94 – Big Misunderstanding



Porcehai. Rabbit-beastfolk who have black or gray ears. If I were to describe their trait with one word, it would be “family”.


Their sense of family is strong. Consequently, they boast perfect coordination. Majority of their acquired skills are based on the consciousness of “protecting their family”.


For instance, the “Teleportation Technique”. It is to immediately rush to their allies’ rescue when they sense they are in danger. This, along with the “Thought” skill, is indispensable for them to learn at first.


“Healing magic”, “Illusion technique”, “Doctor”, “Smith”, and all their other skills are all representative skills that they acquire to protect their family and relatives.


However, the Porcehai were content with what they got. As they were always concerned about themselves and what was necessary for that, their skills are very restricted in versatility.


Due to that, they follow the dwarves for manufacturing stuff like smithing. And despite them producing a number of excellent medicines, since these turn out to be very strong medicine or even poison for humans or other beastfolk, the Porcehai’s medicines have received the impression of working very well but being dangerous as well.


The answer Minute came up with was that Porcehais go to countries all over the world, display their skills and power and try to increase their reputation. However, there’s a limit to their numbers as well. So what they did is, they made groups of ten and started traveling the world to raise their fame.


To begin with, since they have the “Teleportation technique” and “Thought” skills, their traveling and information exchange went extremely smoothly and they had produced results in countries all over the place very fast. Although this also includes the big misunderstanding as well, they made the world know anew that their skills were best in the world.


Even then, every time people talked about “Porcehai” in many countries, they expressed displeasure. “Porcehai” = a two-edged sword–such an impression was deeply ingrained in the people.


Minute panicked. Despite producing results all over the world, why was no one approving of them? He could not understand why. He wondered to himself but he couldn’t come up with an answer. It reached a point where he started to think that humans and other beastfolk were stupid.


That’s when they stumbled upon the news that the great demon lord had revived in the Juka kingdom.


The news that Juka kingdom, one of the most well-known countries in the world, had turned into a mass of rock in an instant and their elite national army of 100,000 soldiers were instantly murdered.


Minute was filled with joy. If he were to go under this great demon lord as soon as possible, they could get the jump on dwarves or other races. He would demonstrate their skills to the demon lord. The demon lord surely plans on exterminating the humans and the dwarves. Before that, they would get rid of these stupid races. There’s no doubt the demon lord would be overjoyed with them then. And even if the demon lord does not plan on doing that, once they are done with it, they would become the number one race in the world. It would be killing two birds with one stone.


Minute was planning on destroying all the races that would be a hindrance to the great demon lord. However, Minute would end up taking a great injury unexpectedly. He failed to dispose of the slaves that had no future and on his way as reinforcements, he ended up losing all his subordinates to some unknown man.


Seeing that man’s strength in person, Minute instinctively decided on running away. An unthinkable, impossible act for the Porcehais, who think so highly of their family. Maybe as compensation for that, he ended up losing all his MP just as he was about to teleport. Not only that, he lost one of his ears and took a large burn on half his left side.


Although he had abandoned his subordinates and could not even move as their lead anymore, the Porcehais did not blame him. In fact, they did not want any more of their family dying.


Despite handing over his role as the head to unite the family to other promising young Porcehais, Minute continued having his influence over them as a counselor. However, a desire to clear his name had grown inside him once again. The plan he came up with for that end was the obliteration of the dwarves.


The dwarves’ country, Niza dukedom, was quite a hard place to enter. In the first place, the dwarves’ tech is very developed. The products they produce have versatility such that any race can use them. There was no room for the Porcehais to enter.


However, the self-proclaimed scientist Lecornai and his team not only managed to butter up the dwarf king, they also got a research place inside the royal palace. Although Lecornai and his team only invented a chemical to purify the water of the dukedom because they deemed it harmful to themselves, it ended up earning unexpected ratings.


Minute and Lecornai could not help but laugh at how low the dwarves’ level was. The fact that they would be this happy from purifying water. It was during the time they had started having the thought that dwarves are no longer their enemies, that the damage to agriculture occured.


Porcehais thought of this as the perfect opportunity. If their agriculture were to be eaten up by the deers then they would naturally perish. On top of that, everyone in the royal family was down with illness. They need only remain a spectator. It would be fine as long as they get rid of the ones who try to flee the country. It only seemed like a matter of time till the Niza dukedom collapsed.


