148 Part 2

While it was basic battle strategy 101, I found it hard to believe that she would be that aggressive. However, Noah’s serious expression made me think Riette would make trouble, especially since she did not belong to any guild.


“You can escape whenever you feel like it since there really won’t be any problems.”

“All right.”


I cast my teacher’s skill on Yoohyun instead of buying a new pair of glasses and went straight to the dungeon Riette had finished conquering. While there was a barricade set and the air was filled with tension, everything looked fine on the outside since there were no crumbled buildings, and only the gates of the dungeon facility were broken.

Just looking around, Riette had not made a mess.

However, I felt chills right down my spine the moment I saw Riette standing with her arms crossed. She was hostile enough to chill the hot summer air, and Noah stood frozen next to me. I heard myself gulp loudly, and Yoohyun stepped forward to protect us.


“Hello, darling.”

Narrow golden eyes creased into a smile, and I had goosebumps all over my arms. However, I could not leave her like this, so I pretended to be fine and opened my mouth.


“What’s with the protest? What about the hunters that had gone with you?”

“They’ll come out soon. Everyone except for the really annoying two is probably alive.”


I saw fangs like that of a serpent’s shine between Riette’s lips. The annoying two must have caused this incident. They were hunters from the Association and must have been stupidly brave to irritate an S class hunter in a dungeon. Did they have S class fear resistance skills?


“Everything’s alright if they died of an unfortunate accident in the dungeon. Calm down and show me the monster you want me to breed.”

“Sure, darling. Right after I kill that Dungeon Management Director.”


They must have been his agents, and I could guess how they had annoyed Riette. He must have coveted an S class free hunter, but Taewon Song being that docile, must have made the former Director go crazy to treat Riette this awkwardly.


“He’s already arrested and will never breathe in the outside air again.”

“Inside, outside, it doesn’t matter. Just put him before me, and I’ll just vent out my anger.”

“I want to, but the media won’t let him go. I can turn a blind eye if you want to sneak in and beat him up though.”


Riette’s brow furrowed, and she looked displeased at my continued refusals. Noah and I gathered together simultaneously, and I cursed the two and wondered what the hell they did to Riette. Did they order her to cooperate after committing a crime? Or say something unnecessary about her sex?


“Does she look livid?”


Noah answered in a small voice as I whispered to him.


“Half and half. She might be angrier because the boss monster had been too easy.”

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, since she’s not angry at me.”


They had clashed at the lake dungeon, although Riette had been in a good mood at that time.


“I’m pissed off.”


Riette made a light comment, and the next moment sword met sword with a clash. Riette had rushed to Yoohyun, and she looked joyful as Yoohyun, with Minyui Kim’s face, did not flinch against her attack.


“I thought as much, but you’re really something. Who are you? I had never met you before!”


Riette did not recognize Yoohyun as Taewon Song had done, since she had not met him properly before. Yoohyun opened his mouth as he pushed Riette away with a twist of his sword.


“Please stop.”

“What’s your name. How old are you? You’re cute.”


Riette’s eyes shone with curiosity, and I could not ignore this situation for Minyui Kim and especially for my brother’s sake.


“Go easy on him! I’m not going to take care of your monsters if you cause an incident again.”

“Darling, don’t be jealous.”


What is she talking about?


“Please wait since I can swallow you up from head to toe in this mood. I’ll dote on you later. Or would you prefer something rough?”


Couldn’t she filter her words in front of kids, who were actually our younger siblings? I was thinking about how to block Noah’s ears when Yoohyun roughly swung his sword. Riette avoided it as the air rang, and the dungeon building behind her was cut up like butter.


“Don’t think about going after him.”


Riette’s eyes grew wide as Yoohyun growled out the words.


“Are you two together? I thought that darling had been jealous of me, but it’s alright. I like this kind of relationship, too.”



My head rang from her crazy antics. What relationship was she talking about? He was my brother!


“He misunderstood you! Stop saying nonsense in front of the kids!”

“Really? He must be younger than he looks.”


Riette spread her arms like wings with a loud laugh, and she now held a longsword and a shorter one in each hand. The glint in her eyes showed that she wanted a serious round. Riette seemed just to want to stretch out under the pretext of being irritated.


“How will you patch up this mess?!”



Poison poured out from Riette, and I could only gasp.


“You think I care about anything like that?”


No. The government tended to overlook incidents like this for S classes if there were no civilian casualties, and Riette would have used this advantage to the maximum. She would have no control whatsoever.


“Everyone spread out, no, come nearby!”


Since the range of the barricade was thankfully wide, the damage would not spread outside. However, there were a few hunters around us, and they dropped down as the poison spread out like a fog. I checked Yoohyun wielding flames to burn the poison and ran to the fallen. I needed to gather them together to apply the poison resistance.


“Mr. Noah, help!’

However, Riette approached Noah faster than my shout as Yoohyun had distanced himself to avoid the poison. His sister smiled as Noah stood rigidly like a mouse in front of a snake.


“Dear pebble, you can be a chore. Can you sleep for a moment?”


Noah stepped back, and I was wondering whether to intervene when the sound of screeching tires rang my ears.


“Mr. Noah!”


I heard a high-pitched voice, and a heavy bike rushed toward Riette. I saw the flash of a blade, and Soyoung Kang jumped off right before the bike was sliced in half to grab Noah’s arm and pull him back.


“Are you alright?”


“I came because I was worried. She must be your sister.”


Soyoung Kang swept her rumpled hair and looked at Riette, who clapped when Soyoung’s gaze did not waver.


“Aren’t you a lovely young girl?”

“Hello, Ms. Riette. I’m Soyoung Kang, No.1 member of Noah’s Korean fan club!”


Since when did he have one?



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