Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 70

Volume 2 Chapter 30

After a while, people have started to gather in the open square of the Albert family’s mansion, and the atmosphere has changed as the place, which was filled with staffs busy with preparations, transited into a glamorous and bustling party. Musician bands from far distant land were invited today to perform; the servers were busily serving alcohol to the visitors in an elegant manner.

The food were all delicious and the sight of them lining up is enough to whet one’s appetite; each and every single plate looked so luxurious that it’s hard to imagine that they came out from the war-like kitchen.

The place started to look more like a party and Addie appeared nervous as he stood in front of the door after having been done with the preparations. He took a breath before putting onto the jacket with the crest of Albert Family embroidered onto the chest area; this alone heightened his nervousness.


The door would lead to a staircase down to the open area.

When the time is right, he would hold Mary’s hand and slowly walk down the staircase with everyone’s gazes on them.

The guests on the opposite of the door were also probably also waiting for that very moment eagerly. Since the people who were involved were asked to be tight-lipped about the details, there was a lot of buzz over this party; on another ordinary day, people would disperse and walk around the garden, but today, it’s clear from the noise that most of the visitors have crowded in front of the door.

Sweat beads began to form on Addie’s forehead as he imagined that scene and the attention on him after he opened the door… however, before she tells him that, she took the initiative to wipe his sweat with her white lace handkerchief.



“Addie, you are too nervous.”


The female head of the Albert family, Carrel, giggled elegantly; Addie smiled wryly in return.



“It’s better for you to put on a brave front at times like this.”

“Even if you tell me that…”

“See, it’d be a waste of your manly looks.”


Carrel laughed happily and slapped Addie’s back. Her mannerism, expressions and the silver hair that has a web lightly placed upon it, reminded him of Mary… as expected of a mother and a child.


“By the way, where is Lady… Mary?”

“She should be done with her preparations and be here soon. Once she’s here, please go out of this door with her; escort her properly, alright?”

“Yes, I got it.”

”Well then, I’ll be at a spot where I can see the guests’ reactions the best! I wonder what kind of reaction will everyone make, I can’t wait!”


“Please do something about it by yourselves.” said Carrel free-spiritedly before she left. Addie looked at her back and muttered “She never changes.”

However, the next moment, he heard someone cleared his throat; he straightened his back by reflex and hurriedly turned around; of course it’s the head of the Albert family who’s there.

That man who lies on the highest hierarchy according to Addie.



“Ah, don’t bow to me; it will mess up your hairstyle.”



He stopped Addie, who’s about to bow down due to his habits, with one hand, and slowly walked towards him.

Even though it’s a large-scale party, he was totally unfazed and looked rather at ease and dignified; Addie felt a chill down his spine.

To think the head of the Albert family, the one that his family has served since forever, would become his father-in-law… that was enough to make him nervous. The former must has sensed his feelings as he said “Don’t put on such a scared face on this great day of celebration” and readjusted the collars of Addie’s jacket. After that as a finishing, he patted on the embroidered family crest on his chest to cheer him up.


“Master, um…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Are you really fine with me? Lady Mary is the Lady of the Albert Family, and if she’s to get married, it should serve the family…”

“Oh, in that case are you going to return her to me?”

“No, that’s impossible.”


Addie refused bluntly with a sorry look, in return the head of the Albert family said “Of course.”


Previously, there was a plan to marry Mary off for the sake of the Albert family.

That political marriage is something normal in this world, what’s more with the Albert family which is the most distinguished noble family. Mary herself did not feel that sad about that and thought that it was normal.

However, in the end, Mary abandoned the marriage plans that was made between her and Patrick, and tied the knots with Addie. Even though she can choose to marry anyone within the country, or even the nobles or royals of other countries, she chose her servant.

From the perspective of the Albert family, he’s a servant who would not serve any political advantage; it’d be natural for some noble families to think of it as something unbelievable or a waste.


