151 Part 2


“Yes, I’m all right.”



I was going to say that families worked it out but stopped when I remembered Noah’s situation. I smiled again, and Noah slowly changed into his dragon form.


-However, Hunter Yoohyun Han’s worry for you is real. So, it really is all right then?

“Of course, my brother’s dependable.”


Noah circled twice above our heads and flew away.


“Why are you so tense when there wasn’t much trouble?”


Things had been comparatively uneventful, as we only stopped Riette and Soyoung Kang from going out on a drive. An arm made me turn behind, and my brother’s face looked hazy like a picture doused in water.


“How can you say that? You said your fear resistance levels are low.”


Yoohyun spoke like he really could not understand, and I had to agree that normal people would consider today a chaotic one.


“I still have a C class, which would be enough for everyday fear.”


I probably could wave at a tiger that opened its mouth at me, since a C class monster was stronger. Of course, fear could not be classified into levels since people feared different things. There might be people who did not fear tigers without a fear resistance skill but would need a C class to walk past a spider calmly.

Also, I was used to scenes like this today since the world was also hostile to lower class hunters. If I was not injured, that meant things had gone well.


“I’m really-“

“Stop saying that you’re all right. You can’t see well but came out anyway despite this being a problem that could have been solved without you.”

“Riette would have ambushed the detention center in which the former director is in.”

“Even if that happened, you don’t need to be responsible for that or any others. Why can’t you ignore these things?”

“…Because I hadn’t been able to do anything.”


I had let go of enough things, a lot of them. I could see my face clearly even when I closed my eyes, and I canceled the teacher’s skill because the sight gave me chills.


“You also did more than you can.”


I spoke to him while trying to calm myself.


“You’re only twenty.”


He had been twenty-five and crazy. Yoohyun had been the one to begin a self-sacrificing streak, and now he was asking about responsibility. He had given his life and went over his head, and took on every burden he could.



“No, I’ll try not to make you anxious.”


Yoohyun did not know it now, since he did not do it and would not do it. I would not let it happen.


“I don’t want that.”


“You’re trying to do everything by yourself no matter what I say. What did you say just now? You say that you’ll try not to make me anxious? You’re deciding things on yourself again.”


However, you had and your scale had been bigger too. I did not speak out since it had not been Yoohyun in front of me who had done it, as he had only just started. He closed his mouth, and I could guess his expression.


“You’re going to the Sesung Guild, right?”

“Yes, Ms. Soyoung Kang asked me that favor, too.”

“Let’s go.”


Yoohyun stepped forward before coming back to me.


“Be careful. The ground is all messed up.”


While his voice was still angry, his hand was gentle as it grabbed my arm.




Since Sesung had not finished the S class dungeon conquest, Hyunjae Sung was said to be unavailable to the public.


“Is it all right for someone who should be in a dungeon to come out to the rooftop garden? I heard that reporters flew nowadays.”

“My shooting skills are adequate.”


Hyunjae Sung spoke as he enjoyed a relaxing teatime amidst scenery that looked like a picture of a green summer forest.


“Don’t worry, since I won’t let them get away. You’re sweet to think of that.”

“Sweet? Are you confessing that you have shot in the city? I should call the police.”

“Are your eyes the same?”


Hyunjae Sung had come near me to look down on my eyes. I was even more surprised when he grabbed and lifted me up.


“You lost weight. Yoohyun’s  management skills must have been low.”

“I don’t see it as staying home. Rather than resting, he’s raising monsters almost all day long.”


My brother and Hyunjae Sung treated me like they had brought a pet to an animal hospital. I know because I had worked part-time in one. A doctor would look over at me, converse with the owner, weigh the patient, and lift him on the table to feed medicine or give a shot.

Hyunjae Sung sat me down on the table, and the tea smelled nice. I would not take medicine and would refuse a shot, but I would not bite like a dog.


“So…take care of him for a while.”


My brother spoke nonsense, and Hyunjae Sung also looked surprised. I needed glasses.


“What do you mean, take care? Am I a pet? I have to take care of Mr. Noah!”

“It’s only for a short while. Everyone has noticed the fact you have health problems. Since you don’t rest at home nor listen to me, stay here since I’m going to act as Minyui Kim now. I’ll send the chick to you.”
“Hey, are you going to bury Hunter Minyui Kim for good?!”


His image had already been improved too much. My brother ignored me and held out a contract.


“I’ll think this is for the auction ticket I passed on to you in March.”

“I can’t take compensation for taking care of my item.”

“He’s mine.”


I had said I would hand myself over to him if I were an item, but Yoohyun was too confident. I still had rights as a human being, you know. The two did not listen to a word I said and set a specific contract, and my brother went after saying to wait still. What was going on!


“Will you have some sweets?”



Please pull back before I bite.



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