The Man Standing on Top of the Food Chain

Volume 3 Chapter 2 : Shadow


That kind of thing would happen during a long-distance trip, and it immediately caused a ruckus among the crowd watching in the restaurant. Someone who heard the conversation clearly just now, said, “The daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law quarrelled, so the daughter-in-law ran away with the child in her arms. Even so, the mother-in-law and husband still found them and took them back.”


A few aunties and mothers immediately went gossiping, “Tsk, girls nowadays, they are not too fond with suffering. They just take their children away and ran away over this little trivial matter. It’s too unreasonable.”


“That’s right, how could we dare to do this at that time? Let alone running away from home, just talking back to our mother-in-law is impossible.”


Some people also doubted, “I think that girl looks pretty gentle. Was she sold into the mountains and escaped?”


“She seemed to be crying just now. Could they be human traffickers?”


“Seriously? Human traffickers are so courageous now? They kidnap people in broad daylight?”


“I don’t think the girl resisted that much, probably just the conflict between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.”


“Maybe… Many swindlers who abduct women now pretend to be acquaintances and abduct them in front of others.”


However, no matter how much they discussed about it, it was useless at that moment. The van had already left and the woman who was being taken away was destined to only become people’s talk after dinner.


After a while, the bus driver yelled for the passengers to get on the bus. After dinner, the passengers left the hotel and got on the bus. No one cared about the whereabouts of the girl and the baby anymore. No one also noticed that, at some point in time, there was a man missing in the last row of the bus.






Li Anping followed the van from a distance, but did not immediately step forward to rescue the person. He knew that such traffickers usually have accomplices. In particular, the people they trafficked were usually focused on where they were detained, as well as their online activity, human trafficking, organ purchase and other criminal gangs.


He intended to uproot them, so he followed the van quietly. With his current speed and physical strength, it was effortless to follow a van. Not to mention, the van was on a mountain road at the moment, and the van did not dare to drive too fast, so Li Anping followed it easily. While tailing, he even eavesdropped the movement from the van to prevent accidents.


Just by listening to the inside of the van that was getting farther away from the gas station, he could tell that the faces of the three men and one woman suddenly changed. A strong man was driving, and a fat middle-aged woman was sitting in the passenger seat.


The other two, a strong man and a short boy, were left in the second row of the van. They were sitting beside the woman, left and right.


The middle-aged woman took out a pack of cigarettes from her bag and smoked one. Listening to the cry of the woman behind, she yelled, “What are you crying for? Let me tell you, when you are within our grasp, don’t even think about running away. Be obedient. I’ll find you a good seller. Otherwise, I will sell you off to the brothel in Southern Xinjiang, and let the people impregnate you every day.”


The woman just cried harder when she heard that. The short man on the side smirked and comforted her, “Little sister, be obedient, Brother will take care of you. By then, I will find a rich man to buy you, so you need not worry about food and clothing for the rest of your life.”


Looking at the woman crying like a waterfall, the man’s eyes got sneaky. He could not help reaching out his hand to the woman’s back and touching her lightly.


The woman screamed and retreated to the other side, but bumped into the arm of another burly man. She could not escape the touch of the short man, so she cried and yelled, “Please, please… don’t…”


“Hey hey, what are you afraid of? Can’t you see I’m comforting you?” The man licked his lips and said, “Put the child down first, don’t hurt him.”


“No.” The woman hugged the child in her arms tighter when she heard the words. She bit her lip and said, “I beg you, please, at least let the child go…”


“Fine, put the child down first, and let me give you a check-up. You can’t have any sickness, or we can’t sell you away.” The short man winked at the strong man, and the strong man reached out to grab the child.


The woman struggled fiercely, but her strength was no better than that of a strong man. She was slapped a few times by the short man on the side, and the child was taken away.


The child was snatched, and the woman became even more agitated. Crying, screaming and making noises, she tried scratching with both hands, leaving a blood mark on the short man’s face.


“Damn it.” The short man slapped the woman again, then grabbed her hair and dragged it toward the last row of seats in the van.


He shouted at the fat middle-aged woman in the front seat, “Damn, I can’t help it. Anyway, at least she’s someone who has given birth to a child before. Let me do it one last time.”


The fat girl frowned and said, “Don’t cause any deaths. We still have to sell her.”


“Don’t worry, with me here, I promise that she can be sold with more money.” The man beamed his eyes, pushed the girl down onto the back seat, and immediately began to pull up the girl’s clothes. He began putting his hands in and fumbled the girl’s body.


The girl cried and screamed, desperately trying to push the short man away with her hands. However, the short man was sitting on her body, so she was unable to avoid the other’s hand no matter what.


The child was held in the brawny man’s arms. He was already crying, and the eye-piercing shouts sounded so desolate.


“Please, don’t… don’t do it in front of my child.” The woman’s face was covered in tears as she hoarsely begged for mercy.


On the other hand, the short man had no scruples. One hand pressed the woman’s two hands, and the other hand quickly unbuttoned the woman’s coat.


“Haha, this is called s*x education. Let this kid open his eyes earlier and know that his mother is a sl*t!! Damn, it’s so hard that it’s killing me…”




Before he finished speaking, a palm was reaching into the van from the roof and hit his head directly. Blood and fluid sprayed everywhere. The woman was even more frightened and fainted by the brain fluid all over her face.




