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The Archer of a Fictitious World 14


A Loner and a friend



“Haaa… We lost~”


“We really lost after all.”


After the event ended, Sera and Saki were taking a break sitting on a bench in Arunima.


“I thought that our team would win, after all, you’ve defeated quite a lot of players… but the fact that no one else came our way after the second half of the event really hurt us. We should have gone out looking for people to defeat.”


“I don’t mind losing, though.”


“Even though you say that, if you had defeated a couple more players, you would have become this event’s MVP, you know?”


Saki looked bummed.

The event’s results were in, and the Red Team had lost.

Also, it seemed that there was a special prize for the event’s MVP, that is, the player with the most kills in the event. However, Sera ended up in second place.


“Oh well. I’m happy to have fought alongside you, Sera. I’m going to tell everyone at school tomorrow about this!”


“Are you a student, Saki?”


“Ah, yes. I’m a first-year student at senior high.”


“Oh… me too.”


“Really? Ah, I know! Here!”


A virtual screen suddenly appeared in front of Sera.




“It’s a Friend Request! Friends can send messages to each other. It also tells each other when the other logs in or out of the game, so it’s pretty convenient!”







“A… friend…!?”


“Huh? What’s so surprising about it? Don’t you want to–”


“Nonononononono that’s not it! Yes! I’ll accept your request!”


“Ah… good.”


“Well, I’ll be logging out now.”


“Oh, alright. Ah, wait, Sera!”




“Will you be coming back tomorrow? Let’s play together, yeah?”


“…Got it. See you tomorrow.”


“Yeah! See you tomorrow!”








After logging out, Sena was overcome with shock for a moment.





Even though it was only in-game, Sena’s emotions were skyrocketing after having made her first “friend.”


“Hey, Sena! Keep it down!”


After replying to her mother, who had yelled at her from downstairs, with a ‘Sorry!’, she threw herself onto her bed.




Starting tomorrow, she could start playing together with Saki.

There was nothing more pleasing to Sena, who had never played anything together with anyone before.


“I can’t wait until tomorrow~”


After saying that, Sena fell asleep.


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