“Indeed, there was a plan for Mary to marry into the Dice family for the sake of the family. However, the both of them chose a totally different route… and what happened in the end?”

“What happened…? Um…”


After being asked that in return, Addie suddenly thought about the current state of the Albert and Dice families.

Mary and Patrick have abandoned the political marriage idea, but as a result the Albert and Dice families managed to deepen their relationships. On top of that, they were able to come to a solution regarding the problem of the heir to the Dice family.

Furthermore, Mary received the admiration of the princess, Alicia; the Albert family, which was said to be the next in position after the royal family, is now officially recognized to be “on the equal status to the royal family”. Alicia, Patrick, and their parents would have tea parties and meals together.

The three families – Albert family, Dice family and the royal family became the stronghold in the country on such equal ties that they’re known to be the “three families that established this nation” by the royals and commoners.


“Thinking about it carefully, things might have turned out even better than if Sir Patrick and Lady Mary have gotten married.”


Addie muttered that and the Albert family head nodded in satisfaction.


“Mary is somewhat a weird child and she would do unexpected things from time to time.”

“I’m sorry; I wouldn’t refute to that.”


There’s no way he would reveal that fact that she aimed for destruction by provoking a fight with the princess; but the outcome has turned out rather different in quite an opposite way.


“She’s a weird daughter, but by going with her own wishes, instead of having her parents make the decision, she has done a lot for the family; so why would we complain about the path that she chose? Also, Mary was able to do that because you were always there for her, Addie.”


“I’m grateful to Mary of course, but I’m also grateful to you. That’s why, please hold Mary’s hand and pass through this door with confidence.”


“Well then, I’ll be at a place where I can see the audience’s expressions clearly with Carrel. If something happens, please deal with it by yourselves.”


Well then, he patted Addie’s shoulder before going off.

His excitement is evident from his back. Addie, who’s touched, was left behind and he muttered “the couple matches each other well.”


After that, before he realized, he’s totally alone.

The guests and of course the Albert head couple were waiting on the opposite side of the door. The thought of that made Addie once again, and he took a deep breath to calm himself down.

In contrast to the noise from the door, it’s weirdly quiet on his side since there’s no one around.


“…Or rather, is there really no one around? Everyone wanted to see the guests’ expressions so much?!”

“Oh, are you not pleased with me alone?”



There’s a reply coming from Addie’s back and he hurriedly turned behind.

Standing right there was Mary in a white dress. The pure white dress and the family crest of the Albert family on her chest deepened her charms, and whenever she walks, her tied up silver locks seems to be swaying- or not, they lay down the side of her face like they ever did.



“What’s wrong?”


Mary turned as though to show off her dress.

The sleeves of the pure white dress were loose like blooming flowers and there’s a beautiful Tiara shining on top of her head. At the same time, the way her side locks stayed as she moved energetically was kind of nostalgic.

Addie has totally fallen in love with her beauty and he stretched his hands out.


“Can I touch?”

“Yes, you can.”


After receiving the permission, Addie reached out to touch Mary’s hair… but he stopped when he heard “Ah, wait!”


“If you grab too hard, the side locks will go out of shape!”

“Go out of shape… the side locks will?”

“Yes, that’s right. In the first place, we’ve kept you waiting for so long because the side locks just would not curl… that’s when we found out that artificial ones existed; what a miracle-like souvenir!”


Mary said with a serious look, and Addie also looked seriously in return… it seems like they both cannot stand it longer as they burst out laughing.


“What are you talking about on a day like this?”

“Oh, excuse me. Well, I thought of making you happy with this hairstyle; are you dissatisfied with it?”

“No, I’m pleased with it. It makes me happy. I’m really happy from the bottom of my heart…”


Rubbing the tears from having laughed too hard, Addie once again faced Mary.


“Can I touch your hair?”

“Yes, you can.”


Addie once again stretched his hands out and touched her hair properly; Mary narrowed her eyes in bliss.

