89 Part 2


“A barrier?”


“To keep Father away from anything malicious. Apart from that, would you please create a barrier against the poison that had potentially been administered by this malicious force? The reason being, we heard that you are in charge of the barrier for his Majesty the King of Hideta Empire. If possible, please help set up that strong barrier for my father as well.”


“Understood. Let’s set up the barrier immediately.”


I set up a barrier to block off any malice and poisons from reaching the king.


“For the time being, the barrier has been set. I think this will prevent assassination attempts.”


“Thank you very much.”


“By the way, about the deer problem ….”


“About that …, please leave the matter to us.”

The king murmured weakly.


“Have you come up with a countermeasure?”


“There is no countermeasure.”


“May I inquire what plans you have in mind?”


“… Perhaps the damage to the crops this time is due to the anger of the Deer God. We dwarves take pride in serving the Deer God, but perhaps there are other things we overlooked and caused this anger. Right now, we should just wait quietly for the Deer God’s anger to subside, I think.”




“Considy. The deer have lived in the forest for many years and protected us from the threat of demons. Right now, if we kill the deer just because they are eating our crops, the Dwarves will forevermore live in fear from the threat of the demons. A few years ago, like the neighboring Juka Empire, there was a resurrection of the Great Demon King. We should first think about how to calm the anger of the Deer God.”


“If you do that, the country will ….”


“Don’t worry. I have taken that into consideration as well. You don’t need to worry about that.”


“Father! Please reconsider your decision.”


“Everyone, thank you for your hard work. You may go now.”


The meeting was forcibly adjourned. Taking a closer look, the king had shaky hands. His physical condition was quite bad.


Princess Considy guided our way around in the castle after we left the king’s room. We were sure that the princess would guide us back to our room, but she led us to a different room instead. In that room was Prime Minister Yuri and a wizard-like person who wore a hood that was pulled down to cover the eyes.


“Marquess, I led you here because there is another request I would like to ask of you.”


Princess Considy broke the silence. As if Prime Minister Yuri was waiting for the cue before he spoke.


“I believe you have wtinessed the disaster that had befallen our kingdom. We can no longer turn a blind eye on the deer victims. The king is opposed to subduing the deer, but both Princess Considy and I believe that we should subdue the deer as soon as possible.”


“Are you asking us to subdue the deer?”


“No, I can’t ask you to do something like that. To put it simply, we will subdue the deer, but would like to request Marquess to set up a barrier around the fields in the villages.”


“Set up a barrier around the fields?”


“Behind this royal palace, there is a vast field. In this field, we especially grow crops for the royal family’s consumption. While there is no deer damage so far, it’s only a matter of time before it’s attacked as well. If this field is annihilated as well, then all the crop fields in Niza Principality would be destroyed. This stronghold must be protected at all costs.”


“Is there any possibility that the field was poisoned?”


“There isn’t.”

The person wearing the hood answered. From the voice, he sounded like a man.


“I apologize for the late introduction. This person is Professor Lecornai. He and his subordinates have been staying in our kingdom for a few years. We owe it to the professor for developing a method to purify our water using water, which is very beneficial for us.”


“Water that purifies water?”


“Our kingdom is rich in mineral resources. I would be singing our own praises, but we have excellent refining technology. Water is essential in refining minerals, making swords and armors. So far, we have been dumping the water used for the refineries into the ponds or rivers, polluting the water in our kingdom. However, if we use the professor’s water that purifies itself, we can self-sustain the water used in the refineries. It’s odorless as well. Thanks to him, the waterfront of the towns and the country became beautiful. I cannot thank him enough.”


“Originally we were nomads. It’s only natural for us to contribute to this kingdom, which has protected us and even provided us with a place to continue our research. Marquess Versam, truthfully, I despise aristocrats. But when it comes to saving this kingdom, it’s a different story. Marquess, I heard you saved Kurumfar from destruction. If possible, we certainly would like to borrow your power. And after we exterminate the deer, please let us together think of a method to save Niza Principality from devastation. I’m aware this is an exceedingly brazen request. But, we would like to do it. We humbly request your assistance.”


“No, don’t worry about it. I have also received an order from his Majesty Hideta to help restore this principality.”


“Thank you!”


Everyone headed to the field behind the royal palace immediately. It looked like a garden with no crop damage. I set the barrier as specified. Then, I observed the situation for a while, when a problem suddenly occurred.


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