Chapter 86 [Episode 45] Unsealing 1



@ Unsealing.


“These guys have not changed at all.”

Sang Hyuk naturally knew about Line Dark. In his previous life, Line Dark had caused a big disruption by hunting control. At that time, several large guilds that were not part of any Line had united to fight Line Dark. The guilds of this union were defeated.

They were not fit opponents in the first place.

To oppose Line Dark, was seen by other guilds as a lose-lose game, because fighting with Line Dark resulted in losses without gain, and this was the cold reality that made other lines reluctant.

The Planet of Treenark was wide anyway, so there were a lot of hunting grounds not controlled by Line Dark. Of course, some of the lines sometimes clashed with Line Dark, and in those times, they’d negotiate with the line leaders who were usually the line managers and settled, to end the fight.


“In other word, the top-level guilds, were becoming a F**king Fellowship.”

Sang Hyuk was impressed. He really hated this. The real reason that he eventually got kicked out of the SKY team was also related to this ‘f**king fellowship’.

Several players and coaches gathered together to form a fellowship group that had an impact on the entire game and solidified their positions based on it. Not only that, they tried to pick up those who listened to their words as trainees and eventually tried to monopolize the game as if they owned the game itself.

Of course Sang Hyuk tried to stop it. But, in the end, it was Sang Hyuk who lost in the power game, and so he was kicked out.


“Line Dark? Dark Dragon? Bullshit.”

Sang Hyuk muttered a little and released all his transformations.


Sang Hyuk unlock the seal and revealed the ‘Immortal’ figure.

He was thinking of exposing his Immortality avatar to the world sooner or later anyway and he had been looking for the best timing for a while. Sang Hyuk thought this was the time he had been looking for.


“Dark Dragon…. if you want to catch that crazy dog, you had better get ready to use the strongest stick.”

Sang Hyuk knew well, that the user, Dark Dragon, was really a freak. He was not merely a crazy person, but a capable crazy person whose skills were fully supported.

He was a talented user with great skills who can make other pro-gamers flee, and even though he received many offers by lots of professional gaming teams,  he refused everything and remained as the crazy person until the end.

Sang Hyuk had heard about the highly credible rumors in his previous life that Dark Dragon was a successor to a midsize company.


“The start was Dark Blood, right?”

Controlling the hunting ground meant that the mere presence of Line Dark would drive the ordinary users out of the way. Of course, it was an abnormal situation that the ones forced out were the normal users, not the malefactors.

Dark Blood.

They were like the ‘Dark Hunting Dogs’ of Line Dark, no, Dark Dragon.


“You said one? But why do I have to go too? If it is only one person, both of you are enough.”

Andrey of Dark Blood was continuing to complain with an annoyed face.


“You don’t have anything to do anyway, do you? Right after the three of us take care of it, let’s go to the hunting ground I found yesterday. ”

Andrey, Raboff, and Pethrova were the three who had been together even before they entered the Blood. They were Russian users,  who became malefactors from the very beginning. After building up their notorious reputation, it became hard for them to get over it, so the three hid themselves under the umbrella called Blood.

Although Blood then became Dark Blood, they still remained in the guild.


“Is it ok?! I told you to stay with the guild for a while.”


“There is nothing to be worried. This is a new route, so it is a place that the hunters don’t even know. There would be no problems if you find the newbie quickly and kill it before the hunters find out.” *


“If you go too far, you can be caught.”


“Hey, dude! Your problem is you’re too afraid to take risks.”

“But don’t forget that I am the one who cleaned up your shit. Have you already forgotten how much I had to beg to Ozen because of you last time?”

Raboff didn’t like Andrey’s style very much. But Andrey could not refute because Raboff’s words were not wrong.


“Come on, don’t fight. Let’s think about it once the hunting is done.”

It was always Pethrova to mediate between the two.


“By the way, Where the hell is this newbie going? Is he really inside the tower? Has he turned back?”


“Hmmm, if he’s not here after we search for a while, let’s report that he ran away and finish it.”

In fact, there were quite a lot of users who panicked and ran out after they entered the Tower of Nightmare when the Dark Blood, which can be called the Suppression Force, were dispatched.

Of course, such users, because they entered after the warning, were hunted down and they died outside of the tower.

The three people who were searching the Tower of Nightmare once again. They thought the target had run away. But, the person they were looking for was still in the tower.

Only these three people did not have enough ability to find him.


“One, two, three… the first group is only three?”

A shadow that can not be found at all.

Sang Hyuk was hiding inside it.

One of the Shadow Knight’s soul skills, ‘Hiding Shadow’ and the combination card ‘Shadow Masking’ boasted explosive synergy, so even if a top ranked user came here, they could not easily find Sang Hyuk, who hid in the darkness.

The three malefactors were advanced users, but by Sang Hyuk’s standards, they were ‘unqualified’ people.

Sang Hyuk checked his mounted titles.

The prefix, ‘One who surpassed despair by himself’ and the suffix, ‘The first visitor’, were active. Both were legendary titles and the effects were horrific.

