Volume 2 Chapter 28


Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 68

On that day, things are getting busy in the Albert family’s mansion.

Of course, it’s because the daughter of the family, Mary, will be holding a party to announce her marriage; some came because they received the invitation cards and some even came without any invitation card as they’re keen to have a peek at her marriage partner. As a result, there are a lot of people who came, which surpassed their expectations.

Of course, that would mean that they have to prepare the decorations, settings, foods and alcohol to accommodate for that. The preparations for that has become rather hectic, even though all staffs of the Albert family is working on it and to add on to that, those who have retired have especially come back on this day from a faraway location. That’s not all, other families, who’re close to them like the Dice family members, and even the royal family sent their help; it seems like they have exhausted all their resources.


In the middle of which, Addie has no idea where he should go to, as he wandered around while hoping that he’d not to be a nuisance; in the end he arrived at the cafeteria for the staffs.

Normally, this place is reserved for the use of staffs, but today, it has been used as a temporary cooking area. Unfamiliar chefs were lining up their luxurious dishes, which does not fit the image of the cafeteria, on the dining table. The servers were frantically trying to carry the dishes, while there were some disgruntle about the lack of ingredients.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this depicts a scene from the war; Addie seemed to have sensed the scale of the party as he began to turn pale and was about to backed off when… he noticed a maid who was stretching and trying to reach for a bottle from the top of the shelf.

At this dangerous sight, he called her name and instinctively dashed towards her.


“Wait, I’ll get it.”

“Oh, Addie.”

“Is it this bottle?”

“Sorry about that, can you fetch the bottle in the back as well?”



The small-statured maid was desperately trying to reach for that, but for Addie, he can reach the bottle at ease just by straightening his back. Even so, even though the maid has a small stature, she can reach it as well with the aid of a ladder or a chair. “How lazy of you” he joked as he lifted down the bottles one by one, as instructed.

Right after that, he has lifted down almost half of the bottles on the shelf, the maid swallowed her saliva and raised her voice “Ah, what have I done!”


“What have I done to a member of the Albert family?!”

“…eek, you’re blatantly feigning ignorance”

“P-Please forgive me…!”


Even though the maid has been dishing out instructions “take this too, take that too” earlier, she suddenly pretended to thought of something and lowered her status. The people surrounding her joined the fun and joked “please forgive her!”

Although he was dumbfounded by the blatant behaviors, these proved that they have not changed and Addie snickered; the others also laughed.


“What, Addie, you should put on airs more.”

“Ah, that’s right. I’ll do better next time.”


They exchanged such conversations.

They would not have behaved like this towards the members of the Albert family, but Addie was happy about that and was even grateful for that.

After that, they had random talks like usual, but slowly one after another returned to their positions. Some of them seemed to recall the duty they have as they frantically dashed off, some were even reprimanded by their superiors as they apologized and ran back.

Looking at their backs as they busily moved around, he felt bad and the maid who had him take the bottles slapped his back as said “you’re the main character for today, so be firm!” This made him straightened his curved backbone in a hurry.

After that, Addie was finally alone, and he looked around the inside of the cafeteria where the fights never eased; he sighed softly…


“Um, since when did you start shelling peas over there, my lady?”


He looked at the lady of the Albert family, who’s endlessly shelling peas in one of the corners of the cafeteria.


“Oh, the play is over already? Aren’t you having a second round of it?”

“Everyone’s busy.”

“I’m busy myself too.”


Mary announced that she’s working properly as she threw the peas into the basket.

There are three of those “unshelled peas” baskets placed by her side and it’s clear that she has been there for quite a while… Addie thought of that as he approached her when one chef walked past him.

Right after that he said “I’m taking them” and took the baskets filled with beans before walking away. Of course, he left the empty baskets behind…


“My lady, since when have you been here…?”

“I’m enjoying myself today far more than I thought I would.”


Instead of replying him, Mary muttered those words; Addie was about to sit down on the seat opposite of her and his hand on the chair shook when he heard that.

Mary was being honest and said that she’s enjoying herself, although it might be a little too late to think about this, he’s happy about that.


“I-Is that so…?”

“Yes, I’m surprised myself too that I woke up early today, also…”



It seems like Mary has woken up rather early today, which surprised herself too.

When she looked outside the windows, the sun was starting to rise and it’s not a weird timing for her to go back to sleep again once or twice.

She went back to bed again, put on her blankets and closed her eyes… when she was shocked by herself “Oh no!”


She could not sleep.


Her sleepiness just went away in a minute, and she could not fall back to sleep again.

Adding on to that, she could somehow hear her inner voice speaking to her “Today’s the day.” She felt irritated at the thought of being in the bed.

Isn’t this what kids feel on days when they plan to go out and play… she thought about that but was unable to suppress those restless feelings. She made excuses like “it’s so noisy that I woke up” and “it’s because I slept early last night” and got off the bed. Of course, being Mary Albert, she could not bring herself to admit that she’s so excited about the marriage ceremony to the point of waking up early like a kid.

However, the people in the mansion were too busy to listen to her excuses; nobody greeted Mary and instead told her things like “I’ll being black tea to you later!” and “I’ll play with you later!”


Just like that, she wandered around the mansion and found herself here in the cafeteria.

