Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 71

Volume 2 Chapter 31

The party, which started off with the biggest surprise of all, has reached its climax; Addie was expectedly being pulled around here and there.

Or rather, everyone was gathering around Addie and Mary was able to enjoy a little bit of freedom in the party; well it’s not just a little bit of freedom, as she even had the time to walk around in the lawn. In the end, regardless of whether she’s married or not, Mary Albert remains the same. Everyone knew that it’s useless trying to get on her good side.


“It’s easier than expected.”

“Lady Mary… Addie’s having a hard time now.”

“Oh, it’d be fine; Patrick and my elder brother are helping him out.”


Mary was chatting leisurely on the bench in the lawn; Alicia who’s sitting next to her puffed her cheeks. Well, she should be blamed too as she has a cake on the plate she’s holding onto now, and has no plan to help Addie or Patrick out.

Just like that, both of them were only looking over their husband and lover when someone called out “Hey, Lady Mary…”

When they looked to the source of the voice, there were two ladies who were speaking in a hushed tone. One of them was Parfait, who has a light pink fluffy dress on with dangling flower accessories which were swaying in the wind; in contrast, Karina was wearing a deep blue chic dress. Their outfits were polar opposites – one that’s extremely cute and the other extremely beautiful.

Both of them appeared to be nervous in front of the princess – well, to Karina, she’s the heroine of the previous series. Parfait was shivering like a small animal.


“Miss Parfait, Miss Karina, you guys have come huh.”

“Lady Mary, c-congratulations! Lady Mary, you look very pretty and blissful, it touches me and makes me happy too, so happy…”


Parfait was so touched that her eyes were filled with tears; Mary hurriedly followed up and said “please stop crying whenever you experience happiness, anger, sadness and fun!”

After that, she noticed someone behind Parfait and raised her voice “Oh.” Of course, it was Gainas Eldland; his outfit looked good on his fit body and there’s a flower on his chest which matched Parfait’s hair accessory.

He’s probably there to escort her. Looking at that, Mary smiled mischievously; Parfait sensed that she’s trying to say something and shook her head hurriedly.


“So you asked him to escort you in the end huh.”

”T-That’s not right! Sir Gainas w-wanted to come to the party no matter what, he said he wanted to greet Lady Mary!”

“Is that so? But that’s strange, I sent an invitation card to the Eldland family, so he should be able to come without having to escort you.”

“Eek! T-That’s… um, he, he knew the café that I’ve always wanted to visit, so I have him lead me to the place!”


Parfait’s face turned red as she desperately tried to come up with an excuse; listening to that, Mary replied “I see” with a grin on her face.

Parfait’s so obvious that it’s so cute and makes one want to tease her.


“In other words, he’s here to guide you to the café, huh?”

“Y-Yes! Then it’s time for the party… and he said he wanted to come so I had him come with me! It’s not escort!”

“In that case, that’s good. Please for a moment, I’ll bring my elder brothers here.”

“Eh!? U-Um, please wait! That’s… um…!”


Mary was about to return to the party venue and Parfait hurriedly stopped her. Her easy-to-understand reaction had Mary giggling; Alicia and Karina shrugged their shoulders.

”Tsk, she’s not honest” both of them had that expression as they looked at Mary and Parfait.


“It seems like it’s still a little too early, right? In that case, I’ll make some time for that later.”

“…Y-Yes. Meanwhile…”


Parfait’s eyes were wandering around and it’s clear that she did not mean her words. In return, Mary was about to follow up and say “maybe I’ve gone too far in teasing you”… when someone grabbed her shoulder from the back.


“Lady Mary, congratulations. By the way, I have free time anytime.”

“I knew you’d come…”


The ambitious young lady had her eyes shining like a predator eyeing on a prey, and she spoke quickly with a passion. The red dress made her look beautiful, but for some reason, to Mary it looked like she’s in a battle outfit. The redness reminds of her flaming passionate heart.

Even Mary felt that pressure and she once again heard a timid voice saying “Lady Mary…”


This time round, it’s not Parfait or Karina; after all Parfait was puffing her cheeks in order to intimidate that ambitious young lady who has muttered “Sir Gainas and the Eldland family are rather high-ranking too.” Karina sighed and looked at the both of them with a tired look. Rather, it’s from a few ladies, who were looking at Mary awkwardly.

They looked familiar… Mary tried to recollect who they were when she remembered the sights of jealousy she has experienced in the countless of parties she has attended before. They were so cold and hot like flames. Those were the faces that looked at her with jealousy as though they thought that she’s having Patrick all to herself.

However, right now they do not have such looks of jealousy in their eyes, rather there were only confusions. They used to fear that Mary would steal their own prince, but now that she has announced her marriage, they cannot believe it and it cannot be helped it that they were confused.

That’s why Mary looked at those ladies with an easygoing smile and bowed in return to the words of congratulations.

While saying “Thank you”, she thought “Now, please end those misled jealousy and suspicions.”

In contrast, those ladies looked at each other awkwardly and muttered “Why.”


“Um, please listen to us without being angry but… why did you choose him?”


They asked with curiosity and Mary widened her eyes.

