The Archer of a Fictitious World 10


The Loner and the Event (1)



Two months after the battle with that boss, Sera got a message.


“Do you know about the event that the GMs have prepared?”


Sera had been invited to take part in an event that apparently only players with a certain level of ability were eligible to participate.

Sera replied that she would participate, and once again rushed out into the field.











『Sorry to keep you waiting! At last, AnoDim’s second event is about to start! I, Gaiko, will be your guide in this event as well!』


The audience cheered at the girl’s cheerful voice.

As a matter of fact, Gaiko was pretty popular among players. Gaming magazines were already talking about her.


『Now, I will be explaining the rules of the event! This time the event will be a Team Battle. The participants will be split into two teams, Red and Blue, and will fight in a dedicated field especially created for this event. The team with the most players still alive after an elapsed time will be the winner! Each participant will be rewarded depending on how many players they have defeated whether their team wins or loses! Please make sure you’ve received our previous message which tells you for which team you’ll be fighting! The event starts in 1 hour!』


As soon as Gaiko was done with her explanation, all participants were sent to the event’s dedicated field.

Sera checked her messages and confirmed that she would be fighting for the Red team. As soon as she starts to walk…


“Um… Excuse me! Do you mind if I join you?”


A voice suddenly spoke to her.

Surprised, she turned around and found a girl. She was a Beastkin like her and had light pink hair.

Sera’s first impression was that she had seen her somewhere before.


“Ah, um, ahh, I mean…”


“Ah, I’m sorry if I surprised you! Truth is, I’m kind of bad at these events… Last time I got beat down as soon as it started. And now the friends I usually play with are on the opposite team, so…”


She was talking nervously, but Sera was panicking so hard that she couldn’t hear half of what she was saying anyway.

Sera would normally run away in a panic, but she didn’t this time.

That’s right. Sera’s conversations with the tentacle fry seller were helping her get better with her fear of speaking with people.


“Umm… O-Okay… I g-guess…”


“Really? Thank you so much! Ah, my name is Saki.”


“I’m… Sera…”


Sera responded to the girl’s self-introduction.

But at that moment, Saki looked at her with her eyes widely opened in surprise.


“Seseseseseseraaaa? Really!?”


“Ah… Do you… know about me?”


“Do I know about you! You’re that player who managed to defeat the Solo Boss Killer Carlos’s record and climbed up to the second place overall fastest killing time! You’re the same Sera who no one has ever been able to see before, aren’t you!?”


(I don’t know anything about that)


All that sudden information made a mess in Sera’s head.


“Am I… that famous?”


“Yes, you are! Everyone knows about the theory of you being that ‘Formless Archer’, Sera~!”


“Formless Archer?”


“They’re a mysterious archer who comes to the aid of players who are having trouble, but when they want to thank them, there’s no one around, no matter how much they call out to them… so it’s really you, Sera?”


“… Maybe… yes.”


“I knew it! I’m so glad I finally met you~”


Sera was in shock. She didn’t know she had become so famous in the game.

Then she remembered when she had seen this girl before.

She was from one of the parties she had helped out before.


(But not only that… I feel like I’ve seen her even before that…)


But no matter how hard she searched her memories, she couldn’t remember anything else.


“Umm… Sera? Shouldn’t we get going? The event will start soon…”


As a result of their discussion, they decided to go a bit farther ahead, to a place where the ground was higher.

A few minutes later, the sound of a high-pitched whistle echoed through the field.

Sera’s first event had just begun.



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