125 Part 1

Chapter 125 To the World of Farming! (7)




My daughter started rebelling. She had been such a lovely child who had never made her father feel troubled after two years!




While I only called her name, I made my tone strong. She did not step back this time even after flinching for a moment.


“Da- Daddy! Alice will take care of the cat! The treatment has just finished!”

“It’s all right, Alice. Her treatment is reliable.”


While Alice had frozen like time had stopped, she seemed not to want to give up on the cat.


“However, the cat will be hurt inside! The cat has to have some trauma after Unnie’s treatment!”


I could not say anything to that, and the Animal Protection Association had a right to drag me in.


“Sis! Aren’t you mistreating me?”

“Your treatment is too much!”

“Oh, my dear little sister… my sister told me off!”


The Metal Bat was in despair to the extent I wanted to put up a sign above her saying [Boom!].


“So please!”


I wanted to say that you could raise any cat you want when seeing Alice’s bright eyes staring up at me. I did, but…


‘Can an ordinary cat have such an indifferent expression?’


While I had seen people become willing servants to cats in my past life, I had never been one of them. I had never given a stray cat some canned food, a scene often seen in tv shows. I only had agonized over cute internet kitten images and read some relevant information. Therefore, all I knew about cats was from the internet, which amounted to basically nothing.

However, that cat unnerved me for inexplicable reasons. That indifferent expression may be translated to a cat’s bored face, but I felt that the cat had a secret and was watching us without any interest.

It was an impossible thought when taking reality as a factor. I had seen the princess, the most powerful figure in the empire, from morning to night every day, and had been almost ambushed by a high elf, who was said to not come out from near the World Tree. However, I had never seen a pureblood of the beast people, let alone an aristocrat that could change to a perfect animal form.

By coincidence! In this rural area! The possibility was lower than having bought three lottery tickets and winning first to the third prize with them.

However, I had already experienced that the old man living next door was a Holy Sword, which would have similar rates. Therefore, that golden cat made me nervous, and whenever I felt anxiety, something would always occur. Consequently, I wanted to do something.


“Why this one?”

“I treated him too badly, so I have to take responsibility!”


Alice was almost too cute as she held the cat and sobbed. However, what she was saying was problematic. If she is my daughter, she should not feel responsible for doing something a bit bad!


-Yes, if you take responsibility for only the women you have done wrong, you will have the basic option of three wives and a selective option of four mistresses.

-What do you mean by four mistresses!


I had not done that much wrong… right? The Metal Bat looked at me like I was pathetic as I thought things over for a moment.


“Therefore, I’ll raise this cat!”



While the cat started shouting in surprise, hanging from her arms, Alice ignored the movements and spoke as she showed the cat to me.


“He is cute!”

“There are cute cats abound in the village! I’ll allow you to raise one of them, but not this one!”


I would sooner let her raise a black cat, an ill omen, rather than this one with sure pedigree.


“I’ll feed him well!”


“Oh…I’ll teach it to use the restroom! I’ll clean up if he makes a mess in the house! Please!”



The cat seemed to respond differently and seemed to be saying, ‘How dare you to think that I would do such a thing, human!’


-You have a disease.

-It may be true!


If something may occur to me, there was a high possibility of it becoming a reality. It was a surprise I had been able to live quietly for the last two years after those experiences. Of course, the crazy fact that my old neighbor next door is the Holy Sword had become true.


-While it’s pure nonsense, you saying it makes it probable.



The Metal Bat was slowly leaning over to my side, but my daughter did not know her father’s ill luck.




Alice just puffed her cheeks and held the cat like he was dear to her.


“Daddy will become really angry…”

“That’s cheating…”


I lowered my tone and put on a sad expression. I did not have a child in my past life, so I wanted to avoid fighting with my first kid despite her not being of my blood. So, I had to act strongly.


“Do you think that Daddy will not let you raise the cat without any reasons? I’m doing this with one.”

“What is it…?”

“It’s a secret.”

“Daddy, that’s cheating…”


Alice looked down and stared at the cat after meeting my eyes. Her wavering eyes remained on the cat for a while, and they blinked before taking on a determined hue.


“Then…I’ll go out with him!”

“Stop if you think that you’ll stay at a friend’s place for a few days.”

“How did you know!”

“It’s the same pattern every time.”


Alice ran away about twice after coming to this village. The first time had been when I said she should sleep alone after turning ten, and the other time had been when I decided not to plant corns due to geographical concerns. Since I had used the Metal Bat to map her runaway route, I was confident that I could bring her back whenever she tried again.


“Well, there’s a place you don’t know yet!”

“Grandpa next door?”

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