8th Class Mage Season 2 Chapter 22

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[You had accepted my request, received my ring and my promise, but went straight to Aphrodite.]

[You told her everything and planned and succeeded in killing Eos. Am I right?]


[I pledge with everything I honor that you will not die an easy death…]

“Those at the top of the Clock Tower.”

“Had you promised Eos that you would inform her of their weaknesses?”

[What nonsense…!]

“Don’t you want to speak in private?]



Silence meant yes.


[…From now on, this conversation is only between us. Continue to spout your nonsense.]

“Eos was livid when I delivered the necklace, saying she wanted information. She was sneering at whether you thought this was really love.”
[…Is that the truth?]

“Of course. How would I know what went on between you and Eos otherwise?”


Ares’s statue cleared its throat, and Ian could tell it was astonished.


“Do not worry. I have not told this to anyone, even to Aphrodite.”

[I thought so, as I had not been questioned on that front… However, why did you not tell? She would have given you a bigger reward.]

“It was too great a secret to tell, as you may be considered a traitor.”

[Traitor?! I can vouch that I never-]

“I know you’re innocent. That is why I have not told this to anyone.”



Ian knew that Ares’s anger was dissipating and thought he needed to finish up. It was too good a chance to miss.


“I do not believe you are a traitor to your own race. Everyone will think so.”

[Of course! I am the most loyal.]

“Everyone knows. That is why I kept silent. Like this, you will only be one with a wandering eye.”

[That is not favorable…]

“Wouldn’t it be better than to be considered a traitor?”



Ares hesitated before continuing to speak.


[You… are wiser than my expectations. I will let you go this time.]

“Thank you for your graciousness.”

[I only turned a blind eye on you once.]


Ares’s voice was completely different as he spoke.


[Also, you should know that this sort of problem is common between us. Aphrodite herself has fooled around with others, and I killed them each time. We are now even.]

“…I see.”


While Ian could not understand the reason they would do such a thing, he did not want to know either.


[Anyway, you will be waiting for your next task.]

“Saying no would be a lie. May I ask for a task?”

[Yes. I will make an exception in your case and give you a simple one.]


Ian cheered inwardly, as Ares had not looked the type to keep a promise. His fast talk had worked.


[You will need to come with me.]

“May I ask where?”

[Go outside. I was heading there and will tell you on the way.]


Ian nodded and went outside to see a boy with blue skin and black hair. Guards were nervously saluting him.


[We salute the Ruler of Battlefields, Ares!]

[I remember ordering you to ignore me when I was in this form.]

[I apologize!]

[…Well, well.]


Ian looked at them both before Ares spoke.


[Come. Follow me.]


[You asked where we are going. We’re going to Middle Earth.]

“…the Middle Earth?”


Ian’s heart skipped a beat at those words. He thought he had earned time from the code he got from the Analyst. They should not be suspicious yet. Before the return, no additional forces had come even though the Analyst had spent twenty years there. That was a certain fact in the Analyst’s memory. What happened?


[As you know, there is no war in our world. The Titans have hidden, and everyone else bows to our father…]


Ares was too busy talking to recognize Ian’s change.


[I know peace is good, but I am the Ruler of Battlefields.]


Ares was well known for his thirst for fights and would find this peace desolate.


[I cannot plan a war here, but the Middle Earth gave me an opportunity.]

“The Middle Earth?”
[It’s simple. I intervene to start a war, raise heroes, support others, and have fun. It’s a sort of bloody chess. Other rulers are also having fun. Athena seems addicted.]


[Seeing is believing. We’ve arrived. While I don’t like that Asgards use this, it is useful.]


Ian and Ares had arrived at a large sinkhole at the back of the Olympus Temple. Orbs with rainbow hues floated around, and Ian’s absorbed memories told them what they were. The sinkhole was Befrost, a bridge between the Superior Plan and other dimensions.


[Look closely, as you will often use this during tasks.]


Ares ordered in a dignified manner, and the bridge answered in a monotone.


[Befrost. I, Ares, order you to open the bridge to the Fifth Middle Earth.]

[Welcome. Do you want the bridge to ‘Earth’?]

[That name seems right.]

[Designate a spot. Your previous designation was Anatolia, Troy.]

[Troy is correct.]

[The bridge will be opened. Please, have a good trip.]


Ian saw a massive rainbow spread from the orb into the sinkhole.


[What are you doing? You will experience something you have never experienced before.]


Ares was correct, as Ian got motion sickness for the first time in his life.



Ian first felt relief when he arrived in Troy, as he felt in his skin he was in a completely different world from his. Where was this place?


[Welcome to us rulers’ new playground.]


Ian noticed Ares looked like a human being in appearance.


[Ah, you notice the change. This is the norm here, as those living here are terrified of those different from them. This is an effective way to mingle. I changed yours, and it seems that you look more natural in human form…maybe this world suits you better.]


Ares and Ian both looked like normal human beings, and Ian looked like himself in his home.


[Let us go. I will show you my city and the army I nurtured. Your task will follow.]

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