124 Part 1

Chapter 124 To the World of Farming! (6)


#5 Other stories: An daughter’s story


A week has passed after Daddy told us that we would move. Grandpa next door convinced my father to stay here! I harvested the crop this week, using my happiness as power. I managed to finish harvesting potatoes, wheat, and other vegetables, and now we were going to harvest the cornfield, which was left for the last. Oh!


“Daddy, you’re not working again!”

“I’m sorry!”


I complained to Daddy, who stopped his hands. There are times he stopped working to think, and I would have to scold him quickly. Winter is coming!


“Daddy, hurry!”

“All right, all right. Aren’t you too hard on your daddy?”


We have to harvest the corn and store them well quickly. Corn can be ruined easier than other products, and corn is not the only thing we seeded on the cornfield. There are beans and pumpkins here and there. Daddy said corn hurts the soil, and we have to protect the fields by planting beans and pumpkins. In contrast, I do not know why, but it will be true since Daddy had said it.




I reached out to an ear of corn nearby, but my arm was too short. I hated being short at times like this. I wanted to grow up faster so I could harvest the corn at the very top.


“It looks delicious…”


I tried to reach the corn on tiptoe, but I only became able to smell the sweet corn. Corn is yummy when roasted or boiled like potatoes. While Daddy had not fried them, that also seems tasty. Also, corn can be made into a powder to make bread or pressed for oil. Chicken made from corn oil is the best.


‘That may not be a corn dish.’


I hesitated, but Daddy always said that a good thing was a good thing. Therefore, corn was good since we could use it to make chicken.




I jumped to harvest that ear of corn but failed. I was focusing on the beans in disappointment when someone tapped my back.




“What’s wrong?”


A cat I sometimes gave food to had poked my back.


“Big sister is busy.”


I was not treated as an older sister in this village, as I was the youngest since the fruit merchant’s daughter was born a month earlier than me. Only babies who could not go outside were younger than me, and that was why I had to take in cats as my younger siblings.



“No, no.”


Were they dissatisfied because I had not been able to play with them because I had been busy with the harvest? The cat had listened to me in the past but was now hitting my back.


“No, really! I have to harvest all the beans!”


Daddy had said that he would take care of the heavy pumpkins and the corn up high. Therefore, I was in charge of beans, which would make good oil. Chicken fried in bean oil is also tasty as chicken fried in corn oil. Fried chicken is always yummy!



“Hey, what’s up with you?”


While there had been many cats, all of them were smart. They would wait for me when I was farming or harvesting. Had something happened?


“Daddy! Can I leave for a moment?”

“Did something happen?”


I could not see where Daddy was since he seemed to be working hard. I only saw corn rustling.


“Cats are all over me! Something may have happened.”

“Cats? That cannot be helped. Go on now.”


I had been worried that he might scold me since I had, but my father had a large heart.


“All right, I’ll hurry.”


The cat started running the moment I stood up, and it seemed to be urgent!

“Meow! Meow! Meow!”



I heard cats meowing frantically as I soon neared the mountain. Something must have happened!


“Hey, you guys. What happened?!”


The cats were usually quiet, and they shouting like that made me run faster. I saw red blood and screamed.

A golden cat with shining fur had a large wound!


“I never saw this one before…you guys haven’t done this, right?”


These nice cats would never do such a thing since they began to rub against my body and meow as if to ask me to solve this situation.


“I have to go to Daddy!”


Blood was still flowing, and what I could do was to report to Daddy as quickly as possible. That was the best method he had taught me. However, the injured cat clawed at me with sharp eyes as I approached it to carry to my father.


“It hurts.”


I grabbed the scratch marks on my palm, and red blood flooded down from it. It hurts.




The fallen cat staggered and then stood up to glare at me, telling me to not come near it.


“You’re hurt!”



The cat shouted while supporting its body with shaking legs. However, I knew that the cat was only wary about things coming near it because it did not want to get hurt anymore. I lived through that and had not been a good child to Daddy. However, he hugged me no matter how I resisted him! So, now was the time I had to buckle up!


“It’s all right.”



I approached it carefully and put out my hand. I heard that cats did not like people touching their palm, belly, and tail. I had whined where I should touch them at first but now was different.





I grabbed the cat’s body when its gaze stared at me. The cat wounded my arm with a scream, but more blood seemed to be flowing from the cat.


“It’s all right. Don’t worry. Daddy will take care of everything!”


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