123 Part 2


“I lost, so let’s end hereeee!”


The demonic weapon nodded. While only the blade shook a little, I could feel it. Then, I could not find my senses from the two fists that pumped out of the sword.

I wanted to die. I would have felt a relieving rest if I could die!




However, the pain became stronger with each hit. Dwarves had made many divine weapons and a similar number of demonic weapons. Only twelve dwarf families existed after the world came into being. I had to realize what it meant that one of them named this sword their worst demonic weapon.


“Stop, stop!”


It had been a long time since I cried! I had cried because I was beaten at thirteen, and it was because of anger and not pain. However, I was now crying because of pure pain!


“Weapons are the best, and demonic weapons are all the better! So, please stop!”


However, the demonic weapon was ruthless, and it attacked my face and body with the two hands protruding from the blade without stopping.

The only thing I could do was block the attacks with my arms, but the pain was the same. I was then beaten by the demonic weapon until I could not feel anything, and I realized that weapons were the best when I could not even beat one of them.




“Ah, that was refreshing!”


I fell deep into thought as the Metal Bat came running at me with a bright smile. While I had seen many old men who had said they had been strong once, no one had used the reinforcing aura. That was evidence of being a sword master. What was the possibility of an old man living next door being a sword master, who could not be found easily in the Empire?


“Isn’t it easy to find a sword master? Many come out near you.”

“That’s true.”


Let’s see, Lude and Sia had been sword masters, I had met the current Holy Sword, and Aris had also been one…


“The princess chasing you is one, and her twelve subordinates are all sword masters, right?”

“It’s really easy to find a sword master.”


The possibility that my old neighbor being a sword master rose significantly. The era changed to an era of sword masters! A swordsman needed to become a master if he wanted to be recognized as one!


“Human beings may rule the world in this era.”

“I think you played a significant role.”


I had strengthened the human race too much, and I needed to bring them a notch down, especially those around me.


“The battle power of the human race increases every time you run away.”
“I can’t say that’s wrong.”


Damn, I had strengthened those around me to make my life easy, but now it was choking me in a butterfly effect. Those who were not sword masters had become one.


“Would this old man be the legendary grand sword master?”

“That’s really a legend.”

“I had heard of the Sword Master Knights as a legend, but they had been real.”

“That’s true!”


Reality always exceeded fiction. While the story of those who did not come out of the house being popular had been fiction, one had become President in reality.


“What are you talking about?”

“It happened.”


Something amazing had happened, which the Metal Bat had not experienced.


“What are we going to do with that old man? Finish him off?”

“No! Attacking or killing people like them leads to hidden successors, descendants who had been finding his traces, or if not being a student, a hero who he had taught some skills coming and searching!”

“There’s too many.”

“That’s why we don’t normally touch people like him in hiding.”


I had not touched old men living quietly when I had been working at the syndicate. Retired eccentrics were not called by that title without reasons. Most of them sent assassins wearing masks away, saying they wanted to live in peace unless they were directly relevant people.

I could not become an extra who was swept in the death of such a person. If I was polite enough to my senior, others did not act unless I had something to do with them directly.


“Therefore, we will escort the old man home. And then.”

“And then?”

“We run!”

“It’s been a long time.”

“Yes. Unfortunately, our stay has come to an end.”



While I was sorry to let the unharvested corn go, I would be able to get some money for them if I tied them and sold them at a special price.


“It’s sad since we have stayed here for a long while.”

“I feel the same, but it cannot be helped. To think that my next door neighbor is the previous Holy Sword.”


Most of the sword masters I had seen were those who had come to capture me. The syndicate sent sword masters after me, and the imperial family and the princess also had done the same. I had made Aris one by throwing snowballs to catch No. 17. Therefore, this Holy Sword may try to capture me after coming into contact with a strange person.

So, I had to run!




However, I had one more person in tow than usual.


“I don’t want to move when we have not even finished the harvest!”


I saw Alice staring at me with teary eyes.


“We have an emergency.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh, that’s…”

Our next-door neighbor is a sword master. I can only convince the Metal Bat, who has indirectly experienced my life and whose soul was connected with mine.


“Um…a scary person might come chasing us.”

“A scary person? Who is that?”


Innocent eyes stared at me. I had seen the eyes of a predator in front of prey, and who saw the seedlings of the Evil God, but I had no tolerance for eyes like this.



“Master, you have a lot of people chasing you. You can just name one of them.”


The Metal Bat whispered in a small voice next to me as I thought things over.


-It will make me look suspicious.

-You just chose to flee in the middle of the night. How can you be more suspicious?


That was true.


“You’re lying! No! I like it here! I like the lands I farmed with you!”



You make your father happy, but…


“You don’t have to go somewhere else because of me when she’s talking like that.”


I heard a dying voice and saw an impressive physique while I was deep in thought.



“I understand everything.”


I decided to observe the situation staying here as I watched the old man smile with deep understanding. However, I regretted the choice in less than a year.


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