151 Part 1

S Classes that I Raised Chapter 151: I was Assigned (3)


Riette was restrained again, and Soyoung Kang was issued a summons. While Riette had been the main cause behind the mayhem, this was the difference between foreigners and domestics. The government was always lenient to their high-class hunters.


“I’ll visit you!”


Soyoung Kang shouted as she waved her summons document in the air. She then looked sadly at her trampled bicycle and walked on saying that she would need to catch a taxi. Taewon Song looked back at me after putting the jewel snake in a transporting cage.


“First, thank you for your cooperation. I apologize and will make sure this does not happen again.”


Taewon Song apologized for the hunter from the Management Office calling me here.


“No, I want to help if I can. Also, Riette and Mr. Noah’s fight is legal, right? Since they are not Korean hunters, and the fight will be held in a dungeon.

“Yes, there’s no problem with that. You understand it well.”


Nations did not welcome private fights between high-class hunters, and they were forbidden because fights might injure the hunters, who were valuable assets. Of course, just because it was illegal did not mean that people stuck to the rules.


“I would appreciate you notifying me of the time and place for emergencies.”

“Of course. Is the Hunter Association still hectic?”


Since only four days passed after the incident, it would take a long time for them to stabilize after the upper officials were freshly replaced.


“…I saw some familiar faces.”


Taewon Song hesitated before speaking. Since they were former Association members, Taewon Song would have worked with them and probably received better cooperation.


“Familiarity is a good thing, isn’t it?”


Taewon Song silently nodded and looked behind me at Yoohyun, and I felt their gazes meet due to my linked sense.


“Will you be alright?”


“It will be dangerous-“

“How about going now since you’re busy, Director Song.”

Yoohyun spoke as he approached me.


“I’ll take care of my brother.”


I felt Yoohyun’s hand on my shoulder, and his grasp was a bit painful. He was angry, despite me not making any risky moves.


“I’m all right, Director Song. You can go.”


My brother would not do me in just because he was angry. Taewon Song’s brow furrowed, but he turned back because he really was busy. All hunters in the dungeon came out, and the injured were treated, and Taewon Song went away with them. Everyone disappeared in waves, and now everything was barren.


“About my sister…I still don’t want to inconvenience you.”


Noah had been deep in thought and now stared at Yoohyun and me.


“I think the right thing to do is take care of this on my own. Of course, I will never be able to win against my sister, but having your help is not my own strength. If I win with strength, not my own, I still won’t be any different even if I defeat her. I’m still the person I was in the past.”

While I appreciate your help…and Noah’s voice faltered down as he glanced at me. Since it was his affair, he should be more confident.


“I’m not going to force you to do anything if you don’t feel like it. You don’t have to fight. Actually, I feel sorry that I had picked a fight with Riette so rashly.”

“No, I didn’t mean that.”

“However, I believe my help is part of your strength since the reason I want to help you is my own will to do so.”


I did not need to interfere with Noah and Riette, and it might be more advantageous for me to leave Noah as he is now. If Noah continued to depend on me, scared of his sister, I could manipulate him more easily. Noah was huddling in a cage because he was scared of the hawk outside and might fly away when he found the courage to fight against the bird. However, nonetheless, I wanted to help Noah.


“I would have stayed impassive if it was anyone else. Why would I pick a fight with Riette? She’s scary. However, I did so because it was you. You made me want to do something, and that’s your strength.”

“Is it?”

“Of course, You were the one who had helped me and showed goodwill, and you did that by your own will. My help is the result of what you did, so it’s yours.”

“Mr. Yoojin.”

“You have to decide whether to accept my help or not, and I’ll follow whatever your choice is.”


I do believe that Noah needed to experience a win against Riette at least once. However, him refusing my help would be growth, since wanting to stand on his own two feet in front of his deepest fear meant that Noah was less scared of Riette than he had been before. So, I would let Noah decide.


“I want to try.”


Noah smiled shyly but brightly.


“However, I don’t want you to tire yourself. I’m fine with losing.”

“However, winning is better.”



I felt proud at Noah nodding his head without any hesitation. Then, it might be better to help as little as I could. The problem was that Noah had too few attack skills, and since the siblings would know each other’s skills well, I would need to think about it more after hearing about Riette’s battle style from Noah.


“Then, please go back first. I have somewhere else to visit, and since Riette has been restrained again, she will not be able to come to the breeding facilities.”

“Will you be all right, Mr. Yoojin?”


Noah looked behind me with worried eyes, and I could not see Yoohyun’s face since I had canceled the teacher’s skill I had cast on Noah to lessen the burden. Taewon Song and Noah both seemed to think there was a problem.

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