Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu 52

Volume 2 Chapter 12


Mary’s statement echoed in the heavy and weird atmosphere.

In the midst of that, there’s a rather courageous person of the reverse-harem team, who slowly approached as though he was going to rebuke Mary… or so it seemed, but he only called her name “…Lady Mary”

That man had neatly-put together facial features with refreshing hair and eye colors; he’s the epitome of a “righteous crown prince”. His gentlemanly attitude and gentle gaze, coupled with a firm attitude, have made him a rather popular figure; although he does have a smugly side of himself as he’d call Lilianne a “princess” both in the game and real life.

He smartly butted into the conversation in a timidly way, and hugged Lilianne to separate her from Gainas. Lilianne shrieked in a cute tone, but her expression gave hints of annoyance which Mary has seen through it and sighed in her mind.


“Lady Mary, weren’t you a little rude earlier?”


That man reprimanded Mary with a gentle voice; Lilianne immediately got on to it and looked up to him with a troubled look. Her helpless look probably drew out some feelings of protectiveness. The man’s eyes were filled with emotions, and the others guys stood up, not wanting to be overshadowed by this man.

Upon seeing this scene, Mary did not just sigh within her mind, but she did so in reality.

She thinks that it’s wonderful for men to want to protect women and be a reliable courageous figure; however, if applied to the wrong person, they’d only look like a fool.


“Oh, what do you mean by rude?””

“Your statements earlier; I think it’s too much for you to say that to her.”

“Is that so?”


She said that nonchalantly without meeting his gaze, Mary touched her hair which reached her shoulder as though it’s not something of a big deal. That blunt attitude made the foolish prince crease the area between his eyebrows; he could not tolerate her any longer.

-In her mind, Mary was excited as she’s acting out to be the perfect villainess, but no one knows of this fact. If a certain somebody else was around, that person would probably comment that she’s very into her role, but unfortunately, that person’s not there-

Lilianne observed the exchanges between Mary and the Prince and then leaned closer towards him; she probably thought that he could do more to agitate Mary. In contrast, Gainas tried to contain the Prince by telling him to calm down for a bit, though from Lilianne’s viewpoint, there’s no need to think about it.


However, in this situation, thinking about it logically, Gainas was probably right.

After all, the person he’s facing up to is no other than Mary Albert; even without her status as a part of the prestigious Albert’s Family, she’s known to help out many students in need and is a studious person who attended many lessons on Business Management.

There are not many other prestigious families like that in the country. Even if Lilianne or the Prince was right, in this Eliciana Academy, the words of Albert’s Family hold the most power.


“This commoner, who only has the ability to seduce men, gave a talking to Mary Albert without any proper greetings after all; only a person with enough status could do that, no?”

“No way, she’s…”

“To you people, she may be a princess, but to me, she’s just a commoner. Also, this is the Eliciana Academy; don’t you think that the school’s reputation has taken a hitting by accepting a girl whose background is unknown?”


Mary remarked as she stared at Lilianne coldly.

However, it’s a fact that this is the Eliciana Academy; or to be precise, it’s a miniaturized world of the nobility. It may not have mattered in other academies, but in this academy, which is attended by the children of the nobles and great businessmen, family background is of importance. Lilianne, who’s a commoner, belongs to the lowest caste stratum, and obviously, Mary of the Albert’s Family ranks on top.

In terms of social status, she’s not supposed to talk to her easily, and of course she’s not supposed to attract men to back her up.


The Prince gulped, either because he understood what Mary’s getting at, or he has finally recalled the nature of Eliciana Academy. His gaze wandered around as he compared between his noble family background and that of Mary’s; no, he’s of no match.


“T-That is… indeed, the truth but…”

“I’m glad you understood my viewpoint.”


Mary said that she’s glad without giving him a chance to continue his words; she intently smiled and looked at the other guys.

The other guys, who intended to protect Lilianne and hug her, felt heavy weights on their feet as they thought about the power carried by the Albert’s Family; Mary casted a glance and her shoulders shook slightly.


“Furthermore, it’s alright if everyone wants to butt in, but before that, would you name yourselves? I am an exchange student, so I don’t know your names.”


I don’t know you guys.

To Mary Albert, there’s no value of remembering their names.


She said that suggestively and everyone else cowered awkwardly.

The sounds of Lilianne’s footstep as she ran off from the scene and the footsteps of the guy, who chase after her, broke the heavy and painful atmosphere. That anxious behavior was unbefitting of Eliciana Academy; Mary snorted and shrugged her shoulders as she commented that “it’s awful and unsightly.”

That gesture is indeed that of a prideful lady; she has expressed the unpleasant personality well.

It’s clear to everyone that she’s the villainess, and she wanted to show that to Addie… she praised herself in her mind and brushed her shoulder-length hair elegantly.



Once again, a dead silence and awkward atmosphere descended; in which a few people hurriedly left, probably unable to withstand it any longer.

However, Mary remained seated on the chair as though nothing has happened, took out a book from her bag, and started reading; it’s not her duty to chase after Lilianne, neither does she have the duty to care about this heavy atmosphere and leave the room.

As though to express that, she looked at the page of the book; Gainas, who stayed behind, looked at Parfait awkwardly.





Both of them seemed to have something to say, however they were hesitant to express them due to the heavy pressure in the atmosphere.

They looked at each other with troubled expressions as though fellow comrades; Mary quietly thought that they matched well.


“Parfait, I want to talk to you for a bit…”

“U-Um I don’t mind, ah, but…”


Parfait peeked at Mary; she wanted to have a talk with Gainas, but she cannot leave Mary alone in this situation.

