126 Part 2


Misha seemed to have gotten used to my arms and found the right place on my lap, and rubbed a cheek on my stomach. I was relieved. Daddy wanted to name Misha Chosuke at first, and if I had been unable to stop him, I would have had to call Misha by that name.

That…would have been a bit embarrassing. I almost had been unable to call Misha’s name due to my father’s strange antics, but my strong will enabled me to call this cat Misha. Misha seemed to have been grateful to me, by a lot!




She came flying in the carriage as I was stroking Misha’s soft fur. My sister was so amazing coming in the carriage at once while being about the same size as me.


“That was something, right?!”



Misha woke up from sleep and started being wary of Unnie as she sat next to me. While I should stop Misha, it cannot be helped since I understood why Misha was acting like that after receiving Unnie’s treatment. I could only stroke Misha’s fur.


“What about Daddy?”

“He’s bringing the horse he rented yesterday.”


We did not raise cows and horses since we did not have stables. Therefore, when we went out of the village, we moved by buying a horse in our village’s lone stable and selling it back on returning. While others had to hire the stable owner as a horseman since no one could handle a horse, my father could do everything. Yes, Daddy was a better horseman than the horseman owner, and he really was the best!

We had been waiting for about twenty minutes when we heard horse hooves. The sun was coming up, and while the sun would have already risen in the busy summer, even the sun was sleeping in when winter was coming.


“Then, we’re going now.”


Had he tied the horse to the carriage? I had heard it was a difficult task, but Daddy did it in a minute and started the horse. The carriage’s wheels started rolling with a clattering noise, and our house became smaller.

While I had been out a few times, it was always interesting to see the bustling village quiet. There was no one selling skewered meat, vegetables, or my precious chickens!


“There’s no one.”

“Everyone gets up late now.”


We are allowed to sleep in when the sun is also waking up late, which was only possible because our harvest had been successful. If the harvest had been bad enough, we could not last the winter, and we would have had to plant other crops quickly. I learned that potatoes were useful for that purpose. Potatoes were amazing to be able to grow in this weather when it was delicious when baked or fried!


“We’re already at the end of the village.”


I could not see our house anymore, and I knew from experience that we were passing the village gates when the carriage stopped a moment. I heard Daddy’s faint voice, who seemed to be speaking to the soldier protecting the gate. While we did not have knights like where the lord lived, but some soldiers protected our village here. Their work was mostly to protect the gates, and while no monsters have been nearby, they were always protecting the village in case of an ambush.


“Hey, you two, it’s a treat to go to the next village, eh?”


“Yes! Have a nice day!”

“Hahaha. Of course, have a safe trip.”


We held a brief conversation with the soldier at the village gate, slowly becoming smaller as the carriage started again. I had been waving until I could not see the gatekeeper at the end of the carriage and came back to my seat to find that Misha had evacuated to a corner of the carriage.


“Be closer to Unnie.”



That meant Misha understood, right? I did not know the reason why I was thinking this, but it must have been my imagination that Misha had just told me that was impossible.


“Haha, this cat does need to be trained early.”



I could not hold back a sigh as I saw Misha on battle mode with an erect tail as my sister laughed evilly. It would take more time until Unnie and Misha became closer. I held Misha in my arms for relaxation, and while there was some resistance, Misha remained still.

As I stroked Misha’s pretty fur, Unnie lost interest and sat on the carriage railing at the back to watch the view. While she might fall, I thought she would be all right even if she did. Of course, Unnie would never fall, and as I expected, she did not fall down from the railing no matter how the carriage rattled. She looked out the window even when I shook at the corner of the carriage, and I had been staring at her in admiration when the carriage stopped.


“Hey, we arrived!”



I stood up and moved to where my sister was, and I left Misha, who went to the farthest back corner, behind since I only needed to confirm.


“We really are!”


I saw high walls that could not be compared to our village, and they were about 10 feet and made of stone. The soldiers here wore shining armor, unlike our village soldiers.





I had been staring at the castle walls that were still high whenever I saw them outside the window and almost fell as the carriage started suddenly.


“Be careful.”

“Thank you, Unnie.”


However, I managed not to since my sister held me.


“You shouldn’t be surprised at that since there are even higher castle walls everywhere in this world!”


“My sister has not seen the world yet! I had even seen the castle walls in the capital of the Karuan Empire!”

“That’s amazing!”


The Karuan Empire! If this village’s castle walls were this high, how daunting would be the castle walls of the strongest country in this world?!


“Do they make castle walls out of gold, or do magic spells come out automatically from them?!”

“Oh? No, they are just extremely high and thick. However, the outer walls of Eugrasia, an academy, shoot out magic to the inside.”

“To the inside?”


I was surprised but tilted my head at Unnie’s words. Why would magic shoot inwardly when outer walls were used to stop thieves and enemies from outside? Had they been made under the supposition of a breach?


“It’s just because of someone who lived there.”


Unnie looked at me with eyes that said that she understood everything.


“Unnie, a little bit more…”

“We arrived.”


While I wanted to question her to satisfy my curiosity, she jumped out of the carriage at Daddy’s words.




I really wanted to know why the castle walls shot out magic spells!


“I’ll ask her later…let’s go, Misha!”



I can ask her on the way back, since enjoying ourselves is more important after coming here!



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