One Man Army 198

100 The Golden Age of EL Starts Now! (2)


[The Shocking Truth About Sun Land!]

[Sun Land: Not a Dreamland!]

[Risks Can be an Opportunity – A New Opinion on Sun Land]



Users were now seeing the Sun Land in a more objective manner, and many people started not to rush things once realizing that the new land was harsh. However, Sanghyuk agreed with others who thought they needed to venture into the Sun Land because it was so difficult. Things would not become easy for at least two years. Sanghyuk’s comrades, the Black Knight and Gyebaek, showed why users needed to come into the Sun Land as quickly as possible.


“We might get the citizen pass after solving one more relevant quest.”

Sanghyuk nodded at Leah’s words.


“I heard Gyebaek is about the same…you two are doing a great job.”

The citizen pass was a basic qualification needed to act in the Sun Land, and quests would come freely. The user’s rights would be preserved 100% on receiving one.

Leah and Gyebaek had been working for months, and Sanghyuk thought they were becoming stronger quickly.


“I spoke with Gyebaek, and we told each other that we should take on one quest at a time after we receive the passes.”

“I know you will remember that trust is the most important thing. You can spend a year reaping up the benefits if you do so,”

Sanghyuk could not say exactly what he knew, as he would never tell anyone this was his second life. Still, he was giving just enough information to lead Leah and Gyebaek.


“Yeah, that’s why this is taking so much time. Don’t worry about that.”

Leah smiled, as she and Gyebaek had taken a slower route to build up trust between them and the Sun People.


“One more set if you finished talking.”

“I can’t…”

“You can.”


Leah did not easily let Sanghyuk off the exercise routine, as she was a hard trainer.

Sanghyuk went to the Dark Jungle after accessing the game, as it was his personal hunting ground. Other users were not even close.

Sanghyuk took out Volcano and Blizzard and held the gun with his right hand while slinging the blade on his back. He charged all twelve bullets in Volcano, as he continued to use these two weapons to get used to them. Normally, he would not be able to use guns until he arrived at the fourth planet, where he could rest his soul slot. He could change then, but it was too far in the future, and it was a difficult process anyway.

While Sanghyuk had not used a gun for these reasons, he liked guns and preferred gamers who used them when he coached.

Volcano was not a far-reaching weapon but was extremely destructive, while Blizzard’s stroke was sharp and powerful. Ice Flame was a long-reaching sniper weapon, and Sanghyuk deemed that this weapon was almost at the same level as Blood Wire.

The only weak spot was the time it took recharge, as Ice Flame could hold four while Volcano fourteen, the recharge time was four seconds excepting the loading time. It meant the recharge time may be up to twelve seconds, and while this may be a weakness, the Yin and Yang Gunblade was a fierce weapon.


‘I would need to practice more to get the recharge time quicker…’


Sanghyuk was focusing on that point as he prepared himself. Sanghyuk was now familiar enough with the Dark Jungle so that he could go in blindfolded, especially his ten hunting spots.

Dark Orcs came out when Sanghyuk took just a few steps as they realized there was an intruder. They did not know that Sanghyuk saw through their movements as he shot and killed an orc in an instant.

While other orcs rushed at him after the first shot, Sanghyuk moved quicker. He shot eight times consecutively, and each went in to crush the orcs’ heads. The fact all of them died instantly showed how strong Volcano was.

Sanghyuk crouched and grabbed Blizzard to swing it, and the broadsword cut through three orcs with a single stroke. While they did not die instantly, the damage was critical. While Sanghyuk had not used a skill, just holding Blizzard increased his sword mastery to over 150, which meant that his strokes were much more powerful.

He also did not let orcs recover, using the leftover three shots to finish them off. After doing so, he emptied Volcano’s cartridge expertly and looked around.

He saw that there were four more orcs remaining. As he could not reload Volcano fast enough, he would not be able to use the pistol, but that was not a problem.

When the four orcs came rushing at Sanghyuk, he placed the Volcano on his side holder and grabbed Blizzard. While the blade may seem weaker than the pistol at first, that was not true.

While raising the weapon master level up to a certain point was not difficult, it was not the case after one became a Master.

Sanghyuk had managed to become a Master after six months, but he was not even High Master (120) as his level was 112 now, even after a few years. It was grueling work.

However, as it was this difficult to raise the level, the benefits were amazing. After one reached 100, the user received strong bonus effects with each increased level.

From Master to High Master, each level increased the attack damage by 2.5%. That meant becoming a High Master would increase the user’s attack damage to almost 1.5 times.

From High Master to Double Master (150), the damage increased by 5% and from then on by 7.5%.

As Sanghyuk’s mastery level was 168 when attacking with Blizzard, his attack damage was almost three times stronger. His attacks were stronger than most weak skills.

Sanghyuk smiled as he swung the Blizzard towards the orcs. It was almost ridiculously easy to cut through the monsters and prevail.

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