The way he caressed her gently and the occasional rubs on her cheeks; they were so sweet that she felt numb. Unlike in the past, she now knows what this feeling is about… the thought of that warms Mary’s heart.


“Um… can I hug you?”

“Yes, I don’t mind.”


The hand which was on her hair slowly turned to her back.

He was being careful not to create creases in her dress and Mary let out a small wry smile. In return she gently wrapped her arms around Addie’s waist and gently placed her hands onto his jacket so as to not create creases.

His touch was so comfortable that she wanted him to hug her even tighter, regardless of whether it will crease her dress or mess up her makeup or even hairstyle… that’s how much she craved it. And it seems that Addie shared the same thoughts as he put in some strength in the hand that’s on Mary’s back and said the following.


“Can I kiss you?”


His soft sweet whisper tickled Mary’s ear.

Ah, how could she refuse that…? as though she’s drowning in those sensations, she replied “of course.” Upon hearing that, his eyes narrowed in bliss; the sight of that’s just so irresistible, of course there’s no way she could refuse him.

Just like this, they slowly inched towards each other and both of them closed their eyes…


Knock knock.


Someone knocked as though to say “please cut it out” and both of them widened their eyes in unison.



“Just a little more though…”


While muttering that, Addie stretched his hand out and Mary reached out for it. At that moment, Addie smiled but Mary pretended not to notice it and hurriedly grabbed his hand gently.

Mary has appeared in countless of parties in the past, but this is the first time she would be escorted by someone she loves; his gentle touch made her smile without realizing.


Just like that, the door opened slowly, and the expressions of the guests when they saw them were priceless.


After all, everyone was stunned and there were question marks floating above their heads. They might not have noticed the family crest of the Albert family on Addie’s chest; some even thought that it’s a surprise and looked around wondering where her marriage partner would appear from. Even those who have noticed the family crest were unable to figure out what’s going on.

Well, that cannot be helped it. After all, to them, it’s normal for Mary to bring her servant along. The sight of that does not surprise them even now, and they all probably thought “As usual, the lady also brought her servant along on a day like this.”

That’s why they were all looking around for the groom; Mary and Addie both laughed.


“Hey, Addie, who’s everyone looking for?”

“Tsk. Look at how master and the others are enjoying all these.”

“Tsk, really. My elder brothers are about to laugh out loud soon.”

“Sir Patrick seems to be reaching his limits too.”


The guests were dumbfounded, while those who know the truth were enjoying themselves to the utmost. After all, this is the reason why they chose to keep the fact that Addie was Mary’s marriage partner a secret; even making a non-disclosure order for it.

While looking at the scene, Mary said “I thought of a great idea!” and grabbed Addie’s clothes, making him face her.


“Lady, what do you mean by great idea?”

“Let’s surprise everyone!”



Addie inquired; Mary grabbed his collar and pulled him closer which made him crouch down. She then stretched her back such that they are face-to-face with each other.



…the venue turned quiet all of a sudden.




“Take a look at everyone’s faces, Addie!”


Addie’s face turned red and he hurriedly tried to place some distance between them; in return Mary continued to grab hold onto his collar and enjoyed the expressions of the guests. The guests looked on at how things unfolded, “something that would not happen between a mere master and servant” with gaped mouths.

Well, some of the guests shrieked happily, and another guy beside them was enjoying it so hard that his shoulders were shaking and he laughed “as expected of my daughter!”


“Lady, you… there’s moderation in everything, you know?”

“Well, it’s for the surprise so it cannot be helped it. Also, I was just continuing what we were doing earlier.”

“Continuing? That’s not right, I received permission earlier…”


After saying that, Addie once again crouched and gently touched Mary’s lips; while grinning he said, “I am the one who received the permission so I should be the one initiating the kiss”

His alluring rust-colored eyes made Mary blush and she nodded in return “Hmm, that’s true.” Her voice blocked off the surrounding’s noise.

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