly no effect of getting knocked upwards or knocking backwards. Instead, it angered him and made him attack more violently.


Silent Water wanted to help Lin Xiang, but a pair of eyes was fixed on her. It seemed that as long as she moved, the sharp blue arrow would fly towards her.


The ghoul queen stood there, like a bystander. She did not care about how the soldiers fought. Whether they died or not, she just stood there, watching everyone’s movements, not letting anyone interfering her king.


Kaoru pushed a ghoul away. Seeing that Lin Xiang had no weapons, she threw the steel sword she was using to him, “Young Master!”


“Clang!” With sparks flying everywhere, Lin Xiang took the sword and immediately blocked the ghoul king’s sword.


The ghoul king was much taller than Lin Xiang, and the sword he used was also wider. With his height and strength, the ghoul king slowly pushed Lin Xiang downwards. His red eyes reflected Lin Xiang’s appearance, and a faint smile formed on his lips.


Lin Xiang held the sword with both hands, and the blue veins on his arms and forehead burst out. He tried to push it up, but it was pushed down little by little, and cracks began to appear on the blade.


‘Freed, does the holy flame work for this guy?’


No, he is an undead creature and cannot be removed or purified unless there’s demonic energy. If you want to defeat them, kill their manipulator. Then, their souls will be at peace.


‘Ugh… Your explanation is indeed clear, but I’m not going to make it.’


The cracks on the sword were increasing.


Silent Water could no longer stay put and do nothing. She released a sharp ice pick at the head of the ghoul king. The same was true for Reidy. She looked at the ghoul queen and summoned a thunderbolt. A golden thunderbolt rushed down, “Two attacks in different directions. Let’s see how you break them.”


Quickly pulling out two arrows, the ghoul queen placed them on the string at the same time…


“Whoosh!” Two blue light beams interrupted Silent Water and Reidy’s attacks with great precision.


“What?” While Silent Water and Reidy were surprised, the ghoul queen pulled out two arrows again, aiming at the space between Silent Water and Reidy before releasing the string of the bow.


As if having spiritual energy, the two arrows that cut through the air flew towards Silent Water and Reidy.


Reidy and Silent Water did not do anything to block and immediately dodged.



“Crack!” Nicia hit the big creature with another light whip. Black blood flowed from his face, and its chest was full of wounds. It looked very terrifying, as if it had been tortured, but it actually only got injuries on its skin and fur.


Nicia panted. That big man was simply the nemesis of angels, because light did not have much effect on it, and its defence was very strong.


If it was during the day and Nicia was at the peak of her energy, then she would definitely be able to handle that big one. However, she was powerless at that moment.


Every one of the demon race had its own weaknesses, and Nicia hoped to find them at that point, but the big creature seemed to be absolutely defensive, not making a move.


Suddenly, an abnormal feeling emerged in Nicia’s heart. She turned around abruptly to see a ghoul coming at her with a knife.


Oh no!


Nicia had no time to defend or dodge.


A white laser of light appeared in time and hit the ghoul’s body, but the laser was very weak, so it just made the ghoul shift its direction. Fortunately, the ghoul missed its target.


The big creature behind her was incoming with an axe, and Nicia turned sideways to dodge it. The sneak-attacking ghoul from just now was split in two by the axe.


Looking at pale-faced Angie in the distance, Nicia nodded to her, and soon fought the big creature again.



The sword in his hand reached its limit, because it could be seen that it was about to shatter.  The ground suddenly sank, Lin Xiang fell, and a soft body grabbed him from behind, allowing him to stabilize his body.


“Bang!” A loud noise came from above his head, causing Lin Xiang’s ears to ring in pain. Needless to say, it was caused by the ghoul king that was hitting the ground.


“Master! Are you okay?” Dusty’s voice came from behind.


“I’m fine, Dusty. You helped big time.” Lin Xiang patted Dusty’s head, and Dusty’s signature smirk immediately appeared on her face, “Tee hee, it’s great to help Master.”


At the same time, on the ground, when the ghoul king saw that Lin Xiang was gone, he raised his head to the sky and screamed in fury.


The ghoul queen looked at the floor with her blue light eyes, and drew an arrow…


“Dusty, let’s hurry up and get up there.” Lin Xiang looked around.


“Don’t worry, Master, it’s very safe undergrou…”


Boy, be careful!’ Freed yelled suddenly.


When Lin Xiang did not understand what was going on, “Whoosh!” A blue light penetrated the hard soil, wiped pass Lin Xiang’s cheek and flew to his back.


Lin Xiang turned his head slowly, Dusty was still standing there. She stared blankly at the arrow that was half-immersed in her chest, and the bloodstain on her cloth was getting bigger. She took a few steps back, her mouth twitched, as if she wanted to call out to her master, but she collapsed weakly.


“Dusty!!!” Lin Xiang’s pupils suddenly expanded, his hair turned black, and black matter began to invade the whites of his eyes…


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