Before leaving, he dived into the Ark of the Blue Sea many times to find the trace of Wei Shishi, but this woman seemed to have disappeared totally, and she’s nowhere to be seen. Li Anping also did not have his own intelligence channel and could only give up at that time. Before taking revenge on her, Li Anping planned to get stronger first, so that he didn’t need to be afraid of the government.


After Li Anping left Zhongdu, he went south all the way and met a bad guy halfway. He killed and ate all the villains there. Also, he also got some information about the triad society and the corrupted officials. It was quite a lot of gain.


As he had thought, the power of the government in the south was much weaker than that in the north. There were many triad societies and corrupt officials. For the past month, Li Anping had eaten more than 80 people’s souls. Unfortunately, his physical condition had become too strong, and the ordinary people that he ate could not really help him to increase his strength. He could only save the energy of about 40 people for reincarnation.


According to Black, if he wanted to upgrade now, he’d have to eat more than a thousand ordinary people, and that would only give him an improvement of more than 0.1.


Therefore, Li Anping still chose to save most of the energy. The energy was used up quite quickly, as Li Anping mostly used it to assist with his cultivation.


Knowing that it is difficult to increase his strength after eating ordinary people, all kinds of self-harm practices happened on him one by one. Most of Li Anping’s cultivation happened in the mountains and jungles. He underwent all kinds of training, including his strength, speed, flexibility, dodging and reaction training, frantically exploring his potentials.


Ever since he got his ability, his body has been endowed with the potential for infinite evolution. When he did not rely on devouring humans, he could also become stronger through continuous cultivation.


He now didn’t have to be worried of injury or death, and the improvement of his physical conditions were amazing. It was totally different from an ordinary person.


Now, his physical condition was 3.2, speed 2.1, and energy 4.0. The bigger the value of his physical condition became, the more difficult it would be to increase it by 0.1, and the effect of improvement would also be multiplied.


At the same time, he also cultivated his adaptability when he was in explosive state. When he’s in the explosive state, he would have to consume one person’s soul, which could temporarily increase his physical fitness to a power of 4.0, a speed of 3.0, and a maintenance time of 5 minutes.


However, he had cultivated many times now, and he’s extended the time to 8 minutes. He was gradually getting used to the temporarily increased strength and speed, which has greatly improved his combat effectiveness.


He also wanted to improve the effect of the explosive state, but every time he wanted to explode the energy of more than one person, it always turned out that his body could not bear the load and he’d collapse every time. Fortunately, he could heal himself, or he would have died long ago.


While cultivating, he had also decided what he wanted to do. His next goal would be the southern pearl named Emerald City.



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