“What is this!!”


“There’s someone on the roof!!!”


The remaining three human traffickers reacted differently, but before they could take any action, the palm was stretched back. The other hand came in from the window, grabbing the middle-aged fat woman’s head, and removing her from the car. With a pull through the window, she was thrown out of the mountain road.


The fat girl drew an arc in mid-air as she fell towards a distant cliff. Her long yells echoed along the arc. It stopped abruptly and finally, flesh and blood stained the mountain wall.


The remaining two strong men were already in horror. Their helpless gazes shot towards Li Anping, who tore opened the roof of the van. Then, he jumped into the van, put one hand on the driver’s shoulder, and said coldly, “Stop the vehicle.”


The driver shivered and stopped the van while looking at Li Anping’s eyes with fright.


After the car stopped, Li Anping ignored the driver. He just grabbed the brawny man holding the child with one hand, crushed his neck to pieces, and then took the child back into his arms.


Placing the child in the passenger seat, he said to the driver, “I will kill you if you dare to drive away.”


At that moment, Li Anping was a devil in the eyes of the driver, a monster. How would he dare to oppose him? The driver nodded in a hurry, fearing that Li Anping would tear himself off casually.


Therefore, Li Anping lifted the bodies of the two people in the car and threw them into the forest as if he was greatly experienced. After that, he picked up the child and sat in the passenger seat. He said to the driver, “Drive to the nearest town.”


The driver started the van in a panic. His face was pale, and he did not know what his destiny was waiting for him.


Black smiled and said, ‘Hey, you are really getting more skilled in this. You eat their souls at the same time when you kill them. Obviously, you can eat their souls directly without being so violent, you know?


‘They deserved it. Direct brain deaths are too cheap for them.’


Li Anping recently felt that he was killing people in a much quicker pace. His speed of absorbing souls was getting faster, yet he did not even need to do any special actions. While killing those traffickers, their souls were already absorbed by him. It was much more convenient than inserting his hands into someone else’s body like in the beginning.


Although your body can become infinitely stronger now, the progress of your ability itself is very slow.’ Black took a guess, ‘I have never seen a human with my ability before. However, according to my experience, if your ability continues to evolve, you may not need to make physical contact in the future. You can simply absorb mortal souls through the atmosphere. The absorption efficiency will also be stronger.


‘Absorbing through the atmosphere?’ Li Anping did not expect that it was possible. If he could absorb the soul through the atmosphere, he would undoubtedly be invincible when fighting against incapable ordinary people. Many things would be more manoeuvrable. However, everything depended on the scope of the space.


Half an hour later, at the road entrance of a small town, the woman in the van woke up and saw that she was covered in red and white. She made a series of screams. However, when she found her child in front, she exclaimed in surprise and joy, and hugged her child tightly, as if she was afraid of losing her child again.


Li Anping, who was outside the van, saw that the woman was unharmed, so he turned and walked outside the town. The driver followed him, but his footsteps were hasty. His clothes had long been moist with cold sweat.


He wanted to escape, but looking at the figure of Li Anping walking in front, he could not muster his courage.


“Let’s do a Q and A.”


“Yes…yes.” the man replied tremblingly, and could not resist his teeth from shivering without saying a word.


Li Anping looked at him and said kindly, “Don’t worry and just answer my questions well. You are just a driver, so you are not guilty enough to face death. As long as you answer the questions honestly, I will not kill you.”


Black laughed again, ‘Ah, you are really hypocritical. You’ve already planned to kill him, don’t you? Is this your so-called justice for lying to him?


‘This is the necessary process to eliminate the evil.’ Li Anping said without changing his expression, “You finished hesitating, right? Then, I’ll start asking.”


Walking along the road, Li Anping could feel the person’s heartbeat slowly calming down, so he started to inquire about the person’s situation. He learned that the other party was a small member in the group of four. Their organization was called the Lone Wolf, and the Lone Wolf was situated in Emerald City. All the traffickers in the vicinity would go to the Lone Wolf to sell stolen goods.


It was said that Lone Wolf was very cunning. For many years, no one ever knew the appearance of their leader. There were even different thoughts about whether their leader was a male or female. Several people tried to assassinate their leader, but either the leader easily avoided those attacks, or the leader was nowhere to be found. Instead, the ones who attempted assassination were tracked down and killed.


A few years ago, several determined detectives wanted to completely erase the criminal cancer, but within two days, they all disappeared.


‘This Lone Wolf either has a huge background, or has an ability user who is doing all the work.’ Li Anping estimated after hearing the news about Lone Wolf.


After sharing all the information he knew, the driver beside him carefully looked at Li Anping’s face, worrying for his life. Li Anping asked him where they sold the stolen goods, and then inquired, “Do you know what Lone Wolf do after buying so many women and children?”


“They forced those women, and some were sold abroad…” The driver shook his head blankly, but seeing Li Anping’s frowning brows, he immediately panicked and said, “There is also…there is gossip that spreads about the leader of Lone Wolf being a member of the Shadow Guild, and the people bought are used for sacrifice to the Black God.”

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