Of course, they meant Addie. Well, it’s kind of rude to say that to someone who has chosen him, what’s more in the middle of the marriage announcement party, but since they’re the ladies born in this world where political marriages were common, it’s natural for them to have this question.

The lady of the Albert family who has it all – looks, ability and power, could have gotten anyone; but why did she choose a servant to be her partner…?

Of course, they could not ask that directly, but they were trying to probe with their expressions. In addition, one after another, they raised names like “I thought that Lady Mary…” “I thought Lady Mary would marry that person…”

Mary does not recognize those people, but to those ladies, she’s “Mary Albert who can have all of the best princes”.


In other words, they attended this party while being prepared to have their beloved prince stolen away by Mary, and were completely shocked by the unexpected choice.

Mary sensed that and shrugged her shoulders with a wry smile.


“Well, even if you ask me why, it’s obvious why, isn’t it?”


“Well, there’s no other better guy than Addie, after all.”


Mary replied that with a smile, and the ladies widened their eyes.

They have never seen Mary Albert smiling with such earnest look, from the bottom of her heart. She has always been that cold lady who does not blush or look shy with happiness whenever she holds the hand of Patrick, which is everyone’s dream. Some were jealous of how she was at ease with that, and even cried because they knew that they would not beat the power that the Albert family wields.

However, right now, Mary’s behaving quite the opposite; she’s talking about the person she loves with a blushed blissful face.


“Lady Mary, I think we might have misunderstood you.”

“Is that so? I’m glad that the misunderstanding has been cleared up. So what are you guys going to do?”

“Going to do?”


The ladies tilted their heads with questions marks floating on top; Mary glanced at the party venue with a side glance.

There were quite a number of people gathered in the party today, as expected of the Albert family. There were guests, not just from within the country, but also from abroad, and of course the “prince who they thought would be snatched away by Mary” was probably in attendance.


“So, are you guys going to stay around waiting without lifting a finger?”


“If you are only going to wait around quietly, you are going to lose out to a lady from the countryside with nothing but guts, you know? Haven’t you learned from what happened with Patrick?”


Mary grinned and everyone gulped quietly.

However, everyone only looked troubled and no one tried to move, Mary then sighed softly.


“In this world, there are some dull people who would not know how much they love a person until they are being told that.”


She did not specify who, but Alicia quietly laughed when she heard that.

Mary cleared her throat as though she’s displeased with Alicia’s reaction as it’s clear that she’s referring to herself.

When she’s told that she loves Addie and was persuaded by Alicia, she finally understood that he’s been in her heart all along. Thinking of how dull she was, she was so embarrassed that she could not disclose that it’s her.

That’s why Mary continued her words as she said “I won’t say who it is but-”


“There are such dull people in this world; wouldn’t it be such a waste of them if they just kept thinking… if only the other party would notice? I wouldn’t say that those who act upon their thoughts would win, but right now, there’s someone who’s in front of us who won just by making the first move.”


Mary took a side-glance; Alicia noticed that and shyly smiled wryly.

In order to have Patrick look at her, she persistently chased after the prince who would have made everyone flustered. As a result, she managed to win over his heart. There’s a difference in their identity and status, and there were countless of love rivals, but she overcome all of that with her heart.

Also… Mary then looked at Addie who’s inside the mansion. He took action which made the dull her realize what the numbness in her chest was.

Of course, that does not mean that things will go well as long as one tries hard. Sometimes the technique was used wrongly like what Lilianne did, and sometimes it’s too late like it was in the case of Karina. If things go wrong, it would only end up inflicting wounds.

Even so… Mary said seriously as though to persuade them.


“It takes courage to make the move. You might end up being hated by the other party, or being thought as improper. I understand that there’s some anxiety about that. Even so… I think that the people who have the courage to make a move are all wonderful.”


Her voice, which was filled with love, made the lawn quiet down.

That quietness was broken by the soft music which could be heard from the party venue. The beat seemed to have changed and it’s probably time for dance.


“Since it’s an opportunity, everyone should try to invite someone for a dance.”


Mary declared that as though she has just thought of something brilliant, and the ladies who heard that widened their eyes with surprise.

They have never imagined a lady initiating a dance. Usually, they’d have the first dance with their escort, and after that the guys would come over to seek permission for a dance. Most of the times, these would come from connections of their parents or acquaintances.

It’s very out of the norm… Mary laughed when she looked at the ladies’ faces.


“Oh? It’s the day when the weird lady of the Albert family announces her marriage today, you know? It’s not going to be surprising if the ladies invite the guys for a dance.”


Mary grinned and everyone looked at each other with widened eyes. Well, it’s usual for the weird person to make such a weird statement.

However, their expressions gradually changed, and they started to think of something. They were probably filled with thoughts like how they would not want their beloved prince to be stolen by anyone this time round, or how their prince would be stolen if they were to keep their feelings to themselves like this again. Even so, they were so used to waiting that their feet stuck to the ground and they could only looked at each other with troubled looks.


It’s right at that moment, when they heard Alicia’s voice coming from the passageway which linked the lawn to the party venue.

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