149 Part 1

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S Classes that I Raised Chapter 149: Dragon Siblings (2)


High-class hunters were often attractive, and S class hunters were like celebrities. They also earned a lot of money, had superhuman strength, and protected the world from the threat of dungeon breaks. People like that were, of course, popular, and the government managed their images so citizens would be less anxious. Thus, I had heard that they had a lot of fans even before I regressed.


‘Did Soyoung Kang make it herself?’


Noah had not been revealed much to the public, nor had he officially become a Korean hunter. However, the people had paid attention to him due to his ability to transform into a dragon.


‘Yoohyun also probably had a fan club.’


I was curious. I had seen on television before my return that the most popular hunter in Korea was Hyunjae Sung, no matter how much I wanted to refute it. He was world-class, since being at the top of the rankings was attractive in itself. Most people admired the number one spot and remembered who had stood there. Hmm, he did irritate me.

Yoohyun dragged the last hunter affected by the poison in front of me while burning the toxic gas in the air. I appreciated his help, but there was one thing.


“Don’t you have to go to Mr. Noah?”
“He said she’s his sister. He’ll manage.”

“Hey, worry about him a bit. Turn your head over there since I can’t see.”


What should I do when the guy who was supposed to be my glasses kept staring at me?


“There’s nothing you have to see.”


I could tell a lie when I saw one. I reached out to hold my brother’s face and force him to turn around. His gaze moved, and I could see the three facing off one another.

Riette was standing like the devil, while Soyoung Kang did not falter a bit. Noah stood like a pillar of light out of the three, and the light was bright today.


“Sweetie, are you an S class?”

“I’m an A!”

“You’re feisty.”
“I don’t feel pressure from dragon types because of my skill. You seem to be close to a dragon, Ms. Riette.”


So that was why she could approach Noah so easily. I had thought she had a fear nullifying skill or an affinity skill for dragons. Riette’s eyes creased at Soyoung Kang’s response, and she seemed to become even more curious.


“Not being scared of me does not mean that there’s no danger. You should be more careful.”

“That’s true.”


Yoohyun spoke the latter sentence, which was something I knew.


“Ms. Kang, please step aside.”


I heard Noah’s voice and wished Yoohyun would turn his head because I could not see clearly.


“While I appreciate your help, it’s dangerous.”

“Don’t worry.”


Soyoung Kang shouted confidently.


“I only need to ride you, Mr. Noah!”


“I can use both of our stats when I ride a dragon, and if we fit well together, we can use up to one hundred percent. Then, our stats will be that of an average S class, at least.”


Soyoung Kang stared at Noah with bright eyes. If the dragon rider skill’s effect were stat addition, they together would be able to surpass Riette since Noah was an S class. Since Comet’s stats can grow to an S class, they would battle like an S class hunter.


“So, let me ride you!”


Soyoung Kang spoke in excitement and anticipation. Had she come to ride instead of helping Noah? They would be able to fight Riette if she used the dragon rider skill.


“Sweetie, you can use your skill on me as well, right?”


Riette spoke before Noah could respond, and Soyoung Kang turned around to face Riette while Noah tensed.


“Since you’re a dragon type, probably.”

“Do you want to ride me?”



Riette had approached Soyoung Kang and gently smiled, looking down on her. Her hand dotted with black scales swayed elegantly in front of Soyoung Kang.


“How about it? Don’t you want to see how I would look as a dragon?”

“Y, your scales are black. I thought as much.”


Soyoung Kang gulped as she followed Riette’s half-dragon hand with her eyes. They spelled trouble.


“Hey, don’t we have to get Ms. Kang out? Why are you only watching?”

“She’s not going to be attacked, so why bother?”


Yoohyun spoke coldly.


“Aren’t you guys close?”

“No. We haven’t met much.”


My younger brother answered like I was saying nonsense. It would have been nice to earn some points since you might become closer in the future.


“…Are you similar to Mr. Noah’s form?”


Soyoung Kang had been agonizing over her choice while looking back and forth between Noah and Riette, and the elder sibling laughed silently at Soyoung’s question.


“We’re very different.”

“How, how do you look?”

“It’s better to show you.”


Riette stepped way back with a light step. Hey, wait.


“Not here!”

“Don’t worry, darling. I’ll be smaller than usual!”


Smaller was not a dependable word, and Riette’s tall figure started to change. A black shape inflated instantly, and I could see a head, a tail, and four legs. Formidable thorns soared as red-black scales covered her body.

She was certainly smaller, but Riette was still a&)qs large as a big truck despite shrinking more than in half. The black dragon, who looked like the definition for ferocity, raised her head. Her tail flicked lightly, and a part of the dungeon building crumbled under it. If Riette had been her usual size, the entire building would have been damaged, and the Hunter Association would have another heavy burden on top of everything they were going through. One could say that Riette was already an added burden.


-How do I look, sweetie?


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