That’s why, she’s about to open her mouth to say something to Mary… and she closed them abruptly as though she recalled of something. Tears began welling up in her eyes…


“Um, I’m not concerned about the difference between your status and mine!”

“Lady Mary…”

“It’s fine, so just go and come back after that”


Upon hearing that, Parfait widened her teary eyes and her facial expression became brighter; she’s not forsaken by Mary and that she’s a supportive figure of hers.

Her expressions were so easy to read that Mary sighed and smiled wryly before looking at Gainas again.


“U-Um Lady Maria, I’m sorry but please allow me to have a conversation with her for a while…”


“Um, I’m Gainas Eldoland.”

“I know!!”


Mary exclaimed as the both of them were too serious and sighed at their craziness. She then said to Gainas.


“I plan to read a book here for a while so”


Of course behind her words, she hinted to him to “send her back properly”, of course that got through to Gainas and he nodded.




Mary then got engrossed in her book, and soon after, Gainas and Parfait returned; a commotion started stirring among the students who stayed behind. However, Mary cleared her throat audibly and right at that moment, the commotion immediately died down.

In the first place, there were only idiots who stayed behind; small fry who do not have the courage to directly talk to the people involved in the situation. Right now, there are two groups of people; people who are determined to face the situation upfront like Karina and those who have no intention to be involved in the situation. Mary falls under the latter category.


“Um, sorry to keep you waiting, Mary”

“Oh, I’m just reading a book myself and I’m definitely not waiting for you.”

“I-Is that so… I’m sorry; it’s silly of me…”




Tears starting welling up in Parfait’s eyes again, and Mary hurriedly followed up with a comment; as usual that’s her weak spot.

However, earlier, when Parfait just returned, she’s not crying and had a rather bright expression so her talk with Gainas probably went well. Although Mary stood out in a negative way earlier, she managed to get rid of Lilianne and the others early, so she’s a little relieved by that.

She then stood up slowly.

“Well then, it’s a little early, but shall we head to the classroom for the next lesson.”

She did not want to provide fodders of entertainment to those idiots any longer.

With an irritated look, Mary brought Parfait away and stuck out her tongue in her mind.




Well, to speak conclusively, Parfait has been rejected by Gainas; he requested to break off their engagement.

Even so, the talk between them went well; Gainas bowed his head and expressed all his thoughts, and it seems that Parfait has been resolved with the engagement break-off too.


“I’m the one at fault, but Gainas kept bowing his head.”

“Well, that’s natural.”

“He told me to tell him anything that I’m troubled with, and to hit him to my heart’s content”

“So, how many punches did you strike?”

“I did not punch him! Also, it seems that Lilianne understood Gainas’ worries and was able to provide comfort to him. Therefore, he wanted to be of support to her this time round… I did not notice that Gainas has been troubled all these while”


Instead of expressing anger at the engagement break-off, Parfait was frustrated at her own incompetency. Even though they had a talk and he apologized to her that made her accept the situation, it does not mean that her wounds were healed immediately.

They were in good relations, so she felt that it was her fault for not noticing his worries; a lady intercepted in from the side, and stole him away from her in the end.

Parfait let out a deep sigh and Mary peeked at her from the side while creasing the area between her eyebrows.


It’s natural that Lilianne understood Gainas’ troubles.

That’s because she has memories of this game from her previous life; she probably won all the guys over in her previous life. Gainas route, which’s of the lowest difficulty, was probably a pinch of salt for her and it’s clear that Gainas would fall into her trap even if Parfait was not there.


That was probably the reason why she did not stop at Gainas, and continued on to the most difficult harem route.

This route, which was not available previously, was so difficult that everyone would have to depend on the strategy website to proceed on. It’s easy to fail with just a single mistake. However, this difficult level was precisely the element that fuelled the passion in the souls of the core players; of which there are avid players who strived intently to have a harem end by themselves, and players who prided themselves for playing the games so many times that it exceeded three digits; the maiden game was a far cry from the others in terms of the passion it managed to draw out.

This arguably demon-like difficulty level had the following reverse-harem ending.

“All the guys were entrapped by Lilianne and there were no fights between them; there were only polyandry and no polygamy.”

The ending was just way too convenient.

Even so, it was impressive to gather all the target characters at one go, the sight of men surrounding the main character was definitely a delight to the avid maiden game players.

Because of that, there were many challengers who never stopped trying, and the “extra scenes” of the reverse harem route only further served as a motivation for the players.


Extra… that’s right, the reverse-harem end has that…


Mary thought about it when something clicked in her mind.

It’s clear that Lilianne was aiming for the reverse harem ending. Furthermore, leaving aside the understanding nature of Parfait, she probably proceeded well with her memories of the game.

If she’s aiming for “that something after the harem ending”, if she’s hurriedly proceeding on with that as a goal…

That might be unproductive… Mary sighed quietly.


“Lady Mary, what’s wrong?”


Mary was engrossed in her thoughts and Parfait called out to her.

That voice got Mary back to reality and the lesson, which has just started earlier, has already proceeded quite a bit. It seems like she has fallen into deep thoughts for a while; Mary shook her head to clear her mind from distractions. It’d be fine if it’s for other matters, but there’s no way she’s going to let thoughts of Lilianne distract her from the lessons.

For now, Mary decided to listen to the class intently and she looked at the lecturer, who was rather handsome- and was also one of the target characters- he explained the difficult jargons with some occasional sweet phrases and have captured the love of the female students who sat in the front seats. At the end of his greasy behavior, he peeked at Lilianne and winked at her; it seems like he’s already fallen into his trap

Mary quietly thought that it’d be alright to not pay attention to the lesson if it’s his.

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