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The Man Standing on Top of the Food Chain

V5 – Chapter 1 (Part 1)


It has almost been a month since the day when Shang Anguo passed away.


At this time, there was a small bus on the road among the mountains in the south, more than 1,000 kilometers away from Zhongdu City.


This bus was a privately run coach. It was pretty crowded inside the small bus and there was almost no space to stand. Even so, in every section of the road, the greedy driver would still stop the bus and ask a few more passengers to step in, the passengers inside the bus were so annoyed that they kept cursing.


The bus was filled with all kinds of odor, such as smelly socks, fart, sweat, food and so on. People felt like being trapped in a refugee camp inside, every second was a torture.


In the last row of the bus, a tall, strong man was sitting in the corner, and there was a black blanket covering most of his face and body. No one could see him clearly.


That was exactly Li Anping. After Shang Anguo was killed, he broke through the siege of the army. Since then, no rumors of that incident were seen in any newspapers, news, or even on the Internet afterwards. However, the change of the mayor of Zhongdu City was widely reported. He understood that it was the government that blocked the whole news.


However, he understood that this matter had not been over yet. Although he was already very powerful, he still could not counter the strength of the country. In this incident, he did not believe that the upper level of the government would let him go away this easily. He knew for sure that the government had already mobilized people and resources to catch him.


He wasn’t afraid of ordinary police officers, but the legendary Daxia Phoenix still made him feel terrified. Also, the army’s weapons were also horrifying – last time, the high-powered sniper rifle almost killed him. He wasn’t sure if he could withstand it if they used more powerful weapons. Of course, he didn’t have limitless power to heal himself.


Therefore, his goal was to become stronger. He wished to become powerful enough to influence the entire Daxia, and bring justice to everyone.


Give rewards to the good and punish the evil. This is not just some empty talk. At least, that’s what Li Anping had always thought. After taking revenge, he now had more time to fulfill this dream.


However, before doing so, he had to become powerful enough.


Now that he wanted to become stronger, he had to take in more souls, the souls of the evil. He started wondering where he could find more evil people.


The first thing Li Anping thought of was the prison, but the supervision there was too strict. He would be found out by the government after eating a few human beings.


What’s more, the evil people in prison are those who have already been punished. He wanted to look for those who have committed by crimes but escaped the punishment by law.


He thought about it again, and found that although he had lived for more than 20 years and that he had superpowers, he was actually quite unfamiliar with crimes. He knew most of it from the movies and TV.


Therefore, he left Zhongdu and headed south. The reason why he chose the south is that he subconsciously believed that Tianjing is the capital of Daxia. In the north, the government must be particularly powerful. On the contrary, the strength of the South in Daxia had always been more inferior to that of the North, and it was also relatively poor. There were more people and weak people that needed his help.


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