The Archer of a Fictitious World 11


The Loner and the Event (2)




A few minutes after the event started, three players walked into the field.


“Heey, which team do you think will win this time?”


“Who knows? Pisco and Narja are on the Blue Team, and Carlos seems to be on the Red Team. Maybe Blue has the advantage?”


“And that Sera? What team is she on?”


“Dunno. I don’t know if she’s even going to participate in this event either.”


“Well, as long as we focus on taking down the weaklings, we should be alright.”


“That’s right.”


Just as they were walking while having that conversation, they suddenly heard a whiffing sound.


“Hey, what was that sound just now?”


“What sound? I didn’t hear anything. Must be your imagination.”


“Really? Hey, what about… you?”


When he turned around to ask his other friend, he found he had fallen to the floor with an arrow stuck into his head.

Unlike in the real world, there is no bleeding in this game. Players just turn into light and disappear.




“Where did that come from!?”


They quickly started looking around themselves, trying to find their hidden assailant. But there was nowhere to hide.


“Damn! Where are they attacking us from!?”


“Let’s get out of here! It’s the best we can do for now!”


The two players started running in hot haste.

But that made no difference for her.

As long as she could see them and they were within range, running away was no different from standing still.




One of them fell after letting out a scream.

The remaining player once again looked around him, but there was no place their assailant could be hiding.

Then he looked up towards a nearby hill.

And over there he could see a distant figure.


“No way… from that distance?”


Those were his last words.

Shortly after that, an arrow pierced through his head.










She took a breath after putting down her bow.

It was her first time shooting at other players, so she thought she would need to be closer to her targets in order to attack them, but it actually wasn’t that difficult.

Even though they were far away, she could see them with her clairvoyance, so she was able to attack them.


Leaving that aside, Saki, who was standing next to Sera, looks at her with her mouth wide open.


“Se… Sera? What… what was that!?”


“Umm… I confirmed their position with clairvoyance and presence detection… and then I attacked them with my bow…”


“And you make it sound like it’s no big deal! How can you land hits with your arrows being so far away from them!?”


“I’ve… done archery in real life… so…”


“But it looks like something beyond the level of normal archery…”


At the same time Saki was talking, Sera’s presence detection went off again.

She confirmed the opponent’s position with clairvoyance and readied her bow once again.




“Yes, again.”


Since this time the distance was greater than before, she only managed to hit them on the chest this time.

Still, it was enough to defeat that player. Perhaps they had low HP.


“I get it now! You’ve been hitting your targets from this kind of distance all the time, no wonder no one has been able to see you! But why do you leave so soon after that? You could at least stick around and let people thank you for helping them, don’t you think?”


“…You won’t laugh?”


“Why would I laugh about it?”


“I… I have a lot of trouble talking to people… I get really nervous when I have to talk in front of people I don’t know… I can’t look straight at their faces.”






“Aha… ahaha… ahAHAHA!”




“Haa… I’m… I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Hey, I’m sorry! Please put your bow down!”


“It’s okay… I don’t mind.”


“Ah… Ah… Is that so? Good…”


While they were talking, Sera’s presence detection was triggered once again.


“There are more!”


“Alright! Go take care of them!”









~ From the audience’s perspective~


“Carlos is really strong! He’s already defeated three players.”


“But Narja and the others are still around, right? The Blue team has a lot of strong players too.”


“That’s right. The Blue team has this event in the bag!”


“Hey! Look at that! That guy on top of that hill!”


“Hill…? Wha…!?”


“Is that a Beastkin!? Ah, did it hit!?”


“How the hell would I know that? Can arrows really fly that far…?”


“Even if they could, there’s no way they’ll hit, is there…? What is that Beastkin’s name?”


“Wait a second… Their name must still be on the temporary shooting rankings… Let’s see… Sera!?”


“‘That’s Sera!?”


“No way! And she’s using a bow… She must definitely be that ‘Formless Archer’…”


“No way… She’s… ”


“She’s so…


“She’s so cute!”


After that, the audience became a bit chaotic for a while, so the GMs had to step in to calm them down.


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