126 Part 1

Chapter 126 To the World of Farming! (8)



I watched Alice happily play with the golden cat, and it had been a month since we took him in as our pet.


“Nothing happened.”



A big emphasis on ‘yet.’ While it took over twenty years for the syndicate I belonged to crumble, Eugrasia took only a little over a year to follow suit. The intervals were becoming shorter, so I had to observe that cat a little bit more.


“If we think of it like that, we have been neighbors with the old man for over two years. Haven’t we lived here for quite a long time?”

“That was when I did not know that grandpa had been a Holy Sword.”


In other words, it has not been six months since I knew that the old man who still came to eat chicken sometimes nowadays had been a Holy Sword. Actually, since that was around when the cat came into our lives, it has been less than two months. Since even half a year had not passed, who knows what will happen in another six months?


“I told you that’s a disease.”

“If being suspicious will let me live a long life, let it be a chronic one.”


The Metal Bat shook her head like she gave up and ran to Alice and the cat.

“Let me join!”



The cat let out a screech when the metal bat ran to them, and Alice scowled at the sight. Since there was no work, everything was peaceful. The trying harvest ended yesterday, and now the warehouse was full of food! I did not have to worry much about rotting thanks to the underground caves I made when failing to open an escape route!

I now can spend the winter eating snacks without anything happening. Since I had two kids who could at any moment roast potatoes and corn in secret, I had prepared an ample amount of firewood. This old body found it difficult to endure not being able to turn on the stove in the freezing cold like last winter.

I was in my mid-forties and will soon be fifty, and I had only gained the attention of mad women and ways to escape. How drabby my life would have been if I had not gained a cute daughter near the end of my life.


-You’re talking about me, right?

-What are you talking about?


How could she be comparing herself and my lovely Alice? It was true that the metal bat did not have any conscience.


“I will have to prepare for the market in the next village since it’s coming up soon.”


There were a few inconveniences since I had come to this rural mountain village to escape, and not being able to purchase lamp oil was one. While there were many other things I could not get here, most of them were available in the bigger village neighboring us. Also, since merchants came to this village at the end of spring and after harvest, I could get items not even available at the neighboring village, and the timing was about now.


“It’s perfect to meet someone by coincidence.”


The timing would be perfect for feigning coincidence and meeting in a novel. While I usually did not think of these things, strange things were happening recently. I was certain that they were omens.

Even if the Metal Bat thought my suspicion was an illness, I trusted my instincts! And unfortunately, my hunch was proved correct, albeit in a different manner!


#8 Other Stories: A daughter’s story.


“Daddy…what are you doing?”


Today was one of the two days we went on a trip to the next village. It was not to play, and in spring, we went to buy seeds we would plant in the summer or high-quality farming tools, and in fall, we bought items we needed for the winter.

However, since Daddy spent more money than usual during our trips, my sister and I can eat many treats. While Daddy’s cooking is amazing, and chicken is the greatest food ever made, the dishes available in the neighboring village were a rare treat.

I could not let this chance go by! Therefore, I woke up early for the first time in a long while and washed my face and hair. Since I had always slept late after the harvest, it had taken some effort. However, I did so to go on the trip!


“You seem to have finished already, Alice.”


I had to tilt my head to stare at Daddy, who had transformed to the extent that I would not have recognized him if I had not seen him preparing.


“Really, what are you doing, Daddy?”


His black hair turning white had wholly changed to brown, and I did not know how he did it, but one of his brown eyes was blue. He was wearing a white robe, which made him even more suspicious!


“Is there anything wrong? Are we…not going to the neighboring village?”


I could not say that I had been looking forward to it at Daddy’s serious face. However, my face must have shown my disappointment, as Daddy bent his back a little to stroke my hair before speaking.


“Don’t worry, we have to go there, or winter will be difficult.”


“Um…to refresh my mood?”

“Is that it?”


Daddy could be strange sometimes, and today seemed to be one of those days.


“Then I’ll go out first!”

“Yes, be on the back of the carriage.”

“All right!”


While I was sorry to feel Daddy’s warm hand go, I went to the carriage at the front yard since he seemed to be busy. Daddy had borrowed the carriage from the village foreman last night. While he usually borrowed a wheelbarrow, Daddy said he had rented a carriage for me and my sister’s safety. While it was to carry items and not for travel, the carriage was the best our village had with even a roof!

I first placed Misha, who was sleeping, on the carriage. While I wanted to go up gracefully like knights riding their horses, it was impossible for now.

Therefore, I stepped on the piece of wood Daddy had placed as a foothold and went over the carriage railing with some difficulty. After a fierce battle, I succeeded and held Misha, who was still sleeping soundly.


“You can sleep a bit more, Misha.”


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