One Man Army Chap 101 Korea’s Downfall (2)


“We need to crush them this time.”


Kanta, No.2 of Ultra Nippon, now Ultra Toyota looked confident.


“Of course. They would crop up if someone invested in them.’


Musasi, No.1 of Ultra Toyota, thought the same thing.


“Internal information tells us they have no money left. Even if they were considered one of the best in the best, guild battles are done with funds.”


As Kanta said, guild battles were won with funds, and without potions, they would definitely lose.


“We will take over the Eastern Beach hunting area this time!”


Rising’s territory spread over ‘Hero’s Lands – Eastern Beach Area.’ Its city Mogrion, was one of the five famous areas in the Lower Lands. Rising in the past had managed to conquer this area, and while the lands had diminished, it was still their area.


“We will take over their territory, gain strength, and battle with other alliances in the Sun Land!”


Toyota’s deal had been to make Japan first place in EL without any fund limits. Musasi was hell-bent on doing so.


“You have reinforced the items for the samurais?”
“Yes, 500 of them.”


Ultra Toyota’s elite forces were called samurais. The sets were unique class, and the reinforcement level was at +6. There were now 1,200 elite users, and Musasi thought this was enough to defeat Rising.


“All right, buy potions as much as possible with the second funds. Let’s raise the price so they cannot catch us.”

While the plan was simple, it would be effective.


“We will make Moglion in a month!”



Kanta nodded, and Musasi stood up. The battle between Musasi and Ultra Toyota would now begin.



As Korea was strong in gaming, with enough funds, Rising had a good chance against Ultra Toyota. At least 70% of Korea’s high-class users were connected with Rising. Even if Ultra Toyota had become strong in these recent times, Rising would not be beaten easily.

The problem was funds. Rising had tried to tie users in, but without funds, the guild had no ties. The only reason was patriotism, but that meant sacrificing individuals for one’s country. This logic did not work, especially in the virtual world. That meant that users got out of a sinking ship, and Rising became weaker and weaker each day.

Ultra Toyota became even more aggressive daily, and Rising fell fast. Some users started to help, but it was to no avail.

After twenty days, Ultra Toyota won almost all areas except for Mogrion. Rising gathered all its forces for a final fight. Rising would do everything to protect Mogrion, and Ultra Toyota would prove their strength. All EL users were focused on this battle.


[How low has Korea fallen? Can’t we do anything?]

[Who got out from Rising? Make a list.]

[Why should we help Rising?]

[We shouldn’t lose against Japan of all countries.]

[If Korean guilds cannot find a proper sponsor, we will all go down.]

[I mean…]




The internet was split between those who wanted to help Rising and those who said why they should help. While people said that Rising falling did not equal Korea falling in EL, most users thought the two were the same. Since Korea had been the top country at the beginning, this fall was a huge issue.

While Korean users were wasting their time, other users argued that this was the beginning of a new era in EL. Since Korea had been at the top of the top, other countries were not sympathetic to Korea’s fall.

However, Rising was not beaten yet. They had gathered in Mogrion for a final fight.

They had also contacted ‘Immortal,’ Guild One’s Guild Master. Sanghyuk had been on a final spree in the Dark Jungle, as he had been gathering Karma to level up his equipment and title.

It was then Gyebaek had come with a message from Rising. Sanghyuk had known what was going on in the Lower Lands. He had not been able to precisely estimate the future from his past life.

Sanghyuk had known Rising would fall due to Korean firms’ decisions, but this was too intense. He did know that he was a major reason. He had raised Korea’s place in EL too high, and now the price was being paid. Sanghyuk had beaten Japan and Chinese guilds too furiously early on, which was another fact. That was why Sanghyuk could not ignore Rising’s request.


“Please, we need your help.”


Storm bowed ninety degrees and spoke formally. Sanghyuk nodded as he spoke for the first time.


“I know what you’re saying, and I do not like what is going on here. However…”


Storm looked nervous as he waited for Sanghyuk to speak. He was at the end of his rope.


“Even though I am One’s master, I cannot ask them to fight on my own whim. Also, I cannot fight as a mercenary for your guild at my position.”


Sanghyuk’s words were correct and realistic. Storm had to realize that asking another guild for help was a difficult process that asked for sacrifice. Even though One was a one-man guild and Sanghyuk could help at a moment’s notice, Storm did not know what was going on.


“I know that…but…”


Sanghyuk waited for a moment and thought the atmosphere was right.


“However, I believe that doing nothing would be too much on my conscience. If you help me to convince my guild members, I will persuade them to help you. I will then accept your alliance offer and will battle Ultra Toyota.”


He knew he was going to help Rising, but Sanghyuk’s did not help for free. He would help with something in return.


“How can I help?”


Storm was eager to do anything, as he was left with no other choice.


“I would ask you to write a contract. There will be only one simple and clear-cut condition.”

“What is it?”

“That is…”


Sanghyuk confirmed that Storm had taken the bait, and opened his mouth.

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