150 Part 2

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“Mr. Noah!”


Yoohyun’s arm grabbed me as I started to run to Noah in reflex. I heard the growl of a dragon as Yoohyun said that the situation was dangerous at the same time. A black-scaled hand grabbed a golden wing.

Noah’s body crashed with a thud, and Riette revealed her teeth like a puma ambushing a hawk as she twisted her brother’s wings and neck.


“My brother, you’ve become cuter since the last time I saw you.”



While Noah tried to swing his tail at Riette, she only needed a kick to keep him at bay. Noah’s claws scratched the ground, and Riette put more force behind her hands as she twisted his body.


“Hey, Riette! Let go of me, Yoohyun!”

“What will you do? Stay still. She would have already finished if she wanted to kill him, so don’t worry.”


How could I not?! However, I could not make him let go of me, and it was Soyoung Kang who moved after seeing the sight with wide eyes. I saw a curved blade in her hand. There was no handle, and it looked like a boomerang with a shiny blade on the outer rim. The side without the edges span once on her hand, and her arm moved to swing the blade at Riette. Since the entire thing was a blade, touching it would mean being cut up.

However, Riette’s scales held the blade without a scratch, and Noah fluttered his freed wings. Riette let go of Noah’s neck and stepped back at the dragon’s rough movements.


“Sweetie, are you taking my brother’s side?”

“I came here to help Mr. Noah out from the first place.”


Soyoung Kang spoke with composure, and I could not help but think that her methods had been haywire.


“Mr. Noah, come here!”


Since I could not go to him, I had to call him to come to me. Noah hesitated for a moment before changing into human form to stand next to me. Since Yoohyun was here and Taewon Song was only a few steps away, Riette would not be able to attack him so easily.

Riette glanced at Noah, who was healing the marks on his neck, before staring at Soyoung Kang.


“So, do you like Noah more than me?”

“No, you’re the best!”


“But I like Mr. Noah and Comet, too.”

“You’re greedy.”


She was greedier than I had expected since she was not satisfied with having one high-class dragon.


“Is that wrong?”


Soyoung Kang opened her eyes wide, and I could see the heat behind her eyes that did not suit their dark blue color.


“I like strong and beautiful dragons, and I want to have them all.”

“You’ll become ill. You should only grab what you can take.”

“I don’t care. I would rather die for having too much than letting go of anything.”


I could see her greed on her face and in her voice. While her logic was forced, Soyoung Kang was confident. Everyone would agree she was asking for too much. If Soyoung Kang did not have the rider skill, she would have been unable to have Comet, which would grow to an S class dragon. However, she was saying that she even wanted Noah and Riette, who were S class hunters with red-hot desire.


Riette narrowed her golden eyes and laughed out loud before hugging Soyoung Kang.


“You’re really cute!”


Riette roughly stroked hair similar to her eyes in color.


“You’re trying to take what you can’t control. Sweetie, you’ll die for it.”

“I don’t care!”

“Yes, yes. However, you can’t have us all.”


Riette tapped Soyoung Kang’s stomach as she spoke.


“Do you want me to make you an S class?”

“Really? Of-“



Noah shouted in astonishment, and I felt the same. That woman was going to swallow another one whole!


“My sister is too dangerous!”

“Yes, Ms. Soyoung. You belong to Sesung and should have his permission first!”

“Wouldn’t he agree? It would be better to be an S class.”


Soyoung Kang tilted her head in Riette’s arms, and Noah growled like he was in dragon form. His narrowed eyes were fierce, unlike his usual self.


“Let go of Hunter Soyoung Kang, sister.”

“How about taking her away from me, brother?”

“Oh, my heart skipped a beat. I could get used to this.”


Soyoung Kang’s cheeks flushed in happiness, and she was far gone enough to enjoy the fact she was stuck between two dragons. Noah was serious, unlike Soyoung Kang, but he only fisted his hands as he could not rush at his sister. The reality was too harsh.

Noah had initially been an A class supporter while Riette was born an S class attacker. While they were of the same race, they were too far apart in strength.


“Mr. Noah.”


I reached out and grabbed Noah’s arm, and his shoulders sagged from letting go of the tension and excitement. I could see his eyes were watery as he looked back at me, and he must be furious.


“I also want to fight against my sister without running away.”

“I know.”


While Noah was terrified of Riette, he had protected me in front of Yoohyun and had tried to take Soyoung Kang away because he wanted to face Riette head on. While he knew more than anyone else that he was weaker than Riette, Noah had not given up yet.


“Then, do you want to try?”


“Wait, hyung.”


Yoohyun frowned as he put more power in the arm holding me, as he must have noticed that I was about to share my doubling effect on Noah.



“Mr. Noah won’t have problems.”

“Still, no. Are you really going to keep going like this?”

“Just this once. We are indebted to Mr. Noah, you know.”


I consoled my brother as I turned my eyes to Riette, even though I could not see clearly with my eyes.


“Riette, how about going face to face with Noah? I’ll give him a buff skill since there’s too much of a gap between you two.”

“Will you?”

“If you win, I won’t interfere with what happens with you and Ms. Soyoung Kang, and I’ll even help you convince the Sesung Guild leader.”

“Mr. Yoojin! I can’t win against my sister!”


“Let’s try first. Trust me.”
“All right, darling! Should we start now?”

“No. I need to make preparations, and I’ll notify you of the date.”

“I can’t wait long.”


Riette smiled confidently, thinking Noah would not be able to win even with some serious buff skills. However, I would make Noah the victor of this sibling fight.


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