177 Part 1

One Man Army 177

  1. A Deal (2)


Sang Hyuk handed over the sunstones after completing the contract. The benefits of the illicit smuggled sunstones was that there was no tax to pay, and Sang Hyuk was able to receive a bit more gold than he had used when buying the stones in the lower lands.

Of course, if one were caught smuggling, their citizenship would be terminated, their property confiscated, and they would be forbidden to enter Goren City ever again. However, Sang Hyuk was not worried about this, because the Vigilantes Leader was closely connected to Black Cat, so there was a very low possibility of Sang Hyuk being punished even if he was discovered.

To say it more clearly, there was a low possibility of the smuggling being discovered. The most dangerous moment for Sang Hyuk would be when he was found on-site while making the hand-off, but it was impossible for him to be caught with the contraband on his person as long as he had the ‘spatial expansion bag.’

The only option left was for the Vigilantes to actively investigate, but the current political climate in Goren City made this impossible.


‘There might be some losses when considering the recall fee, but the intangible benefits are much higher.’


Since the recall price was exceptionally high, even if Sang Hyuk made some profit, he would be taking some losses in the long run. However, Sang Hyuk was not thinking of earning money through smuggling sunstones. His ultimate goal was to start a new business in the Continent of the Sun based on Goren City. Since Sang Hyuk could not bring Gold Mountain from the lower lands to the Continent of the Sun, he had to start everything from scratch. The Continent of the Sun marginalized dimension travelers on principle, so one couldn’t start a business just because they wanted to.

Therefore, Sang Hyuk needed a ‘base.’ Sang Hyuk was planning to make a company based on the Goren City and start several businesses through the firm as he had done so in the lower lands. The important thing was to secure occupancy. There were auction houses in the Continent of the Sun, but they were not connected to the lower lands. Also, one needed to be ‘recognized’ by the Sun People to put up items for bids.

Sang Hyuk would use this auction house despite all these conditions because the auction fee was only five percent. When considering that the auction house of the lower lands took twenty percent, it was virtually free. For many reasons, Sang Hyuk had to carve out his place in Goren City. When Sang Hyuk came out after finishing the transaction, Bacan handed a note to Sang Hyuk with a meaningful smile. It seemed to be the answer to Sang Hyuk’s third spitball.

Sang Hyuk came back to his room and let out a long breath as he sat on the bed.


“It was a successful first step.”


Sang Hyuk congratulated himself and opened the note.


[I’ll contact you when the time comes. I’ll convey messages only through Euphir, so if someone else contacts you, don’t trust the message.]



Sang Hyuk knew very well what Bacan wanted. While it had been a faint memory, it became clearer during his conversation with Bacan, and he had been able to strike a perfect hit with that folded note because of it.


‘I will be able to focus on my work for the moment.”


Bacan would not be able to move at the moment. Sang Hyuk remembered that Bacan had shown his greed when the number of dimension travelers increased in Goren City, and the power balance within had started to shake. In Sang Hyuk’s previous life, Bacan’s greed had only been greed, and led to nothing. However, the Main Quest had completely changed after Sang Hyuk’s intervention.


‘I just have to secure the sunstones I promised that I would supply next week. That’s the only way, right?’


While the Gold Mountain Group’s NPCs were purchasing magic stones in bulk at this moment, it would not be enough. Sang Hyuk had not made the contract because of only this option.


‘I can secure the items if there is not enough supply.’


Sang Hyuk trusted his hunting abilities, and he had already found a sweet hunting spot. The Dark Jungle! Sang Hyuk thought he would be able to make up for the insufficient sunstones. While Sang Hyuk would have to hunt hard, he would just have to do it a bit more intensively since he had been planning to do so anyway.



Sang Hyuk had marked several hunting points in the Dark Jungle in the Pegasus Marking Book, so he could go to the Dark Jungle with a single recall. Since the Pegasus Marking Book could use recalls over a short distance without any price, Sang Hyuk did not hesitate to use it.

Since Goren City had a large scale magic barrier that restricted all sorts of transportation except for ‘returns’ of the dimension travelers, Sang Hyuk had to use a recall after leaving the city. Since Sang Hyuk already had citizenship, it was not difficult for him to enter the city again.

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