At the time, Marquis Basam was sent as a special convoy from their ally nation, Hideta empire. Basam is the man said to have revived the empire’s Kurumfar from ruin. Lecornai panicked. He couldn’t let Basam revive Niza. He resolved that he would swiftly get rid of any chance of this succeeding.


However, contrary to his expectations, Basam’s plans had all failed. He also succeeded in sending Basam back to his country. Princess Konshidy went to suppress the deers without paying any heed to the king’s life but he even succeeded in getting rid of her. Everything was going smoothly. Up until an emergency signal for support from Lecornai came in.


According to the report, they had been surrounded by hundreds of deers. Porcehais battle skills are generally low. As such, they needed numbers to deal with a great number of beasts. Minute used “thought” to let all the Porcehais know about this and ordered them to support Lecornai. He also used teleport to get there.




“It’s just one misunderstanding after another for you lot, huh?”




The large rabbit desperately tried to move but since his legs were severed and he was trapped inside my barrier on top of that. The only thing he could do was let out more groans.


“In the first place, there’s no great demon lord. Your plan is completely off the mark.”


The rabbit’s groans stopped and his eyes slightly opened.


“And your biggest misunderstanding was that believing all your actions are for yourselves. You won’t ever win against the dwarves like that.”


“Y-you bastard, what would you know–?!”


“You believed that your skills and knowledge were top class in the world and could not admit otherwise. Isn’t that right?”




“And to make that skill known, you scattered around the world. And while you did produce results, your reputation did not really rise at all. You ended up thinking that the world is stupid for not understanding your skills. That’s when the great demon lord appeared. So you thought you would earn the demon lord’s respect by showing them your skills. On top of that, didn’t you stupid rabbits plan on annihilating the dwarves to raise your fame as well?”


“Th…… that is……”


I could feel that the other Porcehais trapped in the barrier were getting agitated. Without paying much heed to that, I continued.


“Ultimately, you and your stupid race reached that conclusion ‘cause you can’t think of anything other than yourselves. Why don’t you think of being helpful to others? It’s other people that evaluate things to be number one. It’s your own fault that the people don’t think highly of you. Don’t blame others when things don’t go how you want.”


“Y-you…… you bastard~!!”


“The reason why it does not go how you want is because your mindset and actions are wrong. When it goes well, it will go well at once. It’s because you couldn’t realize this and kept repeating the same failures that you ended up losing so many of your precious family.”




The big rabbit was trembling. Seems like he started crying.


“Let me tell you the difference between you Porcehais and the dwarves. It is the thought that if the things you’re doing will be helpful for the people or not. The dwarves are making things keeping all the beastfolk and humans in mind. That’s where they are highly acclaimed. How disappointing, huh? You had plenty of chances along the way but you didn’t take any of them. The reason your people can’t be number one in anything is because of that thickheadedness.”


I swiftly turned around and spoke out loud, facing the restrained Porcehais.


“It is because your mind and actions are wrong that you are now in this position. To better your situation, change your mindset and reflect it on your actions. Although, that is if you are still alive.”


The Porcehais faces became distorted. I turned to face the large Porcehai again.


“Oh and by the way, the water that Lecornai developed? You guys think that was a huge success but that’s another big misunderstanding of yours. That’s some goods you have there. Ah, right, I should speak of this in front of the dwarf king. Why don’t you come along as well?”


“Fu, fuffufufu… no use. I will soon die.”




“I ate a drug to increase my abilities to the limit in exchange for my life. Lecornai has also had a drug to die without pain or fear, breaking his mental state.”


“The drug you just consumed, is that…”


“That’s right. It’s the revised version of the one Meilias developed. But I guess it’s of no use. There’s no point if we lose. That reminds me, The drug Meilias’ parents made was pretty good too but it was still no good. It wouldn’t have had any effect if we didn’t revise it. Well, it’s a strong drug so if weak children were to die, then that can’t be help–”




I sliced the rabbit in two with the holy sword. I went towards Lecornai, who was convulsed with laughter, and sliced him up in two as well. Utnica, who was still faintly staring up in the sky, came into my vision. I slowly walked up and beheaded her without a word.


“That mindset of yours, is just so extremely wrong, you fools.”


Saying that over my shoulder, I put my sword back into the scabbard. The sun had sunk and it was already evening.

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