It might sound like a sad story since the lady of the Albert family is also the main character of the party today, and yet she could not find the right place and settled down in the corner of the cafeteria. However, Mary’s father and brothers were busy dishing out instructions here and there, while her mother’s occupied with the tea preparations to call out to her.

Even though she tried to use the time to prepare, her dress has already been ready and it’s still early for her to do her hairstyle. If she goes out, she might accidentally chance upon those people who cannot wait to find out more about her marriage partner which she has hidden all this while. Still, she cannot stand being cooped up in her room.


Right then, the maid who chanced upon Mary called out to her and asked

“Lady Mary! Would you like to shell the peas if you’re bored?”

“Leave it to me!” replied Mary.


“In other words, you could not find a place to settle down at and ended up shelling peas here, right?”

“Well, I understand how busy they could be since the party today is of a big-scale. However, the attitudes of those who slighted me displeased me… also, I’ve noted down the names and faces of those who said they’d play with me in my ‘to-be-fired’ list.”

“You’ve totally not put the ‘to-be-fired’ list to execution, eh?“

“Yes, after all, your name is listed right on top of it.”


While having such random conversations, Mary was skillfully shelling the peas; Addie sighed as he also reached out the peas himself.

In the end, Addie too, arrived here because he had nothing better to do.


“By the way, my lady, you seemed to be kind of used to this.”

“Since when do you think I’ve been doing this? I’m different from the likes of you who only help out once in a while.”

“That’s not something to be proud of… well but”


Addie laughed boldly and stood up.

She thought that he’s going to somewhere else, but he came back with a knife and a basket filled with vegetables. He held them properly and quickly peeled them with the knife.

Mary was impressed by his skills and raised her voice “Oh wow.”


“You are quite skilled. It’s clear that you’re meant for this path.”

“That’s because I’ve been asked to help out a lot in the past. I can not only peel vegetables, but also do gardening.”

“Well, that’s not something to be proud of.”


She dished her revenge and they both laughed out loud.

Right after that, they had casual conversations as they completed their tasks, when the door of the cafeteria opened with a great force.


“Lady Mary! Congratulations!”


A bright voice reverberated throughout the cafeteria, despite it being a war-like field. Of course, it’s Alicia.

Her yellow dress was adorned with golden laces and her hair accessory was silver in color; adding on to that, her personality was so bright that she appeared blinding like the sun… well though in the eyes of Mary, the brightness was too harsh that she spew words like “the noisy one has come” even on that day.


“Nice day, Lady Alicia, why are you here at such an early time? I wonder if the sense of timing is different in the countryside.”

“Hehehe, I’m so happy about the party of Lady Mary and Sir Addie that I came over too early!”

“Ugh… I-Is that so? Well, they say that morning is early in the countryside, right?”


Mary flinched at Alicia’s statement for a moment, but she rebuked as usual.

However, her red cheeks were evident to anyone, and Addie sighed as he said “you’ve not changed at all.”


“Lady Mary and Sir Addie, what are you all doing?”



Both of them looked down at their hands.

One of them had peas while the other had vegetables in their hands, Alicia looked at what they’re looking at and realized what’s going on; she then said “I’ll do it too!” with excitement.


“Eh, Alicia! That’s…!”

“Sir Addie, who do you think I’m! I’m the princess who grew up in the countryside! I’m used to shelling peas and peeling vegetables!”


Alicia announced that with pride as she sat down beside Mary.

Right after that, she got down to the job. It’s clear that she’s skilled that both Mary and Addie widened their eyes and looked at each other.


“That’s nothing to be proud of, right?”

“That’s nothing to be proud of.”


Both of them muttered and Alicia reprimanded them “Both of you are not working now!”



Right after that, the three of them did the preparations for quite a while before the door opened with great force again.

Standing right there was a young man with handsome features. He was well groomed like a prince from the fairytale… if he was not scorning.

Adding on to that-

“Why are you in such a place…?”

He growled as he walked towards them and that just adds on to the disappointment.

Well, despite his look of scorn, he’s very handsome that most of the girls would become a slave to him at first sight. Right now, he’s looking at Alicia, who has already become a slave to him, Mary, who’s receiving his looks like nonchalant, and Addie.


“Oh, Patrick. Did you wake up early too?”


Mary did her morning greetings elegantly with peas in one hand; Patrick’s face wrinkled up even more.


“I thought that I’d not be able to speak to you guys once the party has started so I came early to greet you guys.”

“Well, thank you for that.”

“By the way, I’ve searched all around the mansion and salon but you guys were not there. I thought you guys might be having tea so I even went to the corners of the gardens to search for you guys…!”


Why are you guys here instead… Patrick’s shoulders were slumped.

Indeed, it’s normal for him to be disappointed. After all, in what world would the noble family couple be helping out with the preparations in the staff-only cafeteria, in the early morning of their own marriage party? Even so, since his love, who’s the princess of the country, was also there, he did not unleash his fury totally.


“So, what are you guys doing?”


It seems like the reality was too much for Patrick to bear as he pressed onto his forehead and asked with a sigh. The three of them looked at each other simultaneously.

They then replied in order.


“Shelling peas.”

“I’m peeling the vegetables.”

“I was able to do both well!”


They replied nonchalantly, and it seems like Patrick has reached the limits of his patience.


“Please stop doing that and start preparing for yourselves!”


His voice of anger echoed through the cafeteria.

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