148 Part 1

S Classes Chapter 148: Dragon Siblings (1)


I logged into  a Japan hunter information website from habit before going out to meet Riette.

‘They started on the stamina potion ingredient dungeon.’

The depraved had made the dungeon appear earlier as promised, and a dungeon had been successfully bid a few days ago in Japan and now was under conquest from today. The dungeon was an A class and two floors, mainly consisting of forests. The value of the place had been standard until someone discovered that the root fruits of the trees in the first-floor central forest could be used to make stamina potions.

‘The discovery had been delayed because the root fruits had not been examined.’

I was planning to purchase the dungeon rights after letting others make the conquest. While overworking may be a problem, it would become easier to train the kids after making the stamina potion.


“Do you think Yerim and Peace are doing all right? I think you should have stayed with them.”

“If I didn’t come out, you might have been in trouble.”

“What do you mean? I’m fine.”


Yoohyun sulked and took my glasses away as Comet had.


“I can’t see!”

“You said you’re fine.”

“People’s eyesight can grow weak, you know. You can see them wear glasses everywhere! Give them back!”


I heard something break and tried not to imagine what Yoohyun had done.


“Sorry, I broke them by mistake.”
“Yeah, right.”

“Glasses can break easily.”

My brother spoke shamelessly.

“It’s going to be a problem when I go out!”

“I’ll help.”

“I don’t need your help.”


I would not need his help had he not broken the glasses in the first place. While I could not see objects from afar, I could differentiate nearby things. Lenses might be a better choice. Which one would be more dangerous when I am attacked? Would it be more harmful if I had something in my eyes?


“Are you angry?”


Yoohyun spoke as he followed me around. Acting like he had done when we were young…worked. I remembered the old days when he had small hands and feet and large eyes. Yoohyun had been a cute child to whoever saw him.

“I’m not. But don’t break them again.”


The phone rang, and I searched for my phone that I might have placed on the table.




Yoohyun handed me the phone, and I saw that the number was not registered. I connected the phone and heard an unfamiliar voice.


[Are you Mr. Yoojin Han?]

“Yes, who is this?”


Few people knew this number, and the caller had been a hunter from the Awakened Office.


[Hunter Riette is acting out.]

“Ms. Riette?”


Taewon Song was unavailable due to the overthrown state of the Hunter Association and had told the caller to contact me to handle things as quietly as possible since the matter concerned an S class hunter. He seemed to be aware that I had calmed Riette down in the lake dungeon last time.


[I sincerely ask for your help, since using force may make things worse.]

“All right. I’ll be on my way.”


Riette would be causing chaos since her fight with Hyunjae Sung had been catastrophic. Yoohyun looked at me with displeased eyes as I ended the call.


“Why are you stepping up?”

“I can’t send another S class hunter, especially when you and Hyunjae Sung are publicly known to be participating in dungeon conquests now.”


Sunghan Kim would not be able to handle Riette since he was a defensive hunter and only became an S class recently. Hyuna Moon, Seokwon Choi, and Mingyu Park would find Riette difficult. I would be a better choice only if to manage the poison.


“Your fear resistance levels are lowered now.”

“It’s going to be manageable.”


Riette was a cursed poisonous dragon, which meant that the skill would be twice effective. However, it would not be an A class, and I asked Taewon Song not to touch the fear resistance levels again. Of course, that did not mean he could lower other stats.

I went out despite Yoohyun’s protest and did not forget to call Noah. It would be better to have Noah at home just in case.


“Mr. Yoojin.”


I explained the situation to Noah, who came immediately after receiving my message.


“So, stay at my house.”

“Wait, Hyung.”


Yoohyun intervened, looking like something bothered him.


“He can’t stay when I’m not there. You have already been attacked, and it would be dangerous to let him stay in your house since it’s difficult to ask for outside help.”


Noah visibly shrank at Yoohyun’s words. While Noah had not shown any hostility to me recently, Yoohyun had a right to be worried because of past events.


“You have seen Mr. Noah help us out and generally be a nice person.”


I could not refuse his request to let him use my house as an escape during the period Riette stayed in Korea. That would be an inhumane act.


“…Then he can go to the house in Haeyeon since that place is also safe.”

“You’re right.”


While Riette had invaded the dormitory, she would not be able to break into Yoohyun’s house. Also, Yoohyun would be more dependable than me. Staying together may also bring them closer. I had noticed how lonely Yoohyun’s place was, and having a roommate around his age would liven things up.


“Mr. Noah, how about it? My brother’s house is wide, nice, and safe.”


I hoped they would continue to live together, but Noah hesitated and shook his head under my gaze.


“I do not want to trouble Hunter Yoohyun Han. I only need a few days since I cannot run forever from my sister.”


While his answer was less than satisfactory, Noah was right that he could not avoid Riette forever. They would need to clash sometime. While I would help if he wanted to run away, it would be much better to wrap up their relationship.

I activated the miniature portal for him to go home since I might come back with an excited Riette. However, Noah refused again.


“I’ll go too.”

“Will you be alright?”


Noah nodded at my question.


“Yes, something might happen. I’ll be able to help since I have healing and supporting skills.”

“That won’t be necessary since other hunters will also be present.”

“If my sister wants to fight, she will take care of the healers and the supporters first.”


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