150 Part 1

S Classes that I Raised Chapter 150: Dragon Siblings (3)


-Mr. Government Official, isn’t it cheating to threaten me with my pet? You’re a civil servant!

“I’m asking you to act sensibly.”


While Taewon Song held a monster prisoner, a request to stop causing damage to the city could hardly be called a threat. Riette growled, and the jewel snake bit into Taewon Song’s hand in response. While shiny liquid that looked like poison splattered from its teeth, his black shadow nullified it all. The small snake twisted its body in anger, and it looked like it had a strong personality like its owner.


“Um, will this be reported to the guild?”


Soyoung Kang slid quietly from Riette like someone who had been caught drunk driving. She seemed to have realized that she had gone too far.



“I mean, we hadn’t done much yet.”


Taewon Song’s eyes looked over the ruined dungeon building and the shattered ground. The paved roads and precast pavers had disappeared without a trace. Soyoung Kang frowned at Taewon Song’s quiet but firm gaze. While Riette had been the main reason, Soyoung Kang was responsible for Riette’s transformation.


“Director Song, can you help me out for once? I might not receive equipment auction tickets if I receive any minus reports, since I have too many speeding tickets this month already! I have to get equipment for Comet!”



Taewon Song was firm, and I realized how important this guy was. Who would be able to enforce the law to an A class attacker if not him, and also to an S class? I mean, grabbing an S class hunter’s pet and flashing it in front of her could not be done by anyone. Riette had been in her dragon form that was adorned with thorns and scales like armor. An ordinary individual would not be able to say a word.


‘There had been countries where an S class hunter had been a king.’


If a small country had only one S class hunter, the individual could not be controlled or replaced. It would be a difficult task to bring a free hunter in this dungeon saturation state.


“Mr. Yoojin Han!”


Soyoung Kang targeted me to know after being blocked by Taewon Song. She walked up to me after I had got down from Noah’s back to a safe place due to a lowered fear resistance and looked up at me with desperate blue eyes.


“Can’t you put in a word for me to the Guild leader?”


“You’re close to him, and I really need that auction ticket! Hyuna has her eyes on that equipment, and I can’t buy it even if I had the money since her priority rankings are higher than me. It’s an S class equipment for a riding beast, and S class equipment is prioritized to S class hunters. So I need the Guild leader’s auction ticket!”


An S class equipment for a riding beast? Yoohyun would need it, and Soyoung Kang added a word the moment the thought passed my mind.


“It’s good for flying-type monsters.”


So, that was why Hyuna Moon was after it since I hinted at assigning her Blue.


“I’m not close, and how about asking him directly?’

“He does not look over minus points regarding public image management. The only exception is him.”


Soyoung Kang looked sullen. So, he was the exception. One thing that large-sized domestic guilds paid the most attention to was the public image management of its high-class hunters. Them causing trouble outside dungeons rather than inside them was more challenging to control and might become an exploitable weakness.


“Then I won’t be of much help. I’m not close to him.”

“Yes, you are. Please, just once! I’ll help you out whenever you need me! You can ask me to clean!”


Why cleaning? Does she hate it?

“Stop there, Hunter Soyoung Kang.”


Yoohyun spoke coldly as he came up next to me. He was like ice, and perhaps the rumors I heard before the return might have been false. Or was it because he was Minyui Kim now? Being friendly as someone else would make things difficult, and being cold would be the right answer now.


“I’ll put in a word.”

I smiled at a despondent Soyoung Kang, since making her indebted to me would pay off when I considered her skill.


“Don’t be expectant.”

“Thank you!”


Soyoung Kang bowed with a bright smile as if her problem was solved already. I had said not to be expectant.


“Why are you listening to her whines?”


Yoohyun spoke in a whisper.


“Being involved in another guild’s affairs will not have good results.”

“I’m only going to be a messenger and take credit.”


Hyunjae Sung would not agree to it if he had any sense anyway. Riette came back to her human form, and her glare sent chills down my spine. However, Taewon Song did not move a muscle, since sadly, he would have been used to this kind of situation.


“How about fighting after you let go of Velare?”

“I’ll force you out of this country if you cause any more trouble.”

“You’re touchy.”


Riette laughed sharply, and while her face said she wanted to rush as Taewon Song, she did not move for the jewel snake’s safety. She must care for that snake more than I had thought, but what use did she have for the beast since she did not need one to ride one?


‘What characteristics did a jewel snake have?’


It had not been seen in domestic dungeons, and I thought I had seen one on a TV special for beautiful beasts.


“Hey, Pebble.”


Riette crooked her neck and looked up to Noah, who was flying above in his dragon form. Noah raised his scales behind his neck, and his pale gray eyes rolled in tension.


“I’m amazed that you gave a monster I’m raising to someone else. I had only told you where I hid it just in case.”

-…You told me so I can raise it instead.


Noah replied, even as he shuddered.


-You’re too aggressive. You didn’t even listen as Mr. Yoojin Han tried to stop you.

“What’s with this sudden nonsense? I have been like this all my life.

-Being used to you does not mean I like your actions. And I’m Noah and not Pebble.


Riette’s laugh was quiet as Noah spoke with clenched teeth and the end of her foot spun as it crushed the ground underneath. She flew up in the air.


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