In fact, when fierce battles were expected, the settings of the two titles were changed. But because he only need to handle these weaklings, he did not have to worry about defense or dodging.


“Well, then should I start to hunt?”

The hunting was not done by the three Russian users of Dark Blood, but it was done by Sang Hyuk, no, the Immortal.

Immortal was a hunter born. At least at this point, if you searched among all the users and guilds, no one could match Immortal.

Gale, Blake, Lone_King, Ordinary-Looking_Guy …

All of them were users who were strong enough to dominate their respective specialties.

Of course they were in fact the same user, but no one doubted their strength.

However, no one knew that they were so strong despite the fact that they had sealed 30% of their strength.

The moment the seal is loose and the limiter is gone, the strongest person of One Guild calmly appeared.

That person was Immortal.


Flashed, zing! Flop!

The last person to run away, Andrey’s head, split into two and shattered apart. White light powder blowing everywhere.

It seemed just like someone had split a watermelon with a sword.

It took only one minute for Immortal to deal with the three malefactors.

Actually it could have been faster but it took a little more time because Andrey was throwing away everything and escaping after witnessed the heart of Raboff, who was next to him, got pierced.

Whoopp, Immortal looked around after coiling the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip, which he had swung at Andrey. The three malefactors dropped many items.

Although they were items that didn’t look good to Immortal, he picked up all the items and put them in his bag.


“Since I have eaten all the bait neatly, will there be any reaction?”

Immortal was waiting for Dark Blood itself.

And after defeating Dark Blood, he was aiming for bigger and more prey behind it.

The strategy that Immortal choose against the big union Line Dark was very simple.


“Attack randomly.”

It was a very simple, no, easy and ignorant strategy. But if only you could do it right, there were none stronger than this.


“Whoever …. Come.”

Immortal stood and laughed in the middle of Tower of Nightmare.


* * * *



Clashh! The Guild Master of Dark Blood, Ozen, with an unspeakable expression swung his fist against the wall beside him and shouted.

He did not like this situation.

Only when the first Russian trio was attacked, he thought a user with excellent skill who unaware of the sky above him and acted rashly.

Because Russian trio had bad offline communications, he couldn’t get any accurate information about that user. So, he had to think carefully.

However, when the next seven guild members of Dark Blood were defeated without even being able to confirm the existence of the enemy, he began to think that something had gone wrong.

Eventually, Ozen came himself to the Tower of Nightmare, leading all of the malefactor elites of Dark Blood.

There were 42 malefactors, including Ozen, who moved to capture only one enemy.

Ozen never expected the situation to be so serious when he led more than 40 elite malefactors to the Tower of Nightmare.

Moreover, he had not communicated the situation to DD yet.

The reason is because it was so embarrassing.

In exactly 15 minutes after Ozen came to the Tower of Nightmare, 10 malefactors fell down without even screaming.

Without even able to shout “Hey!!” in surprise, 10 people were insta-killed.

By this time, Ozen had to admit that the situation was very serious.


“Gather the scattered guys right away. Somehow I don’t think this is an average guy.”

After Ozen gathered the guild members, all the guild members would search the Tower of Nightmare thoroughly like sweeping fish with a trawler.

However, even at the moment he gave the command, the members of Dark Blood who were scattered, got stabbed or slashed by a single blade that appeared from the darkness, whether it was their heart got pierced or their head split.

Exception did not exist.

One at a time… Immortal stomped on the malefactors of Dark Blood as if he had stepped on ants.

All ability 30%+ was larger than expected.

And as soon as such a restriction disappeared and the seal was completely released, all the attacks from Immortal’s hands were as powerful as a Raid Boss’s party wiping skills.

Especially, his first attack was so ruthlessly powerful that he could blow out all 100% of the health even if the target had a real defense or managed an attack.

The malefactors of Dark blood were experienced users with a lot of PvP experience, but in the dark, the unexpected moment of attack was too much even for them.

Later this day all the malefactors of Dark Blood who died from a single hit would say the same thing.


“I still don’t know how I was defeated.”


Immortal’s first hit made it impossible for the defeated to properly understand their defeat. The malefactors who got struck by that one hit started to call it ‘Strike of Destruction’… then later on, when Immortal was mentioned, the first words came up would be ‘Strike of Destruction’.

Of course this was a matter for the future.

The important thing now is the fact that the Dark Blood’s users who gathered at the summon of Ozen was barely 21 people only.

20 out of 41 users disappeared. It was only a few minutes later that Ozen hastily scattered his command, and 10 more people were defeated while trying to flee.


“The monster appeared.”

Faced with an unbelievable reality, Ozen shuddered as he felt an icy chill wrap around his body, and he could feel his heart racing when he thought about the monster that might be targeting him and his guild somewhere in the Tower of Nightmare.



Chapter 86 [Episode 45] Unsealing 1 – End.


*Editor’s Note: Looks like Andrey found a hidden route to get to the upper floors, so he can hunt monsters, without authorization.  He was saying to the other two to take care of the intruder so he can sneak away from his assigned patrol. Let’s hope he doesn’t get caught…by either his superiors or Sang Hyuk…


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