The Archer of a Fictitious World 12


The Loner and the Event (3)



“We’re half-way through the event already, but no one is coming~”


Saki talked as if she was bored.

But that’s only natural.

It had been ten minutes since they encountered their last opponent.


But why would anyone get anywhere near them?

Sixty percent of those who got remotely close to them had been struck in the head by one of Sera’s arrows.

From the enemy’s perspective, that’s no prize.

Everyone from the opposing team was already saying that ‘that hill is bad news’.


Of course, some of them would say that ‘there’s no way she can land all of her hits’ and bravely challenge the dreaded hill, but all of them were defeated by Sera as well.


Later, Sera said:


“A person approached me while swaying from left to right as if he was boxing, so I naturally pulled my bow. It made me feel sick, so I shot him right in the middle of the face.”


Then she continued.


“Will you be going on to taking some players down soon, Saki? You haven’t defeated anyone yet, right?”


“I’m fine like this. I’m strong enough to take care of a player or two, but wouldn’t you be happier to have someone by your side?”




Feeling embarrassed hearing Saki say “Ah, that’s good,” she turned her eyes away from her.

They passed the time chatting, and when 15 minutes remained on the clock…


“…Someone’s here.”


“Really? Be careful, Sera! They must be pretty powerful if they manage to get here now! And they must have some sort of plan!”


Sera checked what kind of opponents she would be facing while listening to Saki’s advice.



(A Great Shield user and two Dual Swords Users… That Great Shield guy looks strong…)


The two Dual Swords users were shielding themselves behind the Great Shield user.

It seemed like a plan to be able to get closer to them.

But it meant nothing to Sera, who was watching them from atop the hill.

Sera took aim at the two Dual Swords users.


Sera’s arrow flew straight towards one of the Dual Swords users but disappeared right before hitting its target.









“That archer… Sera, was it? She’s amazing! If we hadn’t done anything, it would have been a direct hit!”


“Yeah. If it weren’t for Pisco’s skill, we would’ve been done for!”


“Right! Thanks, Pisco.”


The one she called Pisco nodded as if saying ‘You’re welcome.’

He was AnoDim’s famous Great Shield user.


“Looks like Sera and her group have started to move.”


“Huh? Really?”


“Hey, don’t you trust my ‘Presence Detection A’?”


“I can trust your presence detection, you’re the one I can’t trust.”


“Aw, don’t be so mean.”


“Shut up, you two. Is the trap ready?”


“Of course! Those two won’t be able to get down from that hill anymore!”









“Huh… why…?”


“What’s wrong, Sera?”


“My arrows aren’t working…”




“All of the arrows I’ve been shooting are just disappearing!”


“Disappearing…? I can’t see from here, but is there someone with a big shield down there?”


“I knew it! That’s Pisco, the ‘Invincible Fortress’!”



“He’s AnoDim’s number 1 Great Shield user! Perhaps your arrows aren’t hitting because of his Great Shield Skill ‘Light Curtain’. It encircles a player within a barrier that renders projectiles useless.”


“Then using a bow against him would be a great disadvantage.”


“Originally, there would be one Great Shield user for every nine Bow users, so it’s a pretty convenient skill for the Great Shield users. Anyway, we won’t be able to attack them, so we have no choice but to retreat.”


“… I see.”











Saki and Sera tried to descend from the hill, but on the way, they found a place where three other players had been defeated.


“What’s this?”


“… They’ve been beaten down. Perhaps there are traps around this hill.”


“Traps? So these guys have fallen into traps?”


“Yes… it’s hard to find high-ranked ‘Paralyze Traps’. These are probably A-rank… There was no way these guys could detect them.”


“And those have been laid around this hill?”


“Maybe they found out you’ve been setting up camp here using Presence Detection. If you get caught in one of these traps, it’ll paralyze you just like these guys here, and then all you can do is wait for the enemy to come and take you down. So we can’t get down from this hill, and Pisco is coming our way.”




“Trouble. Big trouble.”


“No way.”




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